Quiz & Info about my BFP Cycle

This quiz is from twoweekwait.com. I thought this might be fun to post. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know if it would be helpful to anyone or not, but maybe! I will add some extra info about things that might have helped us get here.

Number of months you were TTC: 48 cycles actively.

Describe BD frequency during that month: Cycle days 6,8,10 – then everyday from cycle day 12-17 (ovulation was on day 16) – then 2 more times at cycle days 19 & 22.

What BD position did you use: I think we mostly did missionary this time. We usually throw in a couple doggy styles, too. I had the stomach flu, so I wasn’t feeling too adventurous. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Did you use Preseed, aspirin, green tea, or other (describe): I won’t drink Green Tea because I have a Folate deficiency, and that tea can deplete it even more. We did actually use Pre-seed! We hadn’t used it in awhile, because it didn’t seem to help. Maybe it did help this time. I do take baby aspirin for my clotting disorder, MTHFR. I also take Fish Oil 1,200mg 2-3 day, extra B Vitamins and Folate, Vitamin D 2,00mg daily, and Prenatals. Prescription wise, I was on: Femara 5mg CD 3-7, Follistim/Gonal F CD 5-13 (I stimmed slower this time, which was good), Lovenox 40 units (1 injection) CD 6 – present, Metformin 1,000mg daily, hcg trigger, hcg booster, Progesterone 400mg every night starting at 2dpo, Prednisone 10mg daily starting at 2dpo.

If you know the night of conception, did you have the other big O?: No, I don’t think I did this time.

Did you lay down for a while, or prop your belly up? (describe): I’m pretty sure I went to sleep right after most of the time, so I was lying down all night.

Did you feel implantation (describe): I believe I did! I had a strong, hard cramp around 7dpo – but the cramps were even stronger around 9dpo. I had temp dips those 2 days, too.

Did you get any implanation bleeding (when?): Not this time.

How many dpo till you first tested: I had an hcg trigger, so I was testing really early to watch it fade out…but at 11dpo, it got noticeably darker!

How many dpo till you tested and got a BFP: 11dpo, but I didn’t quite believe it because of the hcg trigger. Got my beta of 60 at 12dpo though! That made it seem a little more believable!

What test gave you the first BFP: Pink Wondfos, and then an actually blazing line on FRER. And FRERs usually don’t get dark like that for me.

What was your first symptom: Constipation, gas, and cramps.

What has been your strangest symptom: I had a dream at 7dpo of being pregnant at Christmas time, and it came true!

On what dpo did you get your first symptom: I guess that would have been the weird, hard cramp at 7dpo.

Were your symptoms different from AF symptoms: Not really. I still felt like AF would come – especially with the cramps.

Did you experience cramping, bleeding etc after BFP (describe): Yes, cramping. Some of it was bad gas, but it freaked me out.

How did you tell DH: I just blurted it out and showed him my dark FRER. ๐Ÿ™‚

What was DH’s reaction: He was cautiously excited – and shocked by the dark lines. He kept saying “Wow” or “Whoa”. After a little while, he became VERY excited.

How did you tell family/friends: We told them at Christmas, and showed them our first ultrasound picture. I had told my mom and dad already by phone.

What were their reactions: Excitement and tears! Lots of hugs and smiles! Probably shock, too!

Are you hoping for a DS or DD: Does not matter to me or Andy at all, as long as we have a healthy baby.

Some other things that I attribute to this working:

  • My Lap 1 year prior, in November 2011. They removed my Endo and Septum.
  • I continued to get 2nd opinions, 3rd, 4th, or more opinions/evaluations/testing/etc.
  • Weight loss of 26 lbs in the 6 months leading up to BFP cycle.
  • The addition of Metformin in May 2012 (so I was on that for about 7 months).
  • My immune meds & Dr. Kwak-Kim of course (started 7 months prior).
  • Femara & injectibles – with 6 matureย  follicles that cycle. I think that’s how we caught a good egg!
  • The injectibles and trigger shot were donated to me, so I will be forever grateful for that.
  • Drinking a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar everyday the cycle before my BFP cycle.
  • Doing Castor Oil packs with a heating pad several days a week the cycle prior.
  • Being on birth control pills for my cyst the cycle prior.
  • Also, I went gluten free in September 2012. It wasn’t quite working out, so I went about half and half in October 2012, then back to regular food mostly in November 2012 — December 9th, I got my BFP. I don’t know if that made any difference, but I thought I would include it.
  • I had been working on getting healthier for a couple years and taking all my supplements regularly for a long time. (I still forgot sometimes though & I definitely wasn’t healthy all the time – nobody’s perfect ๐Ÿ™‚ ).
  • Prayer & luck! ๐Ÿ™‚ And support from everyone!!

Dr. Kwak-Kim’s info: http://www.rosalindfranklin.edu/faculty/KwakKim_Joanne.aspx

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