Hospital Bag, plus caring for the post-pregnancy body

I packed my hospital bag a few weeks ago, but I thought I’d share my list. I will also share my list of items on hand to take care of my post-pregnancy body. I have to warn you, I always over-pack and over-prepare! I just feel better that way! 🙂
I hope I’m not leaving off anything important..

Hospital Bag:
•Photo ID, insurance card, list of medications, and birth plan (also pediatrician info if you have one)
•A couple changes of clothes (loose-fitting maternity clothes)
•Bras/nursing bras
•Breast pads
•Flip flops
•Nipple cream, if nursing
•My own shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, body spray, hair gel.
•Hair ties and/or headbands
•A couple snacks
•Hard candies for me to suck on (some people bring suckers or popsicles)
•Change for vending machines
•Extra batteries for the camera
•When ready, we will grab the camera and my phone and charger (Andy’s phone and charger, too).
•Our laptop isn’t working, or we would bring that as well.
•Pillow for me and boppy nursing pillow

In a smaller duffel bag:
•A couple outfits for Graham
(Hospital will provide all items needed for baby’s care while you’re there).
•Extra space to take as many hospital goodies as we can (LOL, everyone does it).

Items on hand to take care of my post-pregnancy body:
•Super heavy, long pads
(Hospital will provide mesh underwear and other personal care items while you’re there).
•I’m hoping to get a peri-bottle at the hospital to take home.
•Extra underwear
•Bras/nursing bras
•Breast pads
•Nipple cream
•Tucks Pads or Preparation H Wipes (look for witch hazel as the ingredient)
•Colace (stool softener)
•Ibuprofen (pain reliever)
•I found this awesome recipe on Pinterest to make your own “padsicles”, which are pads soaked in witch hazel and then frozen. They’re supposed to feel pretty amazing on your lady parts after giving birth. *Click Here*


31 thoughts on “Hospital Bag, plus caring for the post-pregnancy body

  1. Sounds like you are ready!!! I over packed too and ended up just wearing the hospital gown ( not pretty, but hey you just had a baby, what do they expect) but wore my own housecoat and slippers after Shaelyn was born. I also wore my own undies, but packed the old crappy ones, you will bleed a lot and to mess up a nice pair would have been sad. I also took some reading material, word searches, a deck of cards and some music on an external device. Never ended up using them as my labor was really fast, but at least I had it in case or to occupy the hubby if he got bored…LOL

    • That’s true – hubby might need something to keep him occupied! Especially if I make it to my induction date. It could be a long day/night. I made sure to keep some old, cheaper underwear on hand in case they get yucky hehe 🙂

  2. My hospital actually gave me the “padsicles” when I had dd1. They were awesome! Your list looks awesome! I also brought socks..the hospital was freezing! Be careful with body spray when nursing….I’m a huge perfum wherer and I had to get used to spraying away from my chest!

    • Thank you! That would be awesome to get some padsicles while I’m there! That’s a good tip about the body spray, too! I probably won’t use much on my body at all, since baby could be sensitive to it.

  3. Looks great. If you have a c-section you will want high-waisted granny panties, but you can wear Depends at first so no need to have them ahead of time. Make sure to get some nipple gels and nipple shields from the hospital before you leave! You’ll want them and you won’t want to go back for them!

  4. Thinking back to my two deliveries, it looks like your list is complete. I also never used my own clothes, just the hospital gown, it was easier to nurse in. You may want books or magazines to read while you are waiting in labor. One tip I read before my second delivery is to put a colored pillow case on your own pillow so it does not get confused with the hospital ones and they will not accidently take it. Lastly, yes, the “padsicles” feel amazing. My hospital had them to use while I was there.

  5. When you leave the hospital take ad many padcicles as you possible can. I have delivered both ways. With a c-section use big soft maxi pads in the front of your underwear to keep anything from sticking to your incision.

    • That’s great, I will stock up on whatever I can get my hands on. 🙂 That’s a good idea to put a pad there! I didn’t think of that.

  6. One more thing you may want to bring but not a necessity is your Baby Book if you have one. I found I couldn’t sleep right away and I started filling in stuff while it was fresh, really fresh in my mind….LOL while my LO slept and I had no visitors at the time. Also if the staff hand and/or foot print the baby they may be willing to do it in the book for you while they are at it.

  7. Wow you’re all packed and ready! I’m so happy for you that you’re gonna have a full term baby and so excited to read your birth story. I had an emergency C-sect and needed a tummy binder which the hospital sold to me. Other than that I think you’ve covered everything that’s important!

  8. Looks like you’ve got everything! Question, are you taking a few blankets for Graham? I wasn’t able to take any home from the hospital, I had to give back everything besides all the toiletry items (which take AS MANY things as you can out of the cabinets, ha! You will feel way tacky but look at it this way, you are paying for it all so if it’s there, it’s YOURS! Meaning wipes, diapers, whatever). Anyway, you may want a blanket or two if it’s a little windy or rainy or cool when you leave. You will probably find that 1/2 of the stuff you take you don’t need, that’s what happened with me and my list was similar to yours 🙂 Good luck, I am SO excited for you to experience the birth of your baby boy! It will truly become the best memory of your life. Take as many videos as you can, and get lots of pictures!

    • Thanks so much 🙂 Those are great tips! We should probably bring a blanket just in case. It’s pretty hot this time of year, but you never know.

  9. Your list looks great! You might want to throw in a big (as in 1L or so) water bottle, depending on if you’re on IV fluids. I couldn’t drink water fast enough, and the puny hospital cups didn’t cut it so I was very grateful for my bottle I kept with me while on bedrest. It held me over until I got the IV/epidural (NPO at that point). I also brought a small notebook so DH or I could write everything down. The hospital will also give you witch hazel pads and large pads if you ask for them. I’m so excited for your whole family!

  10. Great list woman! In addition, I loved that I had my own blankie to snuggle under. And nursing gowns were my favorite thing to wear after delivery and when I got home. You won’t want anything on your tummy, even if you don’t have a c-section. So excited for you!

  11. I also ended up with a c section….Little miss just wasn’t willing to come out no matter what they did….and upon leaving even though I packed light maternity pants, they still rubbed on my incision and it hurt. I couldn’t push the pants I brought low enough……

  12. My hospital provided the pads, Colace, and pain medication. In fact, I had horrible heartburn with my last one, and they didn’t want me to take any kind of meds that I had brought with me, even Tums! They told me everything had to be okayed by the doctor. Also, when I was in pre-labor, my body…uh, cleaned itself out. So afterwards, they were going to give me the Colace, and fortunately I asked what it was before taking it!

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