6 weeks, 4 days. Scary and beautiful.

It was 3 weeks ago today, that I got my BFP @ 11dpo! These past few weeks have been the most exciting, happiest, and terrifying weeks of my life. Everyday, I wake up and say, “I can’t believe I’m still pregnant! Thank you, God!” Now that I’m feeling more changes in my body, it has begun to feel a little bit more real. Every time I feel something new, it amazes me. And seeing the heartbeat Friday, was so reassuring and made it all seem more real for both Andy and I.

I want this soooo soooo badly for all my friends dealing with infertility. I do carry around guilt. I pray for everyone, and I wish there was more I could do to help. I just keep saying, if it can happen for me – it can happen for you! And I just don’t want to hurt anyone. I am so thankful for the support you all have given me. I want to return that support a hundred times over for you. If anyone has any questions or wants to talk, please email me at Baby4Lisa(at)gmail(dot)com. I will always have time for you, no matter what.

Most of the time though, this all still feels like a dream. I’m afraid I’ll wake up, and it won’t be real! Even though I was hopeful, I never actually imagined this happening. We’ve never had so much continued good news before! We don’t know what to do with ourselves! It’s like winning the lottery. It’s better than that though. You never think it will be YOU. It’s the highest high, the biggest reward, and we’ve spent half the time in shock. We’ve been practically delirious LOL!

Like I said before, sometimes I find myself waiting for the bad news to come. At any given moment, it could all change. That’s the most frightening thought. Bad news and disappointments are what we know. We are conditioned, after all these years. However, I am letting myself get excited, letting myself feel like this IS real, and I’m already connecting with this little miracle in my belly. So is Andy, and I don’t want either of our hearts broken. But without being able to control it, we’ve fallen in love already. Scary and beautiful.

I was telling Andy yesterday that I don’t want to look back on my pregnancy and regret being in fear all of the time. I want to make the most of it all, enjoy it, live it, love it, and make amazing memories. So that’s exactly what we’re doing! Oh, you should see Andy right now. I wish I could record him when he talks about our baby! He is completely adorable. I never realized that he wanted this as badly as me, actually! We will have a healthy baby in August, and that’s that. We’re all in.


In other news, I have a nasty sinus infection! I went to the doctor on Thursday and got antibiotics (Amoxicillin). The doctor wrote me off work Thursday and Friday, so I could get some extra rest. I thought I’d feel more like 100% by now, but I’m still struggling with congestion and coughing. My nose hurts like a biotch, from the inside out! I’m pretty much too scared to even take the recommended OTC meds, but I’ve taken just a couple here and there.

Other than that, I feel fantastic! My symptoms are: sore boobs and fatigue. I’m craving spicy/salty food big time! I’m still having difficulty sleeping sometimes, but most of that is nerves/excitement. I slept quite well last night, finally. My belly/bloat is growing, which makes me very happy. 🙂

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Here is what “spot” looks like during the 6 week point…and I’ll be 7 weeks on Wednesday! No more betas, but I do have other labs and get weekly ultrasounds every Friday. I’m trying to keep my Pregnancy Updates page up to date. Is that page difficult for you guys to load with all the pictures and stuff? I was thinking of dividing it up?

week 66weeks


We have a perfect heartbeat!!!

Oh my goodness, we got to SEE AND HEAR our baby’s heartbeat today! “Spot” looks perfect – everything is measuring great. The heartbeat was 127 bpm!!! That is really strong for 6 weeks, 2 days. My doctor is really pleased. I go back again next Friday! This is all like a dream. Andy and I are completely thrilled and out of our minds with happiness! I don’t have words to even describe it!

I have pictures and a video! We used Andy’s cell phone camera to capture the video. Don’t mind the random crackles. You’ll probably have to turn it up pretty loud to hear everything, but you still might not hear it all. We are so happy to have a video, and we will cherish these moments forever. I was crying, and my face was all red. 🙂 We went and bought our first official baby purchase afterward – a onesie that says “worth the wait”.

Like I keep saying, we are soooo grateful. Thank you God and thank you all for the support!

Oh, and no more betas!! I did get a progesterone level checked today, so waiting to hear about that.

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Beta # 8, and we told Andy’s family!

Just got my 8th beta today at 6 weeks (28dpo)! It is 12,417 with a doubling time of 70.97 hours! At this point, it’s normal for the doubling time to slow down to more like 72-ish hours or longer. It still makes me a little nervous. I just want to make sure my little “spot” keeps growing and stays safe and healthy. I can’t get over the fact that things are progressing so well. I never imagined hitting 6 weeks!

Oh, and I know spot is a silly nickname for baby lol, but both Andy and I said that as soon as we saw the ultrasound screen with a “spot” there, we knew that was our baby before the doctor even said anything 😀 So it fits. ♥
spot is the size of a sweet pea!!

spot is the size of a sweet pea!!

We told Andy’s side of the family yesterday! Andy was adorable – he was so pumped! Then he kept stumbling over his words, while making the announcement. Made my heart melt. His family was quite excited to think of a new baby in the family! Andy has an older sister, but her 2 kids are grown (young, but grown). Andy also has a twin brother, but he’s nowhere near having any kids. Our little one will be the center of attention! It seemed like Andy’s Dad was actually a little emotional – and he doesn’t usually get like that! We feel so loved, lucky, and overjoyed by every little moment. I know I’m a broken record, but I can’t help it! 😀

One thing that struck me though… Andy’s family said they couldn’t wait to buy a bunch of baby stuff next Christmas. All I could think was, “hopefully”…”if nothing goes wrong”. I know there is still fear there for me, but I am dealing with it. On our way home from the family gathering, I started crying and told Andy I had those scary thoughts. We had a good talk, and somehow he got me to be all excited and happy again in no time. 😀 Andy kept saying excitedly, “Wow, both families know now. It’s official. This is happening.” We were talking baby names again (his idea! But it’s fun)! I posted a link over on my side column —-> It’s where it my tickers are.

I recently added some updates to my former “Pee Stick page”, if you hadn’t checked it out yet…It’s now a page for all things pregnancy-related. My main symptoms right now are fatigue (but not being able to sleep restfully), sore BBs, still some constipation issues, and craving spicy/salty food. I’ve got a pretty bad chest cold & cough and sinus issues right now, so I’m kind of out of it. But I feel great otherwise! 🙂 I’m excited for symptoms!! I can’t wait to see “spot” again on Friday! Time to see the heartbeat (please God)! I’ll be 6 weeks, 2 days then.


Merry Christmas! Beta and a message of hope (from my Dad)

Merry Christmas everyone! I know this can be a very difficult time of year for many reasons, but you all are in my thoughts & prayers. I hope 2013 is an amazing year for you all!

A quick update: My 7th beta today is….7,770! That is a 57.08 hour doubling time! I still can’t believe this miracle is happening, but I am so very grateful. I want to cry happy tears everyday. If this can happen for me, it can happen for you.

So, my Dad already knew about our pregnancy before Christmas. I wanted to share what he wrote in our card. I want this message to belong to all of you.

“Such great news to have a grandbaby on its way. With all the great tragedies in the world, there is also great happiness and miracles. Hopefully it is your and Andy’s time to shine. There is always hope and love, no matter what we go through. Hope this year is one to remember as the best and many more to come. Wish you guys the best, and you’ll always have my thoughts and love.” — Love Always, Dad.