We painted his room! (Pics included)

I have fallen behind in my blogging! I’ve been half busy, half lazy. I promise to write more often. I have lots more updates to share, so stay tuned! I just hit the 3rd trimester this week! EEK, so exciting! First, I will share our nursery progress so far.

We’re really happy with how it turned out! I get a huge, goofy grin on my face whenever I walk past the room — our son’s room! I keep looking at it all the time, just feeling excitement and awe that this is happening. When we moved into this house, I always dreamed the 2nd bedroom would be a nursery.

The color is a light, but bright green. In various lighting, it appears darker/lighter/brighter. At first, I thought it was too bright, but it has toned down now. I can’t wait to decorate!!!

Before (left), After (right) This will be the wall behind the crib:


Another Before (left), After (right) The wall behind the crib:BeforeAfter1

Before (left), After (right) The entrance to the room:BeforeAfter2Before (left), After (right) The closet area:BeforeAfter3This is the color swatch for what we used:


Additional photos of the finished room:








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