Yesterday’s NST and ultrasound

I had my 3rd NST yesterday, and Graham failed again! This time he was really close to passing (unlike Friday). He was actually very active for this one, so I can’t believe he didn’t pass. Their machine is kind of old. Every time Graham kicked or moved, I could see the red light flickering on the machine (which meant it wasn’t reading anything). Supposedly, after the baby kicks or moves is when we should see the 15 bpm acceleration. So it could be the machine isn’t picking it up. I don’t know, but my OB reassured me that the failures don’t mean anything is wrong with Graham (thank goodness).

Anyway, we had to do an ultrasound to check their criteria (breathing, movement, etc). He passed with flying colors that way! Yay! I wish we could simply do the ultrasound instead of the NST because it seems to cause unnecessary worries. However, it is important to continue doing NSTs to watch for decelerations in the heart rate (which could mean cord compression or distress). Thankfully, Graham is not having any of those! I am thinking about trying the NST at a different time of day, to see if that makes any difference.

I should mention, I’m feeling better each day! I still have some symptoms left from my sinus infection. It’s been slow going away. I’m hardly coughing anymore, but my nose is still pretty stuffy. I don’t think I’m having anymore major withdrawal symptoms from Prednisone. I did, however, have achy joints when I woke up this morning. There may be some residual effects for awhile. Some of the things I’m feeling, I can’t tell if it’s because I’ve been sick or also because I’m very pregnant.

Pictures of my little man from yesterday @ 33 weeks: 😀





6 thoughts on “Yesterday’s NST and ultrasound

  1. I have been reading your posts weekly but not commenting, my bad!!! I just get on here sometimes long enough to read your updates than Miss Shaelyn needs or my correction wants something asap….LOL Loving every minute of motherhood and I know you will too. I am really glad to hear that Graham is doing well. I am hoping and praying you feel better and better every day. Oh did I mention you have one Handsome Little Man in there… 😀 I am away for two weeks and I think I am going to have my withdrawls from your blog, hopefully I can get on line to check in on you while we are away. Graham — stop worrying your Mommy & Daddy, keep being a good boy and stay put for a few more weeks and keep growing big ans strong.

  2. How stressful! Ironic, given the name “non-stress test.” I’ve been following your posts on this (sorry, reading on my phone makes me bad at commenting) and It just seems so stressful for me. I’m glad they gave you the ultrasound to ease your mind. And as long as they’re not worried, no reason to worry, right?

    I LOVE those pictures!

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