I guess 3 is the magic number afterall

If you read my last post, the “3” thingie will make more sense. Yesterday was cycle 38, CD 9 follicle scan. Don’t get too excited – I did have about 3 follies, but only one is mature @ 22mm. πŸ™‚ There were a couple smaller ones on the left ovary. BUT GO RIGHTY! Righty is the poor ovary who needed repaired during surgery. She had film and scar tissue covering her. I thought for sure I’d ovulate from lefty, because she always takes over. I’m excited that righty finally has a chance!

I didn’t have my normal doctor, Dr. Scheiber. Dr. Awadalla is great, but he never wants to tell me stats! I am a very fact-oriented/detail-oriented person. I suppose it’s better not to know everything all the time though. The only thing I got out of him is that I have the perfect 22mm on righty and that my lining looks thick & great. No measurements of the other follies or the mm number of my lining thickness.

I think he does that so I won’t obsess. When we did IVF # 2, he wouldn’t tell me the grade of my embryos or anything. Only that there were 2 nice 8 cells and 1 so-so embie. He’s so funny though. He wrote down my instructions of when to trigger and drew a cupid’s arrow for BD LOL. I do really love that clinic. They have been the best I’ve been to. Not always perfect, but who is. Gosh, when you’ve been doing fertility treatments for years, it’s like the clinic is a part of your extended family or something! Weird! But hopefully no one in your extended family probes you with a dildo cam LOL.

*OMG, seriously don’t google dildo cam images. *shudder* No pic is needed here.

So overall I’m happy πŸ™‚ I was only expecting 1 follie with Femara. It’s SUPPOSED to produce a good quality egg, so come on golden eggie! Good egg + clean, new uterus = success???


8 thoughts on “I guess 3 is the magic number afterall

  1. Awesome! I usually produce 1 follicle on Femara too, but hey! One is all you need, sister! Love your doctor’s artistic humor, btw! Also, I’ve had “3 Is the Magic Number” from Schoolhouse Rock in my head since yesterday πŸ™‚

  2. I see Dr. Awadalla too! We are very happy there even though it’s 5 hrs away. Prayers for your super folly. I should be headed up there in a few weeks for my count. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we got preggers at the same time and actually ran into each other up there? πŸ™‚

  3. Seriously Lisa, that 22mm follie is the perfect size!! I got prego this time with a 21mm, and you know how well this pregnancy has been going for me. I’m hoping you have the same good fortune!

  4. Good luck!! I’m starting a cycle with Femara + Gonal F since I move really slow. I’m nervous about the Gonal F since this is my first time with it. But really, good luck! Everything sounds good for you this time around!

  5. Baby dust for you! Can you waggle the numbers out of your nurses? I LOVE getting all my numbers, even if I just obsess over them. And might the other two follies catch up? It is only CD9 – and don’t they grown non-linearly? I am not giving up hope for them yet! πŸ™‚

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