Follie check

Okay, my doc appt went well!!! I am happy!

Lining: 9.5 mm (really good for CD 8, and will get thicker before the IUI)
Left ovary: 14 mm, 14 mm
Right ovary: 14 mm

All 3 follies are dominant and will grow to the optimum size of at least 18 mm before my IUI. I am really happy with the measurements of my follies because they are nice and even. With Clomid I would have some really big ones mixed with smaller ones. It was like they had a mind of their own.

Trigger will be CD 10 (Sunday night) and IUI will be CD 12 (Tuesday morning). We aren’t triggering and doing the IUI 24 hrs later because my follies need more time to grow, so we are doing the IUI 36 hrs later this time. I feel comfortable with that. He said I won’t ovulate early.

My doctor mentioned the situation with his nurse being rude to me, but said we will talk about it later. He doesn’t want any stressing or bad thoughts for me right now. *Happy Thoughts*


Grow eggies, grow!

I gave myself my first injection of Follistim tonight and it was SO easy! I have a pen that delivers the dose. All you have to do is set it to what dose you need. Piece of cake! I couldn’t even feel the needle through my pooch on my belly – lol. There’s one good reason for fat. I can’t wait til Friday to see how many follies I have! I should have asked what would happen if I overstim a little (produce more than 4 viable follies). I would totally want to proceed, but facilities have protocol to follow. I think they might make an exception in my case due to my poor egg quality, but who knows. I’m not on speaking terms with my nurse if you’ve read my recent post about her. I certainly wouldn’t want to become the octo-mom, but I wouldn’t mind a BOGO baby (buy one get one). 😛


Cycle 15, IUI #4

A little explanation on my new plan.

I started my Estrogen tablets on CD 1 and will take them til CD 4. That will help to keep me from ovulating too soon. It also helps thicken the uterine lining.

Then I start Follistim injections on CD 3 and continue til CD 7. This is a follicle stimulating hormone that will create more eggies and larger eggies than Clomid. The needle is rather small, and I inject it into my stomach. No biggie. I’m not afraid of shots. Multiple shots don’t sound very fun though.

I go in on CD 8 to check my hormone levels with bloodwork and do a vaginal u/s to check my status. Depending on how it goes, I may need to take more Follistim or I might be ready to trigger around that time & do the IUI!

My eggies already grow pretty well, but I just need MORE eggies! I think we can accomplish this. I just can’t be sure of how good quality the eggies will be, since we have a real issue with quality.

I am still taking all my new supplements from last cycle. I have an hour massage scheduled for Wednesday and Acupuncture scheduled for Friday this coming week. Fingers crossed!