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My name is Lisa, I am 31 years old, I and reside in Columbus, Ohio. I’m married to a wonderful guy named Andy, who is also 31. We’ve been together for over 11 years and married for over 5 years. We met when we were 19 – that seems like a lifetime ago!

We met during a trip to Jamaica. A band we both loved had a package deal to stay in Jamaica for a week and see a series of concerts. We both were from Ohio and happened to meet while we were there. It was love at first sight. What a romantic place to fall in love.

We are big animal lovers and would have more pets if we had room! We have 3 kitties (our babies) named Juniper (6) our spunky calico, Maya (4) our sweet gray tiger, and Chloe (3) our awesome tortoiseshell.

I work as a pediatric nurse. I’ve been in the medical field for 12+ years in some way shape or form. I started out as a home health aid, became a state tested nurse aid, graduated as a medical assistant, and now I have my nursing degree. I put myself through school and sometimes worked 2 jobs and went to school full time. I’m glad that’s over, but I will eventually go back to school for my bachelors. In the past I mostly worked with adults, but I’ve been working with kids for 4 years now. Even when things gets crazy and hectic, they always seem to put a smile on my face.

When I’m not online LOL, I do have a life. 🙂 I enjoy reading, writing poetry or stories, watching movies or good tv, camping, hiking, being outdoors, music, dancing, singing (badly), and experiencing new things. I have pretty unique tastes when it comes to music, food, and pretty much everything. Some of my favorite bands/musicians are the Grateful Dead, Nirvana, Jack Johnson, Adele, Tool, Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, Sublime, and Bob Marley. I am crazy about comedians like Mike Birbiglia, Mitch Hedberg, Daniel Tosh, and Demetri Martin. I’m a big fan of zombie movies, horror flicks, and comedies. I’m also a hopeless romantic, who reads books by Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult. 🙂

I LOVE to travel. I have been to about 10 different countries including Jamaica, Germany, Switzerland, and France. We would love to travel more often. My next ideal trip would be to England or Spain. Experiencing different cultures, food, wine, etc is simply amazing.

Andy loves music, as do I. He can play the bass, lead guitar, acoustic, electric, banjo, etc. His current band is called TUSQ. He plays bass for them. Andy works full time, and he finished his college degree in 2012. I’m so proud of him because the program he was in, only accepts 20 students per year. My hubby is one smart fella! 🙂 He graduated in March 2012 and got his radiology license in May 2012! Now we both work in the medical field.

We lead a pretty quiet life. We enjoy going camping, to concerts, out to dinner, getting together with friends and family, and traveling. A lot of times we like to just stay home and enjoy each others company. We’ve definitely settled down over the past few years. It’s funny how your priorities change over the years. We always wanted a family, but never thought it would be so hard. Now we’re just hoping to make our family complete! We have a lot of love to share.

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am wishing you all the best with your decisions from another who has struggled with these type of issues. Stay strong and make the decision that leaves with peace and love in both of your hearts. Hugs

  2. Happy 10th Anniversary Lisa!!! I know how it feels to be in love for over ten years! 🙂 Congratulations !!!! *maybeaboynow*(Anna)

  3. Hey Lisa! Sarah here . . I work for Fairhaven Health. I stumbled across your blog today and wanted to drop you a quick note. We’re the manufacturer of the OvaCue Fertility Monitor, and I think it would be a great tool for you! Please email me if you’d be interested in reviewing it! 🙂


  4. 3/5/13: Hi Lisa – My name is Natalie. My husband found your blog as we’ve been searching for answers. It felt somewhat of an omen as we too are from Columbus Ohio. Today we were referred by Maternal Fetal Medicine to Dr. Kwak-Kim after receiving news of our 6th miscarry today. After my 5th miscarry last summer, I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease and being treated through a holistic dr at Ohio State. I thought perhaps you might be interested in chatting on the phone or even getting together sometime soon. I’m very interested in chatting about your experience with Dr. Kwak-Kim. Please let me know if you have interest in chatting or getting together. THANK YOU for sharing your story. Looking forward to your reply.

  5. Hi I just found your blog and noticed you read Nicholas Sparks books, I am currently ADDICTED to those!! I’ve read probably 6 of them at this point and about to start reading another one! lol I also read your TTC timeline and I have to say you are one strong woman! You have been through so very much but to see you are getting your take home baby makes me very happy for you 🙂 It gives me hope as well, congrats!!

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