Baby Shower # 1

Our first baby shower was yesterday evening! Well, it turned out to be a small get-together, since many people were unable to make it. We do have another shower (our “main” baby shower) out of town, with my family, on June 30th. I made it a point to have both showers be co-ed, so we could see all of our family and friends.

Last night was a laid back, relaxing evening. We spent time chatting and eating good food. Andy’s Dad hosted the party and created a taco bar for dinner. Andy’s sister brought a delicious cake for dessert. We ended up receiving some great gifts!

We had a sweet surprise. We knew that Andy’s Dad and his girlfriend were restoring an old dresser and rocking chair for our nursery, but we didn’t know when they would be done. They actually buy, refurbish, and sell furniture for a living. Anyway, they asked us to come inside for a special gift. There sat our finished dresser with a bow on top, along with the rocker! They are perfect! I cried a little. My father-in-law’s girlfriend painted them both white and made them look as good as new. The dresser has monkeys on it! It’s adorable! The chair has a new reupholstered seat with monkey fabric! It’s really pretty. You guys will have to wait for photos until we decorate the nursery. πŸ™‚

The gifts:

  • A $25 gift card for from Andy’s band mate and his girlfriend
  • A 3-pack of Cleveland Indians onesies (Andy’s favorite baseball team), a baby robe with slippers, and a 3-pack of washcloths from Andy’s brother and his fiance
  • A 2-pack of hooded towels, an outfit, and a toy from Andy’s sister and her family
  • A 5-pack of onesies from Andy’s uncle and his girlfriend
  • A 3-pack of swaddling blankets from Andy’s aunt
  • Andy’s uncles are buying us the crib we want next month!! They gave us a card with a photo of it taped inside. πŸ™‚
  • One of Andy’s uncles also offered to get us a Pack and Play!
  • Andy’s Dad might be buying us the carseat/stroller combo we have on our registry! He’s waiting to see what we get at our next shower, and then he’ll help us get whatever big ticket item we still need.

Here are a few photos of the gifts we received:










5 thoughts on “Baby Shower # 1

  1. Wow, what a surprise with the dresser and rocker! I can’t wait to see!!! Sounds like you are almost all stocked up…all you need now is that precious baby to be born! I’m so excited!

  2. Cute! Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. Getting the emails when you post something helps me to stay in the loop with your blog but the rest are hard for me to make the time with school and work and matthew to sit down and read (or WRITE!). Glad everything is going so great for you and your little one! πŸ™‚

  3. Ohhhh, those swaddling blankets are beautiful! And I have to say, I’m in total agreement on the shower being open for both men and women… I kind of feel like these celebrations should involve friends and family who are excited about your baby, regardless of their genders. The more, the merrier! Can’t wait to see photos of the nursery…

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