Week 29 Update

How far along: 29 weeks, 3 days!!

How big is baby: An acorn squash. “Baby already measures about 15.2 to 16.7 inches long. Right now, he weighs about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds but he’s still got a ways to go — can you believe he’ll triple in weight before birth?” (From pregnant.thebump.com)

week29Movement: Andy finally felt the baby move for the first time (at 29 weeks, 1 day)!!! Graham was moving around, so I called Andy over to feel. Of course, Graham stopped once Andy put his hands on my belly. However, I poked my belly a few times and then had Andy try again. Andy got to feel 2 little thumps! At first he thought it was gas, LOL. But he looked at me when it happened, so I knew he felt it for sure this time. Andy was thrilled! It was totally adorable! I can’t wait until he gets to feel some larger/stronger movements! I’m definitely getting more jabs, bulges of body parts, and kick-boxing! πŸ˜€ Graham was even tickling my ribs the other day! He is getting big!!

Stretch Marks: The marks on my hips seem to be getting larger, but I don’t think I see any on my actual belly. I don’t use any special creams or lotions because I don’t care if I get stretch marks. I’m not sure if those products actually work or not anyway.

Food Cravings: I miss my cravings, LOL! I don’t have much of an appetite, and my heartburn/reflux is worsening. I’ve been eating small portions and making sure to avoid bad foods that would trigger indigestion. I also take Pepcid twice a day and Tums throughout the day. It’s common at this point in pregnancy to have increased digestive issues, since the baby is growing larger and pushing on everything. Some people say it means I’ll have a hairy baby! πŸ™‚ I am curious to see if there’s any truth to that!

Emotions: Good! I’ve been in a wonderful mood. I get mood swings from time to time, but the past couple weeks have been great!

Sleep: Still not so good, but I’ve been having nice naps.

Upcoming Appts/Other Updates:

Everything is going wonderfully! My OB never called with my glucose test results from last week, so I guess that means I passed! I forgot all about it until this morning (preggo brain LOL). I’ll try to call today to make sure. My thyroid levels have been perfect, so the Synthroid is working. My pain level has been staying pretty low. I rarely have any swelling (which is common at this point). When I do, it’s hardly noticeable at all. My belly is growing, and I’m kind of in love with it. πŸ™‚ I was remarking the other day that I feel sexy and beautiful, not huge. Andy loves the belly, too.

–6/9/13: Maternity photos!! (Looks like the weather is going to be nice – fingers crossed!)

–6/13/13: MFM check up and growth ultrasound!

–6/15/13: Baby shower # 1!

–6/25/13: OB check up and NST (Non-Stress Test)

–6/30/13: Baby shower # 2!

Belly pic:



8 thoughts on “Week 29 Update

  1. If you want to try something for stretch marks, try Palmers. You can find it in the lotion aisle at drugstore. It really does work. I’m 30 weeks and have been using it since week 14 to prevent. I also put it on a few problem areas I have from when I hit a growth spurt as a kid and it really reduced the appearance. And, no pregnancy marks yet either. For heartburn, my doctor is having me take Priolosec (sp?). It’s a once/day pill and is amazing.

  2. My friend had crazy heartburt during her pregnancy, and I had none during mine. Her daughter came out bald as can be, mine came out with so much hair that doctors/nurses from all over the hospital came to see the baby with the headful of hair.

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