Yesterday’s appt & Graham’s room

36 weeks, 1 day ~

Yesterday’s NST and ultrasound went well! Graham didn’t do quite as well as last Thursday, but he still passed! Yay! I don’t have to come back for a second appointment this week! My cervix is still only open a tiny bit, but it has softened and gotten lower. My OB said, “It’s right there in front.” I was happy to hear that! I don’t want TOO much to happen just yet, but a little progress is great (since I have to be induced).

The only disappointing thing about my appointment was that they did not check Graham’s growth. They would rather me have it done next week with my high risk doc, since he’s the expert. I was really anxious to see how much he’s grown, but waiting one week will be okay. It might actually give them a better picture of what’s going on, anyway. So, we will be making it to 37 weeks at least! Then we will re-assess whether or not to take him earlier than 39 weeks.

My next appointments are next Tuesday @ 37 weeks. My OB appt/NST/ultrasound is in the morning, and my growth ultrasound with my MFM specialist is in the afternoon.

Graham’s room is pretty much finished!! I cannot believe we have a nursery. I keep going in and looking at everything in amazement. It makes me want to cry!


We LOVE the decal! Got it from!


This is the bookcase my Dad made! It’s huge, so there’s lots of room for extra storage.


My father-in-law’s girlfriend refurbished the rocking chair and added a cute cushion!


My father-in-law’s girlfriend also refurbished this dresser and added monkeys!



12 thoughts on “Yesterday’s appt & Graham’s room

  1. The monkeys are adorable. I always call Wade my little monkey and find that I buy him monkey items because of it. So cute! And I want that rocking chair!!!!

  2. I had a friend who did the monkeys for her little boys room. I love them so much and they are fun! Btw great color you guys picked out for the room.

  3. Graham’s room is gorgeous!!! Loving the Monkey theme. Don’t fret about extra storage on that fabulous book shelf, it will fill really fast!!! Glad to hear your tests went well this week, and that there is a little progress happening, and before you know it your little handsome monkey will be here, I can’t wait!!!

  4. Hooray for more good news! It must be so great to know you’ll make it to full term, at the very least. I can’t wait for my shower and to finish buying up baby stuff so I can get Baby M’s room really squared away and ready!

  5. Sweet room for a sweet baby! I remember looking at my son Paul’s nursery the same way before he was born, just in disbelief that we had got there and so thankful for every minute I got to carry him. Blessings to you and your family–it won’t be long now! 🙂

  6. Oh, that rocking chair is amazing!! Love that it’s vintage, but painted a fresh white… so nice. Congrats on finishing the nursery, and even bigger congrats on making it this far with a healthy babe — it feels like just yesterday when you got the BFP and were nervously waiting to see if it stuck. So crazy how fast time passes… you are SO close to having him in your arms!

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