I’m alive!

I took quite a hiatus from the blogging world! Part of that is not having time, and if I’m being honest, I just haven’t felt like writing or commenting. The longer I was away, the more behind I got on all of your blogs. I plan on checking in to see how everyone is doing! Please say hi if you’re reading this (whether you’re a blogger, follower, or random reader)! Is anyone still reading, lol?

So I guess now that I’m content, I don’t have much to write about? I’m definitely happy, but life still throws lemons at me now and then. When you have a baby and stop fertility treatments, it doesn’t mean you live happily ever after or never have a problem ever again. But my goodness, it is good to be out of the trenches. I will never forget what that was like. My heart still breaks constantly for those couples still fighting the good fight.

But anyway, I guess I had more to blog about when I was in pain and dealing with the drama and ups and downs of infertility. It’s weird writing about being a mom. I’m not particularly witty, funny, or unique. So I don’t want to bore you all. Plus, I know it’s hard to relate to mom blogs when you’re TTC. I also can’t deal with the criticism and judgement that moms inflict on other moms. It’s just been easier for me to stay in my happy cocoon. 🙂

My son, Graham, is 9 months old! He is such a sweet, funny, happy, silly boy! I live for his smiles and giggles. He says “dada”, “baba”, and sometimes “hi” or “hey”. He is fascinated with our 3 cats. I’m pretty sure he knows who they are better than he knows who mommy and daddy are! He’s not crawling yet, but he gets around really good by rolling around the room! Graham is healthy and growing! He’s not such a peanut anymore!



If you’ve read this far, I have some exciting and rather unbelievable news! I am 18 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy! He was conceived totally naturally. I have no idea how that happened…I thought that was like a mythical tale you only read about. But it’s really happening to me! I still don’t believe it though. The pregnancy is going extremely well. I still carry around infertility/loss fears, but overall I feel great. I am so grateful to experience this again!! Take that, doctors!


I can’t promise to update often or check in on you guys. I apologize for that. I hope to be around a little bit more. We are probably going to be moving before new baby boy comes along, so that will be a big task! I’m so excited for what the future holds. 🙂