Doctor appts and maternity photo stuff

At my OB check up this past Thursday, we scheduled ALL of my appointments for the rest of my pregnancy!! It’s exciting to be at that point! I am getting so close. I see my MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) specialist on June 13th (30 weeks, 2 days) for a check up and growth ultrasound. Then, starting on June 25th (32 weeks), I see my OB for WEEKLY check ups and NSTs (Non-Stress Tests).

I have to ask my MFM specialist what our schedule will be when I see him on the 13th. I’m assuming we’ll do another growth scan at 34 weeks and 38 weeks. The ultrasound tech at my last MFM appointment said they typically stop doing cervical checks (the ones I’ve been having via transvaginal ultrasound) at 30 weeks or so, since the cervix might start changing anyway to prepare for baby’s arrival! So he might check my cervix one more time (at 30 weeks, 2 days) and then just do regular ultrasounds. I wonder when my OB will start checking the old fashioned way (with her fingers)?

I have to say, I feel so lucky and blessed to be at this point with no major problems. Even though I’m high risk, this pregnancy has been pretty easy! I’m so thankful I haven’t had any real scares (knock on wood). Let’s pray it stays that way! Many ladies have much worse diagnoses or problems during pregnancy. My heart goes out to anyone who has had a traumatic experience. This should be a time that you enjoy. And especially being pregnant after infertility, it’s scary enough!


Yesterday, I ordered a very pretty maternity maxi dress from Old Navy, as well as a nice outfit for Andy for maternity photos! I also went to Target and bought us both new white shirts and jeans for our other outfit change. One of my photo ideas was Andy and I wearing Converse shoes with a tiny baby pair of Converses. I already have a pair, but I’d need to buy some for Andy and Graham. I don’t know if we can afford it right now, unless I can find some for a good price before next Sunday. Target used to carry them, but not anymore. We might have to skip that photo idea, but our photographer has lots of other cute ideas! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait!

We also went to scope out the venue yesterday. It’s such a beautiful place! Even right inside the entrance, there’s all kinds of spots for taking photos. They have so many different flowers, trees, and exhibits. We picked up a map while we were there. Unfortunately, I got stung by a bee on my big toe after only being there a couple minutes. 😦 It hurt so bad, so we had to leave. I couldn’t really walk, with the sting being on the bottom of my toe. The only exhibit we got to see was the rose garden, and it was really pretty. You can walk right up to the roses – they have all different kinds.

My toe looks like a sausage this morning! It hurts and itches so freaking bad! Stupid bees! LOL. Anyway, we are all set for photos for NEXT Sunday the 9th! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the weather is nice. This is a pretty stormy, unpredictable time in Ohio. Right now the forecast looks good, but you never know.


16 thoughts on “Doctor appts and maternity photo stuff

  1. Hopefully your toe starts to feel better soon! I cannot wait to see these maternity pictures! I love the Converse shoe idea, we did one with boots when we announced our pregnancy.

  2. Good news all around. That is what I like to see. For some reason I feel like I am just as excited to see your maternity pics! I know how hard you have fought to get to this point and it seems just “extra” special to me. They will turn out so beautiful!

  3. Ouch! Poor toe. I have been stung on the bottom of my foot too – it hurts. I am really looking forward to seeing your maternity photos. It is such a great idea to do them, so cool.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing the maternity photos! I probably won’t have any ‘official’ ones taken, but they’re such a good idea to help you remember what it was like being pregnant, later on. Also, I’m blogging over at now. Hope I’ll see you there!

  5. I’m glad that your pregnancy – even as high risk – has been healthy and that you’re enjoying every second of it… even when in discomfort. Goodluck with the photoshoot and I look forward to seeing the pics. I love the converse idea too but you could always save that for once your baby is a lil older ❀

  6. Sorry you got stung 😦 Take some baking soda and water and make a paste and then wrap it around the sting and it should help a bit. Don’t get too excited for your ob to check your cervix with her fingers…it’s really uncomfortable and almost painful lol! I really can’t wait to see your maternity photos, I bet they will be amazing!

    • Aww that’s so nice of you! Unfortunately our pics are only a few days away, so I don’t know if they would make it in time. Thank you so much though!!

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