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Cycle 17 and a few other things

After my last post, I felt a little guilty about complaining about the cost of IVF for us. I know a lot of people have shelled out a lot more money than we have for fertility treatments. I hate that any infertile couple (whether they have insurance or not) has to pay thousands of dollars to achieve their dream of becoming parents. It’s something so simple that comes so easily to others. It’s not fair that, even with insurance, it’s completely unaffordable for people. I did find some resources that may be of some help, which I will post in a bit.

Andy and I got into a big fight yesterday morning before I left for work. He is really stressed out about money, as am I. We NEVER fight. We’ve had a lot of large, unexpected bills lately that have contributed to our stress. Not to mention, I’ve been seeing my RE for about 7 months now. All the testing, appointments, medications, etc have added up to thousands of dollars – even with insurance. DH went so far as to say that we aren’t financially ready for a baby at all, let alone trying to get a loan or something for IVF. That really hurt me. After everything we’ve went through to have a baby, it was like a slap in the face.

Andy did apologize and said he didn’t mean to say that. I told him that I need him to support me, and in turn I will support him. We will get through this. We can’t give up, and we can’t turn on each other. Currently, we are TTC Naturally (this cycle) while we research ways to pay for IVF. We may reassess the situation and find that we can do IVF in a couple months…or 6 months…or longer…I really don’t know. Right now, unfortunately, the option is off the table. We may try to do another IUI or 2 while we wait.

I can’t stand to put things off because my condition will only get worse. As I age, my ovaries get older (faster than “normal” people). I am anxious to get more aggressive.

I want to say a big thanks to everyone that has supported me through this trying time. I wish the best to all of you who read this. ❤


Forget it! I’m done!

Well I might as well forget allll about doing IVF. It’s going to be waayyy more expensive than we thought. The deposit alone is $3,152.50. Andy just had to fix is car, costing $700. AND we still have Jasmine’s vet bill of over $1,200. Plus Andy’s S/A was $500!! Then we would have the expense of the injections and the final payment for IVF when the procedure happens, which I didn’t even ask how much that was. I thought our insurance was covering a lot more. I just want to cry or scream. I know we should be grateful for having *some* insurance coverage, but what good is it because we can’t afford it anyway.

The deposit must be paid in full. Our credit card is too full. I’m going to ask my mom, but she’s weird about lending money. She never does. My dad is always broke. Andy doesn’t want to ask his fam, I guess. Don’t get me started on that though. I’m pissed @ him for not doing anything to help!

I know I’m being a drama queen. I am so upset. Our insurance originally quoted us at 50% infertility coverage, but then we only had to pay $50 for an IUI that costs $350 – which is NOT 50%. So I know we have more than 50% coverage. I am so confused.

I am pretty much ready to say eff it and give up, at least for a long time. For whatever reason, things won’t come easily to us and we can’t make a baby. So whatever, what’s the point. I’m so sick of this. I’M DONE!


So close!

Today, Andy dropped off his specimen for a comprehensive S/A and both of us got a TON of bloodwork done. Like 6 vials…Yikes! All the paperwork and consents are turned in, etc. The only thing we’re waiting on is the billing lady to call and inform us how much our insurance covers and how much we need to pay for a deposit. She also needed to do a prior-authorization for the procedure and the medications. I’m taking progesterone to keep AF away just a little longer, so we should be able to start this coming cycle. (It’s BCP for the first 21 days or so.) We are ready to go!!!