4 weeks old!

Time is flying, as usual! Graham turned 4 weeks old this past Saturday – August 31st!! I took him to his 4 week check up last Wednesday (it was a few days early). He weighed in at 7 lbs, 3.7 oz and measured at almost 19 inches! So, he has grown almost 2 lbs and nearly 1 inch since birth! I am so proud of my little man! He’s only in the 3rd percentile, but his growth curve looks perfect. The pediatrician was very pleased with his growth increase. Graham is a good eater, despite his gas and other stomach issues. He’s now eating about 4 oz at a time!

I stopped bleeding 1 week ago! Yippee!! My body is healing. Since I’m formula feeding (due to medical reasons), I might expect to get AF soon. It’s different for everyone though. I’ve been struggling a bit, mostly from being exhausted and adjusting to such a big change. It’s a change on many levels – life in general, physically, emotionally, hormonally. I tend to be pretty hard on myself when things aren’t running smoothly, or I can’t soothe my baby. It makes me feel inadequate or guilty at times. I just want to be a good mom, you know. I’m learning to stop blaming myself and give myself more credit. I’m feeling better, stronger, and more confident everyday. It just takes time, and it will continue to get easier.

All of that aside, I am so much in love with my little sweetheart! He is amazing. Everything is so new to him. It’s like I’m seeing the world through his eyes, and he makes me appreciate the little things. He makes it all worthwhile. πŸ™‚

Andy and I are going to have a date night next weekend!! Dinner and movie! Andy’s Dad is going to watch Graham for a few hours. It will be tough to be away from him, but it’s important to make time for Andy and I as a couple. We are both really looking forward to it.

Now for some 4 week photos!





Same outfit in both photos – My, how he has grown!!



14 thoughts on “4 weeks old!

  1. I can never get over how adorable he is! He is growing into a very handsome baby boy! Looking back at life with a newborn, those first 6 weeks were definitely the hardest. It got easier for us after that point. It is so very hard when you can’t calm baby down, so it’s okay to sit there and cry with him while rocking him. I know I did many times, and still do sometimes and my son is 10 months old! You are doing a wonderful job being a mommy! Seeing your child experience things for the first time is so fun! I can’t wait to see what winter brings for our family!

  2. Graham is such a handsome cutie!!! He looks like he is growing nicely and filling out, I love how you have done the comparison photos, such a difference in such a short time. I am sure you are doing an awesome job, it shows on how well Graham is thriving. Yes times can be stressful and yes we blame ourselves, it’s only natural, but be assured you are a GREAT MOMMY. Remember like you said you are both learning from each other and you are seeing things for the first time as well as Graham. I have had my days and still do, but at the end of each day, I reflect on everything that has happened that day, both the good and the bad, and I learn from it. What worked, didn’t work and what can I improve. Then I give my Sweetie a snuggle and some love, tuck her in, wish her sweet dreams and tell her I love her and end the day on a wonderful moment. Then I sit down with a cup of tea before bed myself and reassure myself that I am a good mommy and tomorrow is going to be one more day that I get to cherish with my miracle (on so many levels–wink wink) girl.

    You are soooo brave!!! My DH & I have not had a Date night as of yet and I now have a 14 month old—> guilty!!! This first year post transplant has been rough and I was too afraid to leave Shaelyn with anyone. Trust wasn’t an issue, it was totally me. After almost losing her, I can’t bear to be away from her. Our Transplant Surgeon has given us orders to have 2 dates ALONE before our next clinic in Dec. I’m stressing out thinking about it…LOL

    Anyway, Great Job, love your updates as always!!! Love, Hugs & Kisses to you all.

    • Aww thank you so much! You always have the sweetest things to say! And you are wise! Those are great tips. I hope you guys go out for a fun date!! You deserve it! I don’t blame you though – totally makes sense why you haven’t. Hugs and love to you guys!

  3. I am in the same boat as you!! My little girl is a couple of days shy of 1 month! Newborns are tough…I know this phase will be over soon- so I try to enjoy her so much. I too have a gassy baby and it can be exhausting trying to soothe her!! Your boy is ADORABLE! Love the photos!! SO happy for you!!!

  4. Glad your body is healing and getting back to normal. That seems so fast and healthy. Good for you! Also, the pictures are great. Love the ones of him with the bunny and the monkey πŸ™‚

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