Pee sticks, betas, and symptoms

Nov/December 2012 ~ CYCLE 48:


BFP Chart:


The Numbers:

12/9/12 – BFP @ 11dpo! Trigger shot/booster shot never went away – only got darker!

12/10/12 – First beta @ 12dpo = 60. Progesterone = 19. Estradiol = 994.

12/12/12 – 2nd beta @ 14dpo = 86.

12/14/12 – 3rd beta @ 16dpo = 217! 35.95 hours doubling.

12/17/12 – 4th beta @ 19dpo = 733! 41 hours doubling. Progesterone = 17.6. Estradiol = 1,054.

12/19/12 – 5th beta @ 21dpo = 1,614! 42.15 hours doubling.

12/21/12 – First u/s @ 5 weeks, 2 days = 1 perfect little bean – sac and fetal pole!

12/21/12 – 6th beta @ 23dpo = 3,241! 47.74 hours doubling.

12/24/12 – 7th beta @ 26dpo = 7,770! 57.08 hours doubling.

12/26/12 – 8th beta @ 28dpo = 12,417! 70.97 hours doubling.

12/28/12 – 2nd u/s @ 6 weeks, 2 days = Saw and heard beautiful heartbeat of 127 bpm! Baby grew and measured perfect!

12/28/12 – No more betas! Progesterone = 156!

1/4/13 – 3rd u/s @ 7 weeks, 2 days = Saw and heard heartbeat again of 146 bpm! Everything looked great again!

1/11/13 – 4th u/s at 8 weeks, 2 days = Graduated from RE!!! Baby is measuring perfect with a heartbeat of 171!















Live Testing Video!

And the “finished” tests at about 5 min. I only held for less than an hour. This is exciting!





Symptoms! Yay! It is so amazing to feel my body changing slightly.

  • 0-7dpo: Nothing except for ovulation pain, bloating, and a random breast tenderness at 3dpo.
  • 7dpo: Cramps. I distinctly remember a couple “hard” cramps in the evening of 7dpo. Had dream about being pregnant on Christmas this year.
  • 8dpo: Cramps again. Also a slight dizzy spell.
  • 9dpo: Constipation started – my biggest issue/symptom throughout the TWW and beyond. Also gas, bloating, and stronger cramps. I think this was the day of my true implantation dip.
  • 10dpo: Nothing really, a little more frequent urination.
  • 11dpo: BFP! My tests got noticeably darker! I had the same symptoms of constipation, gas, bloating, cramps, slight breast tenderness, and began having trouble sleeping.
  • 12dpo: Nothing really, but still constipated. Uncomfortable and waking up at night, due to stomach cramps and ute cramps.
  • 13dpo – 20dpo: Constipation, gas, bloating, cramps, slight breast tenderness, nausea (I think from my stomach problems and nerves), frequent urination, strange dreams, waking up with stomach issues, and trouble going back to sleep/staying asleep.
  • 21dpo/5 weeks – 6 weeks: Breasts sore pretty much all the time, occasional cramps – but not bad like I had previously, increased fatigue, vivid dreams, and occasional insomnia. Constipation better with the help of prune juice and medication. Craving all salty and spicy foods! Aversion to sweets.
  • 28dpo/6 weeks – 7 weeks: Sore breasts, random cramps here and there (feels like stretching throughout my ute/hips), fatigue, occasional sleep issues, still craving spicy/salty/sour flavors, got a sinus infection, dizziness, and had my first bout of morning sickness (in the evening) at 6 weeks, 1 day!
  • 35dpo/7 weeks – 8 weeks: Barely any symptoms! Breasts less sore, no morning sickness, still craving spicy food, still fatigued but not too bad. Felt paranoid over lack of symptoms.
  • 8 weeks – present: Still feeling great! A little more frequent urination – feeling pressure on my bladder. Some fatigue and easily brought to tears.

162 thoughts on “Pee sticks, betas, and symptoms

  1. Lisa-

    I have followed you for many years praying for you and Andy and some how I stumbled onto your blog again. I am beyond excited and so happy that you and Andy FINALLY get you miracle baby. Congrats and he is so lucky to have such amazing and strong parents. Hoping you have a blessed and happy, healthy pregnancy.

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