Graham spam

I have some more photos to share, including the pictures we had done at the hospital! They did a nice job. We’d like to order more of the poses when we have a chance.

We’re all doing well, except Graham’s tummy issues haven’t improved like I thought. The gripe water seemed to work great after the first and second dose. Then, things went downhill again. It usually helps with hiccups, but his gas is still so bad. Poor baby. Just 2 days ago, we switched formulas to a sensitive brand, bought different nipples for his bottles, and picked up a more expensive brand of gripe water (it’s supposed to be better, but who knows).

We’re still trying everything the pediatrician and our friends/family have recommended. Belly massage helps a little bit. I know this may continue to be an issue no matter what we try, but we want to feel like we’re doing everything we can to make Graham feel better. I think there’s a possibility he has reflux, so I will ask the pediatrician at our appointment next week.

The day before yesterday was my due date! Graham is growing like a weed! My doctors definitely made the right decision to induce early. He is thriving! He makes me so proud. Everyday he grows stronger, becomes more responsive and alert, makes me laugh, and makes me fall in love with him even more. He’s curious and wide-eyed and wants to look around at everything. He’s gotten a lot more wiggly! He smiles a lot! I know they say it’s only gas, but I swear he smiles when I say certain things or play music he likes. πŸ™‚ I’ve never seen anything cuter than my son’s smiles, even if it is gas!

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1 week old ~ 8.10.13


2 weeks old ~ 8.17.13


17 days old ~ Due date (8.20.13)!


18 days old ~ 8.21.13


18 days old ~ 8.21.13


2 days old ~ Hospital photos (Andy’s hand holding him) ~ 8.5.13


2 days old ~ Hospital photos ~ 8.5.13



16 thoughts on “Graham spam

  1. Love the hospital photos!! Hope his tummy starts to feel better soon! My youngest brother had the worst colic the only thing that would settle him was car rides- then my Dad decided to try something new so they weren’t driving all hours of the night- they put him in a laundry basket all full of blankets of course and turned the dryer on. Thats where he ended up every time he had colic and they ended up hanging mobiles and art and its still there at there home 20+ years later.

  2. I’m a huge stalker. Lol. I’ve posted once or twice before but I just want to say how happy I am for you. Your son is just adorable. I have a 2 year old boy and your photos are bringing me back to when he was that little. The time goes so fast! Enjoy every minute! But The best is yet to come!!! Keep taking pictures and posting

  3. Lisa, congratulations! Graham is cute and the pics are awesome.
    We also had some issues with gas, and what used to help was me putting him on me skin to skin with his tummy on me. After about 30 min to an hour he would pass gas and everything was better :). We used Canadian homeopathic medication, but I don’t think it made too much of a difference. Here is hoping this issue is resolved quickly and he continues to thrive πŸ™‚

  4. I don’t know what all recommendations you have had, but had to switch our daughter to a gas sensitive formula and then her doc also recommended an infant gas product that we bought over the counter. We put a small dose of it in her bottles and it did seem to help. She sometimes still had gas issues were we would do the tummy time, moving legs, etc to help the gas move, but she did alot better on the gas formula and the infant gas medicine.

  5. I LOVE the Graham spam! He is too cute for words!!

    Nicky had really bad gas pain just like Graham and the gripe water didn’t help us much either. What did help a lot was putting him in a colic hold (it is a position where you hold your arm out in front of you and straddle the baby with his stomach on your arm and his arms and legs dangling). I would walk around with him dangling on my arm like that for hours–it was the only thing that would keep him from crying. When he hit 12-13 weeks the colic just stopped abruptly like turning off a faucet!

    Good luck with helping Graham feel better–you will eventually find something that works and before you know it the colic phase will pass and you will just be seeing happy smiles coming from him! Keep the updates and pics coming!! Xoxo

  6. Beautiful baby! My son (now 11 months) had gas so bad he was crying out in pain as well. We wound up switching him to Similac Alimentum (the rolls royce of formula and oh so expensive), which really helped him. It was like night and day. Speak to your doctor, but it certainly helped my baby. Be warned: it smells HORRIBLE, but my son was so young when he started it he never new differently.

  7. Lisa he is so precious and I get tears in my eyes everytime you post pictures. You have your baby!! (It also secretly is making me have baby fever…shhhh…) All of my guys had some tummy issues and the infant gas drops seemed to help. Just wanted to give you my experience. Soooo soooo happy for you still!!!!!

  8. Congrats. Lisa, he is adorable. My baby had really bad gas too. She would cry when passing gas and going #2 even though it was soft (sorry TMI). I was sure something was wrong. It did not seem right for a baby to be in so much discomfort. The ped kept telling me its normal since their digestive system is immature. I ended up giving her gas drops (gripe water did not help) and I would cycle her legs and massage her belly to help her poop. It was awful since I felt so bad that I could not do anything. The pedi was right she outgrew it! So its something all babies go through it seems.

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