What to expect when your belly grows

It’s funny how rapidly the body changes during pregnancy (particularly the belly)!

I started showing pretty early (you’ve seen my photos), but in real life it didn’t look or feel much like a baby belly for a long time. In the beginning, my torso and hips expanded. I had a bloated, squishy pooch (albeit a cute one). I never really grew a “bump”. Instead, my whole belly – from below my boobs, down to my pelvis – grew outward. It’s long and somewhat egg-shaped, but I like it. πŸ™‚ Everyone is shaped differently, however all bellies are lovely.

I didn’t truly “pop” until about week 20-21. I barely had anything there at week 16, then at week 20/21 – Bam! I’ve grown even more since then (currently 27 weeks, 5 days). The first time a stranger asked if I was expecting was during week 23. I had some “looks” starting around week 20 though. It depended a lot on what I wore, too. By week 26, I could tell that everyone noticed.

I’ve been aware of the changes, but sometimes my brain forgets my body is pregnant! I’ve only had a semi-big belly for about 7 weeks now. I’ll try to bend, twist, or turn, move around in bed, etc – when suddenly I realize I can’t do certain movements anymore! Oops! I better remind myself what’s happening as I get larger! Maybe Andy will have to roll me off the bed in the mornings!

Sex is awkward! It started getting difficult early on, believe it or not (like around week 12, I think). It only got weirder though. The logistics were confusing. We ended up laughing half the time. I think we were both turned off for a little while, although we still managed to do it about once a week. Just recently, we found a position that works. I lie on my back (with pillows behind me) near the edge of the bed, while he stands. Lots better!

For awhile I thought my boobs were huge! And they kinda are (D cup for me is humungous and unheard of!)….but compared to my belly, they look tiny now! My belly is now a shelf that catches more crumbs than my cleavage. πŸ˜‰

My belly button is still an innie, but it has stretched out some. I have a scar there from Laparoscopic surgery, as well as one from an old belly button piercing. Recently, the piercing scar has gotten red, but there’s no irritation or anything. It must just be from the skin becoming taut. The Lap scar is looking larger and more stretched out. Meh, I don’t mind. They are my battle scars. I also have Lovenox bruises, but I look at my belly and see beauty.

Another thing I noticed recently, is that I can’t really do my toe nails anymore. I suppose it’s possible if I get in the right position. It’s hard to lean over though. It hurts my belly and makes me lightheaded. My center of gravity is off as well, so leaning could be dangerous! Time for a pedi?!

As far as shaving goes…who cares. It’s not worth the effort! πŸ˜‰ Luckily, I’m not a super hairy person. Pregnancy is a time where you have permission to let stuff like that go. (Although, I was pretty bohemian prior to getting pregnant). Before I go into labor, I do hope to clean things up a bit. That seems like the courteous thing to do.

It’s just amazing how quickly things change, and your brain doesn’t adjust fast enough! It makes me laugh. I enjoy it all so much though. And to those who aren’t showing much yet, you will totally get there before you know it! The changes are occurring, I promise (even if they are subtle right now).

Here’s just a few of my photos. You can see a huge difference between week 16 and 20, and so on. πŸ™‚ You can also notice that the arm I use to hold the camera, now rests upon my belly!

Belly pics

18 thoughts on “What to expect when your belly grows

  1. “that’s the courteous thing to do”…cracking up over here! I love hearing all these little things about the belly growing! You look fabulous, my dear! I vote YES for a pedi! You and baby deserve some pampering.

  2. Whoa, you seriously popped at Week 20! And look at you now — so crazy how big you’ve gotten (and I mean that only as a compliment, of course)… interesting to hear about the little scar from your belly button ring — I also have one of those and am curious to see what it does. I’ve also noticed that my tummy changes size a lot throughout the day. In the morning it’s still relatively flat, but by the end of the night, after I’ve eaten a day’s worth of food and drink, it REALLY sticks out! Kind of weird…

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ Oh yes, my belly also changes depending on the time of day. It’s even bigger after I eat! As you grow larger, it will look bigger any time of day though hehe! πŸ™‚

  3. 27 week pic the belly is nice and rounded! I went and got waxed the day before I delivered…so the crotch shots looked good in pics lol

  4. It’s it crazy how fast the due date is approaching!?! It is for me!! I’ve noticed a lot of the same things, although it really does seem like everyone’s pregnancy is different. I’ve really gotten used to my belly too, but mine is really hard – i wonder if that means anything?! Even though I’m used to it, sometimes I will forget or notice how huge I am getting! It’s so crazy, but a very exciting time!


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