Ovulation, 1 yr post-Lap, and what a week.

I’m 2dpo today! 😀 It was a pretty painful ovulation with all those follicles, but I’m feeling less soreness and bloating today. No pain, no gain! I am still feeling pretty psyched about this cycle! I’m very thankful to have a good chance!

chart ———————————————————————————————————————

I had a terrible stomach flu that started late Monday morning. I began throwing up at work, but I didn’t want to leave and be far from a bathroom! I stayed for a couple hours, but I finally just had to leave because I was getting worse and worse. I had to stop on the side of the road along the way home – and BARELY made it. People were walking by staring at my while I hung my head outside my car door. I did not even care. It seriously sucked though.

I vomited profusely for 8 hours straight! I finally stopped getting sick late Monday evening, but then I started with a terrible fever and body aches! I moaned and cried (seriously cried LOL), and tossed and turned all night. I almost went to the hospital. It was kind of scary. I still managed to go to work the rest of this week though. I pretty much had to. **Oh, and the missing temp you saw on my chart is due to fever.**


I’m feeling better, but my stomach is still SO sensitive. I tried solid food Wednesday night, but my stomach rejected it Thursday morning. 😦 I’m taking it slowly with adding food back, but I’m still mostly eating soup and crackers & drinking tons of fluids.

All in all, it was a yucky week physically! Ovulation with so many follicles – while sick with the stomach flu – is not very fun. We still managed to BD a lot though!! It was so funny on Monday – I basically told Andy to just “do it to me”. LOL! I mean, I was trying to get into it, but I was practically on death’s door. We could NOT waste any chance with this cycle. I hope my sickness didn’t screw anything up. My RE did labs on Tuesday and said everything was “okay”. I almost thought I had OHSS at first, but I didn’t – thankfully.


I cannot believe it has been just over a year since my Lap (11/22/11)! I have to say that it was well worth it. I never imagined they would discover so much and be able to repair it. I can’t really say it has helped with my fertility – but that’s mostly due to my other issues. The Lap definitely helped us find a couple BIG pieces to the puzzle though!

My belly button looks okay. I hope you don’t mind seeing it. 😉 There is a hole at the top where my belly button ring used to be, and then there’s a line going straight down through my belly button. It almost looks like there are 2 lines at the bottom, but that’s just the way my skin wrinkles around my line coming out of the bottom. There’s really only 1 line. There’s also a verrrry faint scar by my pubic bone, but it’s not worth taking a picture of.


My AFs are better now. I never had really bad AFs prior to the Lap anyway. I think I recall having pretty bad ones in my younger years, before I went on the Depo shot for birth control. After the surgery, my AFs were worse for maybe 6 months! I always took that as a sign that things were healing and doing what they were supposed to be doing. AFs can be funky anyway when you’re on fertility treatments, so it’s hard to say what mine would actually be like if I was more of a “normal” person. LOL. But anyway, Lap = great idea, even if to rule things out.

TGIF peeps!! 😀 Have a blessed day & weekend!




So egg-cited! Infertile Thanksgiving and 2nd follie check

LOL – this made me crack up.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! We sure did! Thursday, we went to Andy’s family gathering here in town. Totally gorged ourselves, Omg. Andy’s older sister is an amazing cook! Friday, I had to work, but it wasn’t too bad. I would have rather slept off my turkey coma though. 😉 Saturday, we went out of town to visit my side of the family. Ate too much yummy food again – ha! We tried to fit in seeing everyone that we could. I love getting to see all my beautiful nieces and nephews (11 of them!) – they fill my heart with so much joy…and also a little sadness that we don’t have kids to bring along yet.

Me, playing with my sweet niece, Karstin (age 1)

My family asked about my fertility treatments. They don’t seem to say anything inappropriate anymore, which is nice. It used to always be dumb questions/comments, joke about it, or they would tell me to “relax”, or “it’ll happen when you least expect it/when it’s meant to be” – that kind of stuff. Now they listen, ask questions that make sense (they are really trying to learn and understand), and let me know they’re praying for us. I almost started crying talking about everything. They do make me feel loved, and I could sense the seriousness and concern they felt. I’m thankful that they realize we have serious medical issues to overcome, and it’s not easy for us. I’m also so thankful that I have educated them!

How does your family act? Do they know about your infertility?

I hope all you crazy Black Friday shoppers did okay! I have never done it, and I doubt I ever will. No offense to anyone who does, but I have far too much anxiety to be amongst big, crazy crowds like that. They way people act freak me out, too. Good deals are amazing, but Gahhhh. 😛

Did you go shopping? If so, how did it go?

Saturday morning was my 2nd follicle scan. I can’t believe it – all SIX follicles from Wednesday are STILL growing!!! Woohoo!!! Most of them were around 8mm Wednesday, so in 3 days they grew and average of about 4-5mm. I continued my FSH injections Saturday & today, then trigger tomorrow (Monday morning). My doctor is very pleased with my response. She said she’s happy to see my stimming more slowly this time around. Thank you, birth control pills! Oh, and my lining is perfect at 9mm.

  • Right ovary – 17mm, 12.5mm, 13.5mm, 13mm

(Was – 11.5mm, 8mm, 8.5mm, 8mm)

  • Left ovary – 18mm, 13mm

(Was – 12mm, 9mm)


Cooking some nice eggies for Thanksgiving!

My follicle scan went well this morning! I have 6 measurable follicles (still small right now though).

  • 4 on my right ovary – 11.5mm, 8mm, 8.5mm, 8mm.
  • 2 on my left ovary – 9mm, 12mm.

I must continue taking injections until my follow up scan this Saturday. My doctor said I’ll likely be ready to trigger that day! This is slower for me. I know I’m only on CD 9, but I usually stim pretty quickly. I’m happy to slow things down though. I feel like it gives my eggs a good chance to grow properly and get extra juicy. 🙂 I will probably be ovulating at a more “normal” day – CD 14 or so! I think I may get about 3 mature follicles, but it’s hard to say. I’ve seen little ones grow rapidly before and larger ones dwindle. It’s anyone’s guess! I ALWAYS hope for more – more eggies = more chances!

Call me crazy, but I feel hopeful about this cycle. 😀 Things have been going so smoothly, cycle-wise. Plus, I think the birth control pills from last cycle gave my ovaries, body, and mind a nice, peaceful rest. Now all things are coming together for a picture perfect cycle! #48 – let’s do this! I guess I always feel pretty hopeful (lol), but I could really see this one panning out. Keeping my fingers crossed, praying, and staying positive! You never know when your miracle is on its way.

I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!! Eat, drink, and be merry. ❤

Also, if you haven’t checked out my post yet about my friend, Sarah – please click here. Thank you xoxo.


Tweezers are dangerous

Tweezers are dangerous! Either that or it’s ME! I am kind of clumsy most of the time. I guess I shouldn’t be allowed to handle sharp objects.

Saturday, around noon, I was plucking my eyebrows. Suddenly, my hand slipped – or I don’t even know what happened, since it happened so fast. But my tweezers (pointy ends first) went right into my eyeball – HARD!! 😦 Immediately, I felt a lot of pain, and my eye began crying profusely. Even my nose was running. At first, it sucked! But then, after about a half hour, I was laughing about it. I ended up posting it on facebook, lol. I mean, people need to know what I’m doing at all times! 😉 My laughing soon turned to, “Oh shit”. People were suggesting that I go to the doctor right away because eye injuries aren’t to be messed around with.

I woke up the day before that with a cough and fever, so I was still feeling like crap as it was. I looked like poo and didn’t want to leave the house. I ended up taking a nap, but when I woke up, it felt like I tore back open the wound in my eye! My eye was crying again, and I was in pain. So I headed off to the Urgent Care in my PJs.

The nurse, who took my vitals signs, looked at me strangely and snickered at my story. When the Nurse Practitioner came in the room, she said, “Okay, Pokey McPokerson”! By that time, my face was bright red. Oh well, shit happens right! Both the NP and the doctor were shocked by what a big scratch I had on my eye. It kind of freaked me out. You shouldn’t exclaim, “Oh my God, that’s a BIG scratch!” to your patient with an eye injury. Not Cool. They diagnosed me with a “corneal abrasion” and prescribed one antibiotic eye drop and one for pain. They also said to call an eye doctor (I didn’t have one, but they gave me a phone number) ASAP on Monday to get it checked out.

Luckily, my pain practically went away by Sunday. By Monday, it felt almost normal again. I just kept having that feeling like something was in my eye. I did get into a new eye doctor Monday afternoon, thankfully. He said my eye is healing very nicely already! Yay! No further follow up is needed, I only need to continue my antibiotic eye drops for a few more days. He said I might still feel like something is in my eye, because it’s almost like a scab forming over the scratch. He was not concerned at all, so that made me feel a whole lot better. And thank goodness that my friends advised me to go get my eye checked out right away, or it could be a different story now!

In the midst of all this, my TMJ started acting up SO bad. I could barely open my jaw. I can imagine I was not a very pretty sight over the weekend!! My sickness and my jaw are getting better now, too though. I thought I was going to need an eye patch, right in time for Thanksgiving with family – with one working eye, a jaw that won’t open, and a cough & cold. Nice!! Thank God that’s not the case anymore. LOL!! 😀 (I’m back to laughing about it all again).

In other news… I took my last 2 Femara pills last night! Tonight will be my 4th dose of Follistim. I wanted Menopur, but it’s too expensive (and the price went UP). I had a couple friends donate injectibles to me ❤ ❤ I’m so thankful for that. My FOLLIE CHECK is TOMORROW!