Nursery ideas!!

There’s still some planning to do before we decide on anything for sure. It’s really fun to think about!! Ahhh!! I can’t believe we are really finally doing this – so exciting!! πŸ˜€ Currently, the carpet in the nursery is a dark brown, which we aren’t changing. The walls and trim are white (blah). The room definitely needs spruced up and brightened. I’m pretty sure we’re going with a light/bright green (pictured below) for the wall color.

For the crib and other furniture, we haven’t decided whether we’ll go with brown or white. White furniture could help lighten and brighten things up, since we have brown carpet. However, I’ve always like the way deep brown furniture looks. I want to focus more on the wall color and theme prior to choosing furniture. I hope to get the room painted in the next couple weeks, and then it will be easier to decide on the rest. πŸ™‚

These colors are pretty close to what we like best:


The theme is definitely monkeys! πŸ™‚ It will be a mixture of safari/jungle, but mostly monkeys. We’d like to get some safari stuffed animals, a rug, lamp, pillows, and other cute little items to match. This is a removable wall applique from Amazon that I really like. It’s large, so I think it will look great for the wall behind the crib.


A photo from Amazon with the monkey applique and green walls (I think this green is darker than what we would use):


I love the idea of having block letters to spell the baby’s name, too. These blocks are pretty cute. (With the name Graham, obviously). Or even something more simple, with just the colors we like would be really nice. I don’t want to over-do it with the monkeys.


Hanging blocks:


This is the bedding that our good friend got for us! I love it!! It has some yellow in it, which we could also utilize as an accent color. It doesn’t all have to be a precise, perfect match though. The blue, green, and brown colors are my favorite.

beddingFor some reason, I love these dot appliques for the wall. The room is pretty large, so we could think about putting them on the other walls. It might be a bit much though.


Here’s a photo where they utilized the dots in other areas:


Some accessories I like (these might not be the exact things we get, but you get the idea): πŸ™‚


20 thoughts on “Nursery ideas!!

  1. I love when people share their nursery planning! Nurseries are so much fun to decorate and make your own. I like the colors and theme you selected. I too enjoy brown furniture,but I agree the white might go better with brown carpet. You could get a larger rug to give the illusion of a different carpet color and then the darker furniture wouldn’t bad.

  2. I have those sticker dots in my son’s nursery. Honestly, if your walls have texture to them, they won’t stick for too long. I’ve had to rub on them every so often to keep them from falling down. They are super cute and super easy to apply and move around though!

  3. Lisa,
    I’ve been stalking you for a year and a half and just wanted to say how happy I am for you! You deserve to be happy after all these years of pain and I’m sure you’re going to be a great mother. I’m also expecting after two years ttc. Your nursery inspiration pics look adorable! So excited to see the finished result!

  4. Cute! I don’t think I’ve got as much of a theme in mind — just lots of colors and some animal stuff. I’ve heard that babies really enjoy looking at the big wall decals, so I bet your little one will love the monkeys!

  5. Wow! it looks like you have your entire nursery planned out in your head. Brown carpet will work well for the jungle/safari/monkey theme. I was picturing a white sheepskin rug on top of the carpet, to breakup the brown, or a white with brown animal print. Also, I love the monkey decals. So cute.

    I can’t wait to see pictures!

  6. What great ideas! You have a good plan and clearly a pretty decent creative streak. I absolutely love the monkey theme and the dots are a stroke of decorating genius. It must be so fun to plan a nursey, especially having had to work so hard to get there, I am sure you will be enjoying every moment. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of the finished article.

  7. Hi Lisa, long time reader first time poster πŸ™‚ We have the tree version of those wall decals in our daughter’s room and they work beautifully. Our walls are lightly textured so I don’t know how they’d work on a heavily textured wall. They’ve been up for about 6 months now and still look perfect. It is a two person job though so be prepared! A big congratulations to your new family.

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