Week 36 Update

Only 19 days or less to go!!!! It’s funny because now that my doctor WANTS me to have contractions, I’m barely having any. I’ve had a few here and there. I think I’m having some when I’m not paying attention, too. I hope so anyway, since contractions help prepare the body for labor (causing dilation and effacement). I’ve been using Evening Primrose Oil and Red Raspberry Leaf Tea since 35 weeks, along with more activity and DTD (not a lot though, I don’t want him to come too soon).

***I started an online baby pool! I’d love to read your guesses on his arrival date/time, length, weight, hair/eye color. 🙂 **Click Here**

How far along: 36 weeks, 3 days! I’m 9 months pregnant – wow! In the past, I couldn’t even make it to 2 months pregnant. Here I am, almost ready to meet my take home baby. I think back to everything we went through, and I’m totally amazed. I cry as I remember and relive the heartache, like it was yesterday. So many times, I felt defeated and out of options. In August 2011, I received the news from Dr. Sher (one of the leading specialists in the country) that I would never carry a baby to term. Not to mention all the grim news we received from other doctors along the way. In August 2013, we will be holding our little miracle!! I can’t believe how lucky we are!!!

How big is baby: A honeydew melon! 17.2 to 18.7 inches and 4.2 to 5.8 lbs. We’ll be checking his weight again next Tuesday @ 37 weeks. Graham should be 6+ lbs by then, if he’s staying on schedule. That’s what I’m hoping for!

week36What baby is doing: Amazing how he started out as a tiny ball of cells, and now…

  • He’s getting closer and closer to being able to breathe on his own.
  • His skin is getting smooth and soft and his gums are rigid.
  • His liver and kidneys are in working order.
  • Circulation and immune systems are basically good to go, too.

Upcoming Appts/Other Updates: I went to the doctor yesterday because my ear has been bothering me. Sure enough, I have a nasty inner ear infection in my left ear. I can’t hear anything, and I feel a ton of pressure. She said it was quite inflamed, red, and full of fluid. Blah!! I have to take antibiotics. I can’t wait to be healthy again! I’ve been sick for a month and a half (had bronchitis and a sinus infection – the sinus stuff never fully went away). It all started when they took me off steroids for immune treatment. I hope my body gets back on track soon! Other than that, doing great!!

  • 7/30/13: Full term!! 37 weeks!! OB check up, NST, ultrasound, and growth scan. We will hopefully finalize induction plans. We should know then if we need to take Graham earlier than 39 weeks (as planned).
  • 8/6/13: OB check up, NST, ultrasound
  • 8/13/13: Induction???

Belly pic: Can you tell he’s lower? I’ve never had that much room at the top of my belly! I can eat a lot more now without getting so uncomfortable. I do have to pee a lot more frequently though. And when I gotta go, I gotta GO! LOL.



9 thoughts on “Week 36 Update

  1. I think when you give birth to Graham you should send a note to that doctor, along with a picture of you pregnant and then one of you holding him, showing that they were wrong when they said you would never carry a baby to term! A doctor should never say that to somebody!

  2. Tried to post a long comment and it vanished. My friend who’ve had easy labors all swear by walking. Some suggest pushing a grocery cart around walmart or target and just walk, walk and walk.

  3. What a wonderful post. You reflecting back on how hard it’s been to get here and how you didn’t know if it would happen…wow. Not to mention, the past few weeks have been a bit stressful, I imagine. Now HERE you are. Baby will be fine to come any day now. What a wonderful, wonderful place to be.

  4. So very happy for you! Congrats!! Yes, it does look like he has dropped quite a bit – you are both getting ready for the big day, how exciting! We are just a few days apart, I wonder who will go first!! 🙂

  5. I’m so excited for you! The tiny ball of cells thing is crazy. It’s so strange to look back at the first ultrasounds, when the baby was only a little grain of rice. And to think that she (he, in your case) grew from that, with all her jabby arms and everything!

  6. Wow, he really has dropped! It won’t be long now! 🙂 it’s amazing how much you’ve been able to overcome. And to finally be here is nothing short of amazing!

  7. Oh my!!! You poor girl, I hate ear infections, I really hope you start feeling better really soon. Yes Graham has certainly dropped, I went back to your last update with your photo and I can really see the difference. So Soon….EEK!!! It really is amazing when you look back and recap what you were told 2 years ago, and now look at you….I too would go back to that Dr. or send pictures as previously stated and prove to them that Dreams really do come true and they were totally wrong. Kudos to you and Andy for never really giving up and working so hard to get your Take Home Baby. You and I both know that MIRACLES do happen. We have been through so much with TTC and us with our own continued drama after our precious bundle arrived. God Bless you and your Family. I have to stop or I am going to cry…AGAIN!!! Love you guys!!!

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