Quick appointment update and a letter to Graham

30 weeks, 3 days ~

My MFM check up & ultrasound went perfectly yesterday! Graham is measuring at 3 lbs, 14 oz! He’s in the 68th percentile! Last month, he was breech, but now he is head down! My blood pressure was nice and low, my urine was clear, and my cervix is still nice and long! That was my last transvaginal ultrasound to check my cervix. Weekly appointments with NSTs start in 2 weeks, and I have another growth scan in 4 weeks. Once again, I’m so relieved and grateful for continued good news! Sorry, no ultrasound photos this time – Graham was hiding hehe. 🙂 I will share a couple more maternity photos though (there’s still more)!


Dear Graham,

Can you believe your Dad and I dreamed of you for many years before you were conceived? We’ve always desired to share our love and happiness with our future child. We spent time daydreaming and talking about baby names long before we began the journey to have you. Your Dad and I wanted to wait until the time was right, so we could give you everything you needed. You deserve the world and more, afterall.

Once the time was right, we discovered it wouldn’t be easy to have you. It would take years before you came into our lives. Your Dad and I wanted you so badly that we did everything in our power to bring you to us. Even when the doctors said we could never have you, we kept on trying. We went through a lot of rough times, but it only brought us closer together and made us fight harder for you. Graham, we loved you so much already, even when you were simply a dream. We believed you were out there waiting for us, so we never gave up the search for you.

At long last, we found you in December of 2012! Seeing you for the first time was the best moment your Dad and I have ever experienced! You were just a tiny spot on the ultrasound screen, but you were the most beautiful spot we had ever seen! We were thrilled beyond belief! It was better than winning the lottery or anything you can imagine! All of our family and friends were ecstatic at the mere thought of you! It was an exciting, but scary time. We couldn’t imagine losing you, after waiting so long to find you. Your Dad and I promised then, to do no matter what it takes to keep you safe and sound. We sought out the best medical care. We prayed for you, as did many many others!

All of the prayers have been answered! You have continued to defy all odds, our special little guy! You amaze us everyday with how strong you are! Every time I feel you moving around in my belly, it makes me fall in love with you even more. I smile so big with every little kick. I cry happy tears just thinking of you, my son. Each time we see you on the ultrasound screen, it makes our hearts swell. I’ve never seen your Dad so excited. He talks about you all the time and is happily preparing for your arrival. We are incredibly lucky to be your parents! I can’t thank you enough, Graham, for bringing such hope, joy, and light into our lives, and the lives of others.

Graham, your Dad and I promise to love and cherish you forever. You have so many friends and family who love you already, and you’re not even here yet! The struggles we went through only make us appreciate and love you even more. You were totally worth the wait, 10 times over! Our sweet boy, you are proof that miracles do happen! We hope you always dream big, because dreams do come true.

Love you to the moon and back,

Mom and Dad




8 thoughts on “Quick appointment update and a letter to Graham

  1. So glad he turned around and is now head down. Your pictures are just so good!!! What a sweet loving letter. He is going to be one loved little guy.

  2. Lisa, you have an amazing way with words! Absolutely beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. Graham is SO lucky to have you and Andy as his parents.

  3. Yay to another great MFM check-up/ultrasound!
    Your letter to Graham was moving to me; especially the second and third paragraphs (“do no matter what it takes to keep you safe and sound” wow). I love how you talked a lot about his “Dad,” too. He’s going to love reading that and feel so special.

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