17 weeks! Updates and a few problems…

How far along: 17 weeks, 2 days!

Baby size: The average for 17 weeks is 5.1 inches and 5.9 oz – but my baby boy was measuring at 6.5 inches and 7 oz at the ultrasound on Tuesday! I’m very proud of my little champ! My little “spot” has grown and changed so much. I’m soooo thankful for a healthy baby!!!

week172We went back to the private ultrasound location on Tuesday to finalize our DVD and get a few more pics, since he wasn’t super cooperative last time. 🙂 This visit, he was moving around a lot!! It was so wonderful! Also, he’s definitely ALL boy! 😀

File0017_zpsa373e636 File0006_zps61c250f3 File0007_zps8b12bad7 File0008_zpsc5bf396b File0009_zps33aeb6cb File0015_zps0e159e05

I’m going to skip the other regular updates. I have a few issues, unfortunately. First, I didn’t have a chance to tell you all that I got diagnosed with Hypothyroidism last Thursday. I began taking Synthroid 25mcg last Friday. I had a feeling something was off because Dr. Kwak-Kim kept wanting to check my TSH more often the past month and a half or so, as well as my T3 and T4. I’ve also had pretty bad fatigue continuing on into my 2nd trimester. I thought it was from my long term Progesterone use, but it was a symptom of Hypothyroidism. I’ll be getting my Thyroid levels checked a month from starting the Synthroid to see where I’m at. I was pretty upset at first about this new diagnosis – only because I already have several issues and risk factors. I want my baby to stay healthy. However, I’m just so glad they are monitoring me so closely and can make adjustments to my treatment. Thank God for that. I love my doctors!

Next, I began having pain in my lower spine and tailbone midway through last week. It didn’t bother me much at first. It got worse as the day went on, after walking and working all day. I kept trying to get as much rest as possible, do stretching, use heat, etc. I thought I would be fine. However, the pain has only gotten worse and worse each day. Now it hurts the moment I wake up, and doesn’t stop all day and night. It especially hurts when I walk. Each step is enough to bring tears to my eyes most of the time. The pain started out in the middle (at the very bottom of my spine), but now it’s also to the right side. I walk really funny because I can hardly put weight down, especially on my right leg. I also had some cramping in my right calf the past couple days, and it feels tight and sore like I pulled a muscle. I’m a gimp LOL!

My feet began swelling on Monday, and I can tell I’m retaining fluids elsewhere. My shoes are tight, and my feet hurt. My feet are like that from the moment I wake up. My face and fingers are kinda puffy. I have been limiting my salt intake, drinking lots of water, and elevating my feet. A couple medications I take cause fluid retention, so it could be from those. On Tuesday morning, I weighed myself and the scale said I gained almost 4 lbs since last week. Now, I know that’s not right. I have not changed my eating habits. I have only gained about 3 lbs this whole pregnancy. I would fluctuate about a pound here and there from water weight. Anyway, Tuesday morning I was peeing A LOT. About every 30 minutes. Later on that morning, I noticed my shoes didn’t feel as tight. I weighed myself again, and I had lost a pound of fluid in only about 3 hours. I had a girl take my blood pressure, and it was normal. The water weight gain is concerning though. I don’t think that’s normal, especially this early. I need to stay healthy for my baby.

So, I have an OB appointment today at 12:50pm to address my back/butt pain and swelling. I’m not sure what they will do for me with either issue. I’ve done some reading about the pain, and it looks like there are a few things I can do. I might have this pain the whole pregnancy. I just need to be able to work and function though. I will do anything and endure anything to carry this baby into the world. I love my baby boy so much, that I can smile through it and be okay (for the most part)! But like I said, I have to get some kind of relief to be able to go about my daily routine. I pray I can be helped somehow.

Belly pics:

DSC06962_zpsd372f99e DSC06939_zpscd2ff8fc DSC06947_zps4e9d76a3

13 thoughts on “17 weeks! Updates and a few problems…

  1. Boo to low back pain! Have you evergone to a chiropractor? They saved me in my previous pregnancys and this one already! Good luck!

  2. Hopefully you get some answers about the water retention and the pain. Would going to a chiropractor maybe help? Sounds like they were right on top of the hypothyroidism and that stays under control. Either way looking good mama with that bump!

  3. Looking beautiful as ever Lisa, I know I keep telling you that, but honestly, you do!!! Sorry you are going through more problems, but thankfully your are being monitored so closely. Hey now I am just putting it out there, but your spine/butt pain, could that be TAX PAIN….lol, I love those commercials. I know I am a goof!!! But I hope it made you smile!!! Seriously though I hope you find relief soon and please take it easy. I threw my back out early on in my pregnancy by simply moving sideways on my chair to reposition myself. Ouch!!! Take care my friend, and I will be stalking for more updates…LOL KUP on your Tax Pain….lol

  4. I’m sorry you’ve got a couple of things going on that concern you. I have had hypothyroidism since high school and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease a month before my son was conceived. Needless to say, they monitored me closely during pregnancy, I continued taking my Synthroid, and all was well. It is VERY common to have thyroid problems during pregnancy. Left untreated they can be a problem, but with medication you have nothing to worry about, plus the medication is SAFE so that should be a comfort. Regarding the swelling, I noticed that at about 18 weeks I seemed to be more “puffy”. In fact there was a time when I gained a whopping 8 pounds in 2 weeks! I was shocked, my doc was ok with it. Swelling and water retention to some degree are common problems. Taking frequent breaks, getting more sleep, reducing salt content and elevating your feet will all help quite a bit, but it won’t go away till after you give birth. Sounds like your docs are taking good care of you and what you are experiencing is likely all normal stuff, and hopefully your appointment today will make you feel better. Take care!

  5. Soooo happy things are going great for you and the little one……but I gots to say “de ja vue’…..hahaha. Don’t stress over the thyroid med too much. I was on a low dose 25mg thyroid med my whole pregnancy too……actually before as they discoverd my levels just a little off after my first miscarraige. And our little one is doing great. Its hard not to worry when we have to be taking so much stuff, but just hang in there. Maybe they will get you a back brace for your back though…..I had something similar in my low back shooting into my butt and top of the backs of my thighs….hurt like a bugger. They gave me a brace which helped…..and it got better so the last month or so I didn’t even have to wear it anymore. Mine was my siatic nerve though….hopefully its an easy fix for you. And putting your feet up if at all possible can help with the swelling feet. Hopefully you won’t get numb toes out of the deal……haha. But my little one reminds me how happy I am to have my numb toes….Someday hopefully the feeling will come back in them but like you said……its a matter of ‘do anything and endure anything to carry this baby into the world’. Will keep watching and praying for you……….

  6. Wish I had some suggestions for the pain & swelling. That must really suck 😦
    As for the hypothyroid…. while it does suck that there is something else wrong, it’s really not a HUGE concern. I have it and thankfully my levels stayed steady throughout my pregnancy. Hopefully yours will too once you’re on the proper dose. It can fluctuate though but I’m sure you’ve read up all on that and will be prepared for whatever comes your way 🙂

    Stay strong girl! You’re looking great!

  7. Hey Lisa,

    I’ve been checking in every once in a while to see how you’re doing. Just wanted to say that I’m very happy for you! I also wanted to let you know that it sounds like the pain you’re experiencing is similar to what I had. It was not fun, but it does get slightly better as the pregnancy progresses. I think mine was almost completely gone by the end of the second trimester. I hope this is the case for you as well. Take care!

  8. Gawd, why can nothing be easy for you?? You seriously do NOT need any more things to freak out about. At least these sound like issues that can be treated relatively simply, and I guess the worst case scenario is that you go on bed rest — but really, I doubt it’ll come to that. As always, lots and lots of monitoring will be key here. Hang in there — you’ve come a long way, and I know you can ride this pregnancy out til full term and delivery a healthy boy!

  9. I have been stalking you for a while and I am sooooo excited for this pregnancy:) Anyway, please do not worry about the Hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed with it after my first pregnancy and I started with 75mcg of Synthroid (my starting dose was 3 times what you take). During my second pregnancy the Synthroid had to be increased to 88mcg and that is what I still take over 2 years after my baby was born. I had absolutly no problems with my pregnancy because of the thyroid issue. Just meant getting blood work every 4 weeks. My major symptoms were fatigue and I was FREEZING through both my pregnancies! Just thought you would like to hear positive stories with the Hypothyroidism:)

  10. Ugh I’m so sorry to hear about the pain/swelling and the Hypothyrodism. I am glad that Dr. KK was able to catch it quickly though and treat it accordingly so you can continue to have a healthy pregnancy. I am curious as to what the pain and swelling could be about. Since your blood pressure was good hopefully it is just related to your medications and not pre-eclampsia or anything like that. On the bright side, your little guy is looking marvelous in his pics, as do you! I hope the doc went okay today– keep us updated on what she says!

  11. The back pain could be sciatica. I had it with two of my pregnancies. Prenatal massage and warm baths helped a lot. A massage therapist taught me a trick to sit/lay on a tennis ball on the butt cheek that hurt. This takes presure off of the nerve. I hope this helps you. I love reading your blog and I am so excited for you!


  12. Lisa, I can’t help with 2 of your three issues but I have delt with a sciatic nerve problem with baby #2 and back/hip pain with #1. And I will tell you, if you have any interst, a chiropractor can do wonders if they know how to work on a pregnant woman. I went I see one with both pregnancies before going to my doctor. it helped completely with #1 and with #2, i just had to wait till the baby shifted to get relief (and he did around the start of the 3rd trimester :). Just wanted to share :). I hope your pain gets better and that baby boy moves a little to give you some relief 🙂

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