Laughter is good for the soul. And ovulation is good for the ovaries.

I ovulated last night! I could feel some intense pains around 9:00pm. My right side is still sore today. No pain, no gain! I love ovulation pain actually. It makes me feel reassured. And my temp spiked this morning! I’m going to stay occupied and pamper myself throughout the TWW. I need to keep from testing early, but thankfully I have plenty to focus on right now.

Up on the agenda: Weigh in tomorrow. Let’s see where I am now. Last week I was down 20 pounds total. Most likely a massage or acupuncture session this week. My mom’s birthday is tomorrow, and my BFF’s birthday is Thursday. Lots of reading, writing, walking, yoga, and laughing. DH is going away next weekend, so I’m going to spend that time in my PJs, watching chick flicks πŸ™‚

My new obsession: The Big Bang Theory! I never watched it until the re-runs started on Fox and TBS. It seriously makes me LOL!! Like laughing so hard, I snort or cry! Sheldon is hilarious! I think it’s really important to laugh. I’ve been in such a better mood lately from reading and watching comedies. Here is one of my favorite scenes from TBBT:

Bazinga!! πŸ™‚ (Click link below)



I guess 3 is the magic number afterall

If you read my last post, the “3” thingie will make more sense. Yesterday was cycle 38, CD 9 follicle scan. Don’t get too excited – I did have about 3 follies, but only one is mature @ 22mm. πŸ™‚ There were a couple smaller ones on the left ovary. BUT GO RIGHTY! Righty is the poor ovary who needed repaired during surgery. She had film and scar tissue covering her. I thought for sure I’d ovulate from lefty, because she always takes over. I’m excited that righty finally has a chance!

I didn’t have my normal doctor, Dr. Scheiber. Dr. Awadalla is great, but he never wants to tell me stats! I am a very fact-oriented/detail-oriented person. I suppose it’s better not to know everything all the time though. The only thing I got out of him is that I have the perfect 22mm on righty and that my lining looks thick & great. No measurements of the other follies or the mm number of my lining thickness.

I think he does that so I won’t obsess. When we did IVF # 2, he wouldn’t tell me the grade of my embryos or anything. Only that there were 2 nice 8 cells and 1 so-so embie. He’s so funny though. He wrote down my instructions of when to trigger and drew a cupid’s arrow for BD LOL. I do really love that clinic. They have been the best I’ve been to. Not always perfect, but who is. Gosh, when you’ve been doing fertility treatments for years, it’s like the clinic is a part of your extended family or something! Weird! But hopefully no one in your extended family probes you with a dildo cam LOL.

*OMG, seriously don’t google dildo cam images. *shudder* No pic is needed here.

So overall I’m happy πŸ™‚ I was only expecting 1 follie with Femara. It’s SUPPOSED to produce a good quality egg, so come on golden eggie! Good egg + clean, new uterus = success???




I had a pretty amazing dream last night! I was walking in the park and speaking to a pregnant woman that I just met. She said it took her 3 tries to conceive, and she was having triplets!

I looked down, and I had a baby bump, too! I told her it took us over 3 years and many miscarriages, but I was 6 months pregnant & finally expecting a healthy baby.

The stranger put her hand on my belly, and said I had a strong, deep, open Chakra. I’ve heard of this word before, but I had to look it up —- “A chakra is believed to be a center of activity that receives, assimilates, and expresses life force energy. The word chakra literally translates as wheel or disk and refers to a spinning sphere of bioenergetic activity.” How strange that I dreamed of something I don’t even know about?!

SHE SAID it took her 3 tries to conceive and is having 3 babies — THIS is cycle # THREE after my surgery and about 3 years for us actively trying….Hmmmmm is 3 the lucky number? πŸ™‚


Before and After

Wow, I was looking at some pics from just a couple months ago & there’s a big difference. It’s kind of embarrassing. I feel proud of what I have accomplished so far though! I posted this on my FB page, but I’m not sure who all is on there.

Here is my belly in October 2011 when I was 4 weeks pregnant vs. 15.5 lbs lost by January 21st 2012

Here is my chubby face (EEK) on November 5th 2011 vs January 21st 2012 (some of the “puff” was due to steroids)

I weigh in every Tuesday or Wednesday, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ve lost. I’ve been averaging about 1.5 pounds a week. Oh yeah, I’m on day 3 of Femara and starting to feel some pinches, I think. Follie check on Saturday. I feel pretty relaxed and reserved. We are both trying not to think about it much. I’m so glad I have other things going on & to look forward to right now to keep me occupied.