Guest Blog: Dr. Kwak-Kim success story and advocate!

I was contacted by a lovely lady who recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl! I love this letter she has written to her doctor.

Dear Dr. Erickson,

I thankfully gave birth last week to a healthy baby after an all natural and uneventful pregnancy. I am writing you this letter because exactly a year ago, after my second miscarriage, you told me I could not sustain a pregnancy without IVF. You said my chances of sustaining a natural pregnancy are next to none. These were very harsh words from you but they did not prevent me from looking for other doctors. The only reason you gave me for my chemical pregnancies was I had low-quality eggs. You also said I should consider donor eggs because of poor ovarian reserve.

I went to Chicago and had a consultation with Dr Joanne Kwak-Kim, Reproductive Immunologist. She had me do blood work and discovered that my thyroid function was not optimal, I had a positive ANA and my NK Cells count was elevated. She put me on low-dose aspirin. I started seeing an endocrinologist who put me on Levoxyl to improve my thyroid hormone levels.

After two months on the Levoxyl, I became pregnant. Dr Kwak-Kim put me on progesterone supplement, calcium and Vitamin D. Here I am now, nine months later, gratefully holding a healthy baby conceived naturally.

I hope this letter will encourage you to at least order further testing for your patients before having them pay for IVF. I know that is how you make money but your patients deserve a choice and testing to diagnose the real cause of their infertility. IVF is not the only solution and REs should at least explore all the possibilities before throwing it on the table.

I am actively advocating further testing before IVF with all the infertile women I encounter online. I also wanted to make sure I inform you about my situation. I am making this an open letter and sending it to other REs as well.



6 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Dr. Kwak-Kim success story and advocate!

  1. Awesome! I am also a mom of two all natural pregnancies at ages 41 and 42 1/2 thanks to the help of Dr. Kwak- Kim. Every RE should receive this letter!

  2. I can’t see enough of these stories! Dr. Kim is my last ditch effort to become pregnant and I have met so many woman that were in my shoes and are now holding their miracles. Congrats to all of you lovely woman and thank you so much for sharing and giving others hope!

  3. This is awesome. I just sent it to my friend who has had 3 early losses and they are trying to sell her on IVF when it ends up her thyroid is off too and she’s on those same meds and progesterone too. Which her first RE didn’t even test her for!!!!. I wish they tested for more of these things!

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