Testing out the hcg booster

I had my initial hcg trigger of 5,000 units for my IUI. It was gone in about 6 days. Now I’m testing out the hcg booster shot of 5,000 units. Here are my pics.

*THIS IS NOT A BFP* Testing out the hcg…

It’s kinda interesting because there’s not much of a difference here! The top one is dried, so it does look darker. All I can say is hmmmmm….


My furrbaby family :-)

So far, the only children we have are furrbaby felines! I have such a tender spot in my heart for our 4 legged creatures. We have 3 cats: Juniper, Maya, and Chloe. After my IVF cycle was canceled, I started thinking about adopting another cat! Man, I just can’t keep trying to fulfill my maternal nature with animals! I’m going to end up on one of those animal hoarding shows.
(I really don’t think I could do THIS. I feel bad for the animals AND the people who think they are actually helping them!)

Here is Juniper, age 3. She’s kind of a schizo cat. One minute she’ll be cuddling and the next she’ll start biting me. I don’t know why, but she’s really skittish. And she actually likes Andy more than ME! I’m the one who feeds her and takes care of her. *rolls eyes*

This is Maya, age 2. Maya is my sweet, loving kitty! She’s always greeting me at the door and licking my face πŸ™‚ I think she behaves more like a dog! She loves attention and is also very loyal. I think this pic is a little outdated.

And then there’s Chloe, age 1. She is our little spunky cat. Chloe is still in kitten mode, so she’s pretty fun to watch. She’s very sweet, too. She and Maya are like best buddies.

We lost my dear, sweet companion, Jasmine in June 2010. Jasmine suddenly became very ill. We did everything we could to save her, but she never recovered. She was my best friend for 8 years, and I’ll never forget her. We have her ashes.


I need a new blog title!

Help ladies!

I started this blog thinking that I would write a couple posts and forget about it. πŸ™‚ Now I’m writing almost everyday. I didn’t think I had that much to talk about. I’m sure some of it is boring and uninteresting, but I find it very therapeutic!

I am starting to loathe my generic blog title. So many of you have such clever names! A couple names I was thinking of are “A Few Good Eggs” or “Quality over Quantity” or something having to do with finding my golden egg. LOL. As I type those, they sound soooo lame.

Where has my creativity gone? My brain is just foggy from all the meds, I think. πŸ™‚

Any suggestions? TIA!


More crazy dreams 5dpiui

I don’t know what is going on in my brain!! Usually I have crazy, vivid dreams for a few days after my hcg trigger, but it has been 7 days and I’m still having them.

Last night I had an episode of Maury in my head! LOL I dream cheated on Andy 😦 With a younger man! I’d say he was about 18 years old. He didn’t look like anyone I had ever seen before.

How can you dream about people you’ve never seen before? Are they just a combination of people you know? Or maybe someone I have seen, but just didn’t consciously remember?

In my dream, I was acting like a crazy old lady fooling around behind my husbands back. And then I got my BFP! The pregnancy test looked odd though. It was rounded like a syringe. Much like all the syringes I had to poke myself with this cycle. However, it had 2 pink lines on it!

I decided not to tell the other man I was pregnant. I didn’t know if it was his or my husband’s baby! I broke it off with him, and I told Andy I was pregnant. I felt terrible because Andy was being soooo nice to me.

The night before last, I was having nightmares, but I can’t remember them. These dreams keep leaving me with an odd feeling, long after waking!

Stupid hormones! Arg! lol