Morning update

I haven’t slept much. I tried, but it was very difficult to get comfortable. I just ordered breakfast from room service.

It’s 10:10am now. I’ll be checked again at 11:45am. If my cervix is more favorable, I’ll receive Pitocin. If it’s not, I’ll get a dose of Cytotec. I’m allowed to have Cytotec every 4 hours to help get things moving.
(Last night I had Cervidil, which is a 12 hr dose).

I’ve had contractions and cramps all night, but I fear they weren’t enough to dilate me more. I’m growing a little impatient, but I know it could take awhile. I’m staying positive and thinking about my son.


13 thoughts on “Morning update

  1. You are doing great! You also have the right mindset Lisa. Hoping your contractions pick up and little Graham is born today! August 2, 2013 sounds like a great day to be born 🙂

  2. I couldn’t wait to hear how the cervadil went. I had it (December 2012) and two hours later the baby came. When you feel pain, just know that it’ll be over soon and once you see his precious face it’s all worth it and you actually forget!

  3. Thinking of you Lisa and sending lots of good energy! As others have said, I think you’re doing great. I understand your impatience – I’d be right there with you! Love that you keep returning to thinking of your son – this is the last leg of the journey to meet him!

  4. Hang in there Lisa, and try to relax your mind with some C&B meditation or something. It may help release some tension and help things progress. Is there anything they can give you to help you sleep a little? I know the noise isn’t really the issue, but try ear plugs. I remember being disturbed extremely often in the hospital by various sounds and beeps, and ear plugs really helped me zone out and even fall asleep for a bit.

  5. Today is the day you have waited for forever! I can’t explain how incredibly happy I am for you. YOu are doing great. Hang in there and you will be looking in to the eyes of your miracle very soon!

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