We painted his room! (Pics included)

I have fallen behind in my blogging! I’ve been half busy, half lazy. I promise to write more often. I have lots more updates to share, so stay tuned! I just hit the 3rd trimester this week! EEK, so exciting! First, I will share our nursery progress so far.

We’re really happy with how it turned out! I get a huge, goofy grin on my face whenever I walk past the room — our son’s room! I keep looking at it all the time, just feeling excitement and awe that this is happening. When we moved into this house, I always dreamed the 2nd bedroom would be a nursery.

The color is a light, but bright green. In various lighting, it appears darker/lighter/brighter. At first, I thought it was too bright, but it has toned down now. I can’t wait to decorate!!!

Before (left), After (right) This will be the wall behind the crib:


Another Before (left), After (right) The wall behind the crib:BeforeAfter1

Before (left), After (right) The entrance to the room:BeforeAfter2Before (left), After (right) The closet area:BeforeAfter3This is the color swatch for what we used:


Additional photos of the finished room:








What to expect when your belly grows

It’s funny how rapidly the body changes during pregnancy (particularly the belly)!

I started showing pretty early (you’ve seen my photos), but in real life it didn’t look or feel much like a baby belly for a long time. In the beginning, my torso and hips expanded. I had a bloated, squishy pooch (albeit a cute one). I never really grew a “bump”. Instead, my whole belly – from below my boobs, down to my pelvis – grew outward. It’s long and somewhat egg-shaped, but I like it. πŸ™‚ Everyone is shaped differently, however all bellies are lovely.

I didn’t truly “pop” until about week 20-21. I barely had anything there at week 16, then at week 20/21 – Bam! I’ve grown even more since then (currently 27 weeks, 5 days). The first time a stranger asked if I was expecting was during week 23. I had some “looks” starting around week 20 though. It depended a lot on what I wore, too. By week 26, I could tell that everyone noticed.

I’ve been aware of the changes, but sometimes my brain forgets my body is pregnant! I’ve only had a semi-big belly for about 7 weeks now. I’ll try to bend, twist, or turn, move around in bed, etc – when suddenly I realize I can’t do certain movements anymore! Oops! I better remind myself what’s happening as I get larger! Maybe Andy will have to roll me off the bed in the mornings!

Sex is awkward! It started getting difficult early on, believe it or not (like around week 12, I think). It only got weirder though. The logistics were confusing. We ended up laughing half the time. I think we were both turned off for a little while, although we still managed to do it about once a week. Just recently, we found a position that works. I lie on my back (with pillows behind me) near the edge of the bed, while he stands. Lots better!

For awhile I thought my boobs were huge! And they kinda are (D cup for me is humungous and unheard of!)….but compared to my belly, they look tiny now! My belly is now a shelf that catches more crumbs than my cleavage. πŸ˜‰

My belly button is still an innie, but it has stretched out some. I have a scar there from Laparoscopic surgery, as well as one from an old belly button piercing. Recently, the piercing scar has gotten red, but there’s no irritation or anything. It must just be from the skin becoming taut. The Lap scar is looking larger and more stretched out. Meh, I don’t mind. They are my battle scars. I also have Lovenox bruises, but I look at my belly and see beauty.

Another thing I noticed recently, is that I can’t really do my toe nails anymore. I suppose it’s possible if I get in the right position. It’s hard to lean over though. It hurts my belly and makes me lightheaded. My center of gravity is off as well, so leaning could be dangerous! Time for a pedi?!

As far as shaving goes…who cares. It’s not worth the effort! πŸ˜‰ Luckily, I’m not a super hairy person. Pregnancy is a time where you have permission to let stuff like that go. (Although, I was pretty bohemian prior to getting pregnant). Before I go into labor, I do hope to clean things up a bit. That seems like the courteous thing to do.

It’s just amazing how quickly things change, and your brain doesn’t adjust fast enough! It makes me laugh. I enjoy it all so much though. And to those who aren’t showing much yet, you will totally get there before you know it! The changes are occurring, I promise (even if they are subtle right now).

Here’s just a few of my photos. You can see a huge difference between week 16 and 20, and so on. πŸ™‚ You can also notice that the arm I use to hold the camera, now rests upon my belly!

Belly pics


Week 27 Update

This is what we’ve been up to!

Maternity photos are only 17 days away! Yay! I am going to work on getting the outfits we need. I also need to go scope out the venue and find my favorite spots for pics. It’ll make for a nice outing and walk for me. I’m looking forward to seeing the place in person, after all the nice things I’ve heard about it!

We have 2 baby showers planned! Invitations are mailed! Our main baby shower is set for June 30th. It’s out of town (where all my family is from), so not everyone can make it. We’re having a smaller shower, here in town, with Andy’s family and our friends on June 15th. I can’t wait to see everyone!

I’m pumped! There’s less than 3 months until my due date now! I have a major urge to hurry up and get everything we need! It’s a different kind of feeling – like a hormonal/instinctual urge (nesting). We aren’t buying anything until after the baby showers, but hopefully we’ll be ready in time. I’ve cried and worried about it, which I know is silly. I can’t help it! I just want to be prepared and have everything set up so nice for him, like he deserves. I feel so much better having it all planned though.

This is the invitation my sister made for our main baby shower. It’s super cute! (I blacked out some of the info).


We painted the nursery last weekend! Well, we got the walls done, but not the trim and closet doors. We are such amateurs – it took us a long time just to do the walls. LOL! Although, I think we did a good job! Andy has been a champ and is so excited and motivated! We’re going to finish everything this coming weekend. I won’t post pics until it’s all done and cleaned up. πŸ™‚ I cannot wait to get furniture and decor. We decided to go with white furniture! We haven’t bought anything yet, but hopefully soon. Here is the color we chose for the walls!


Overall, I’m feeling wonderful! Most of my info from last week’s update post is the same. Oh, but I think I have to “retire” my wedding rings from now on. That change happened pretty quickly! Last week they were totally fine, and some days they still fit okay. I just don’t want to risk getting them stuck. I had been feeling a LOT of movement, but Graham just changed positions again. He moved down lower, which makes it more difficult to feel him move. He sure likes to be scrunched in there! LOL! He’s been pretty quiet for the past couple days, but thankfully I’m feeling some taps right now. πŸ™‚ That always puts a huge smile on my face!

I can’t believe I’ll be in the 3rd trimester NEXT WEEK! I’m always so thankful for each week and every milestone! I’m definitely looking forward to Graham’s arrival, but I’m in NO hurry at all! In fact, a few times I’ve thought it would be nice to stay pregnant for an extra month or so. LOL! Everyone says I won’t feel that way towards the end. I just love bonding with him, nurturing him, and soaking up these precious moments. Afterall, I may never experience this again!

My post wouldn’t be complete without a fruit/vegetable pic for week 27. πŸ™‚ A Rutabaga (which I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen).

week27And a belly pic πŸ˜€



Week 26 Update, including ultrasound!

How far along: 26 weeks, 2 days! 96 days to go (whoa, double digits)!

How big is baby: A head of lettuce. “He’s still growing in the 13.6- to 14.8-inch and 1.5- to 2.5-pound range, and developing his senses, features and talents!” Today, he measured a week ahead and 2 lbs, 3 oz!



I had another great appointment with my Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist today! Everything checks out perfectly with me! My cervix is nice and long, and my placenta is no longer low-lying. I only gained a half pound in the last 2 weeks, and my blood pressure and urine are normal. Graham is doing wonderfully! He is a big boy, but the doctor said he’s not too big. Graham was being really ornery and kicking the ultrasound wand! He even kicked my cervix during the transvaginal ultrasound to check my cervix and placenta. LOL! πŸ˜€ I just want to cry after every appointment! I’m so thankful for this dream come true!

Movement: Holy movement!!! He finally moved up and changed positions this week, after being so low for so long. He’s breech (feet down), but that’s okay since it’s still early. Anyway, his new position allows me to feel sooooo much movement! It’s amazing!! It’s so different, it’s like feeling it for the first time all over again! I actually got sick to my stomach earlier today because there was so much going on in there. LOL! I love it so much though! I will never tire of it!

Weight Gain: Phew, only a half pound in the last 2 weeks! So I’m up about 19 lbs now. I gained a little too much last month, according to my OB. Looks like I’m doing awesome so far this month. I’ve been watching what I eat and doing a little bit more activity (as much as I’m allowed, per my Orthopedic doc).

Stretch Marks: Nope! Well, yes on my hips, but I had them prior to getting pregnant.

Have you started to show yet? I’m large and in charge, and loving it! πŸ˜‰ Strangers are commenting and asking questions wherever I go. It’s strange, but really neat.

Maternity Clothes: Always! I ended up going up a size in both tops and pants. Some of the tops are just not long enough! I have a long torso, so I’ve had trouble with that even prior to getting pregnant. My regular sized maternity pants are a little snug, but the next size up is kinda big. I figure I’ll have some growing room with the larger size. It won’t take long to fit in those, as I approach the 3rd trimester.

Wedding ring on or off? Still on, no problems there (yet).

Symptoms: Heartburn and nausea. Also, fatigue is kind of starting to come back now.

Food Cravings: Potato salad, Cheetos, fresh fruit and veggies.

Emotions: Wow, they have been way out of control. My hormones have been raging for some reason. I’ve been crying a lot over everything – more than usual! I keep telling myself it’s okay though and that I’m not a spaz. It always passes and comes & goes.

Sleep: About 5 hours a night, but also taking naps. I feel like I need more pillows, even though I use 8 already haha.

What I am looking forward to: Painting the nursery this weekend!!! I don’t think we’ll get to do any decorating yet. I’ll post pics of the before and after paint job though. πŸ™‚ Andy is super excited, too. We’re going to Home Depot first thing Saturday morning.

Upcoming Appts/Other Updates:

–5/18 -19: Painting the nursery!

–5/28/13: 28 weeks – 3rd trimester! Holy moly!

–5/30/13: OB check up and glucose test (to check for Gestational Diabetes).

–6/9/13: Maternity photos!

–6/13/13: MFM check up with growth ultrasound.

–6/15/13: Baby shower #1 (in town with Andy’s family and our friends).

-6/30/13: Baby shower #2 (out of town with my family).

Belly pic: