Graham is 4 1/2 months old!

Hello readers! I hope you all are doing well. Thank you for continuing to follow along, even though I haven’t had much time to read/comment/write lately. I am going to catch up with you all soon. Would you mind sharing something in my comments – if anything important, exciting, or sad has happened. Or just something totally random or holiday-related. Whatever you would like! I’d love to hear from you as always! Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season with miracles!!

Things are going really well! We have a good routine going. Andy and I work together. Everything keeps getting easier. Plus, Graham’s been sleeping through the night for awhile (in his crib)! What a good boy! Graham is laughing/giggling, rolling over, scooting around in his crib and pack n play, and “talking” a lot more – but not quite babbling yet. He is so smart and getting mobile! I’m not ready for such a mobile baby! 🙂

Graham just had his first tiny taste of baby food – sweet potatoes! I know it’s early, but I’ve done my research and spoken to the pediatrician. I’m not up for a debate on the subject. He did a great job eating it! His face was priceless with the first taste. He looked disgusted! Haha!! But then he seemed to love it! I don’t think we’ll be offering much yet, just a few bites here and there. And of course we will wait a week or more before introducing anything new. He’s been taking rice cereal in his bottle for about a month now. It’s good for his reflux and also keeps him fuller and calmer between feedings.

We had a nice Thanksgiving and are now looking forward to Christmas!! This time last year, I was just getting my BFP, betas, and first ultrasounds with Graham! It was an exciting and scary time, but our take home baby was finally brought to us! So much can change in a short time!

My previous cycle was 29 days, and I think I ovulated. This cycle, I have lost track of what cycle day I’m on, but I’m sure I only have about a week or so left. We BD, but I have no idea when or if I O’d. Still just going with the flow, but kinda trying naturally. Not expecting anything to happen. I’m thinking about going for a check up at my old RE’s office sometime around the beginning of the new year. I’m curious and want to get my basic labs checked, and maybe an ultrasound to check for cysts. Then we might re-evaluate trying a little harder. My PMS symptoms and AFs have been HORRIBLE, so that’s another reason I’d like to get some basic testing done.

Graham's stocking this year!

Graham’s stocking this year!

Graham's first ornament!

Graham’s first ornament!




8 thoughts on “Graham is 4 1/2 months old!

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Being a parent at Christmas is so much fun, and I hope you enjoy every moment of joy to it’s fullest!

  2. I love the ornaments! He is getting so big!!

    I’ve been sick, had an awful exprience at my SIS and trial transfer, now my IVF is being pushed off until I am well again. Just praying for some health soon.

  3. Lisa! Graham is getting so big– I can’t believe it has been over four months already! I am so happy motherhood is treating you well (and that Graham is sleeping–wish I could say the same of my little guy!). I shut down my blog because I was so bad about writing in it but I have been just doing a lot of xmas stuff lately and also thinking about trying for number two soon as well. I hope you get a happy surprise one of these days! Happy holidays to you and the family and enjoy your first xmas with your sweet little boy! Xoxoxo

  4. Graham is soo cute!! He looks just like both of you! I’m glad your family is doing well, and Happy Holidays!!!

    My little girl is 3.5 mos old now and just laughed for the first time last night! Hubby was juggling some of her activity balls for her and she LOVED it!!

    No sign of AF yet. I thought it’d be back by now, but I’m BF’g so I guess that’s responsible for the holdup.

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