My contractions were coming pretty regularly and strong yesterday, but I was getting lulls sometimes. They started me on Pitocin last night at 10pm. It didn’t bother me at all for awhile. The contractions felt like period cramps.

I had a cervix check at 11:15pm. 2-3 cm, very thin, and baby’s head right there. I thought by this morning there would be more progress, but no. 😦 I’m trying not to get discouraged.

The pain level has shot up big time in the past couple hours. I started crying around 6 am because it was so intense. Feels like cramps on top of cramps that could rip my body apart. So much pressure and they last long. The nurse gave me an IV pain med but no epidural until I dilate more. The pain med helped a little, but I’m still having a really tough time.

I hope I can do this. I gotta be strong.


22 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. hang in there , Lisa! Do they have a birth ball you can sit on? Pitocin is really strong stuff, it makes contractions so intense! I hope you can get an epi soon! Can’t wait to hear the news. He will be here soon 🙂

  2. You can do this! You are doing this!!! Take it one breath, one contraction at a time. The good news is you are leaving that hospital with a beautiful baby boy. It will be so worth the short period of pain 🙂

  3. Hang in there, Lisa! I can’t imagine what you are going through yet, but I certainly think about you the whole time now. I know it’s all going to be worth it, so think about that! 🙂 Stay strong! xx

  4. Hang in there! When you are holding your son right after he is born, whether vaginally or by c section, the pain will be just a memory. Keep going!!

  5. Walking, squeezing something with your hand, thinking “he’s almost here” and “I can do this” will help tremendously. Gravity and movement from walking will help speed things up too.

  6. You are doing this and you are doing awesome, you are tired so things are going to seem rougher, but in the end it is all worth it, soon you will be holding your miracle in your arms and everything else will just fade into memories. Love you guys and keep up the GREAT work!!!

  7. You need to demand an epidural. I am a labor and delivery nurse let me tell you there is absolutely no reason you should not have an epidural right now. You are 2!to 3 cm and water is broken. there’s no turning back. it will not stall labor and perhaps because the of the pain you’re tensing up and not dilating as quickly. I would absolutely DEMAND one if I were you. But the good news is that you are probably progressing if you are in a lot more pain. Silver lining!

  8. You can do this Lisa! Think about how strong you are!! You got this pretty soon your going to be holding that sweet boy in your arms and all the pain will be replaced with so much love, saying a prayer for you guys!

  9. Thanks for updating… I hope they relent soon and get you the epidural…I was having a similar labor, and got the epidural at 4 cm, the first chance they offered it. I know you are hurting. I remember my Pitocin contractions, and they felt exactly how you described them. I’m so sorry you’re in that kind of pain! You know it will be worth it, but there’s almost no relief from them because they are nearly constant, and with water broken it’s even more intense! You aren’t alone; you can do it. I’m praying for you that you get some relief very soon. You’re doing a great job. You just get tired and worn down from the lack of sleep, emotional factor, duration of things, and pain. They pain should get better really soon…and then you’ll feel better, too…big hugs! Stay strong and flexible (except about getting the pain meds you want), just like you have been. You’re going to have your son in your arms soon.

  10. You can do it Lisa. You are by far one of the strongest women I know. Hoping you can get the epidural soon, it will absolutely take the edge off.

  11. Thinking of you, Lisa, and sending lots of care and positive thoughts. Im sorry for the pain-that sounds so hard. I hope you’re able to get the epidural as soon as possible. You can do it! This is all going to be part or the story and Graham will be in your arms at the end of it!

  12. Hang in there Lisa, you can do this!! You are so strong and determined, this will be just a memory! Can’t wait to see this lil guy!!

  13. Hang in there! Pitocin contractions suck….you are doing amazing! I stalled for awhile too on pitocin and then all of a sudden I went from 4 to 10 pretty darn quick! He will be here before you know it and it will have all been worth it ten fold.

  14. I would ask for the epi as well, in my case I was so tense that when I finally got the epi I relaxed and dilated much quicker!!! I know how hard it is to get through this but it is so very worth it. Have someone rub your back, that helped me a lot, pitting pressure elsewhere.

  15. you can do it! thoughtsare with you! eyes on theprize. during my labour it helped me to think of my body just as a shell as wordweird as it sounds.

  16. I agree, you should demand an epidural! From what I understand, epidurals generally only stall out natural labors, it won’t have an effect in an induction. My sister got one at 2cm when her water broke but they had to put her on pit. And I’ve heard tons of stories about people dilating very quickly once they relaxed. I hope they’re kind and relent! Good luck!

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