I have a troll on my blog…

“glitterunicorn” or “fascinatedbybaby” – the troll.

I probably should ignore this – BUT I feel the need to address this troll because she won’t STOP harassing me. I’m upset, and my hubby is pissed. I know it’s not worth getting upset about, but she won’t leave me alone!!!! She commented 4 times yesterday, but I removed each comment pretty quickly. She even tried to use a different name and email for the 4th comment, but helllloooo I know what your IP address is, “glitterunicorn” or “fascinatedbybaby”. She even stated that she KNEW I was deleting her comments, but she kept posting anyway. I appreciate your fake names and fake email accounts, troll. Why don’t you say who you really are?? Coward.

Prior to yesterday, there were only ever 2 previous comments from this troll:

The first comment came when I was 10 weeks, 3 days and wearing a maternity outfit for the first time. She never had commented prior to that, if I recall correctly. Or if she had, it had been a long time because I didn’t recognize the name. No congrats or anything nice to say. She just wanted to LAUGH at me for showing off my “belly” and make sure to tell me my belly wasn’t from the baby yet. The end of the comment said, “hahahahaha”. Obviously, the baby is tiny at that point, but the uterus is growing and the body is expanding already – even early on. I love that my body has been changing. It’s a miracle to me. I never thought I’d get to experience any of this. But I just laughed off her comment. I thought it was odd, but no biggie.

The next comment came at 14 weeks, when she wanted to tell me how huge I looked already. She said I looked 30 weeks pregnant (which I don’t). Not that I care, because I WANT a beautiful, big belly. I laughed it off again. I do admit the comment irked me and kind of hurt my feelings  though – for this stranger to be saying something like that. I don’t think that’s appropriate. Especially since I’ve not heard a kind word or anything helpful from this person before. Who the heck does she think she is?? I don’t even know who she is! But whatever, I didn’t think much about it after that. It comes with the territory to have people say silly things.

I realized yesterday that this was just a rude troll, which pissed me off even more about her previous comments. I knew then that she was purposely trying to annoy me. Sooo, the freakin’ 4 comments came yesterday (I’m not sharing the entirety of the comments, or you will all know the gender) – trying to ruin my gender surprise, and continuously saying, “It’s a [______]”. I said ONE thing in my previous post (which I have edited now) that might have pointed to a certain gender. She basically called me stupid (not in those words exactly, but in a round about way) for using that ONE thing in my post. I didn’t know that would point to a certain gender, and my FAMILY wouldn’t have known EITHER if she hadn’t said that. They don’t have any clue about these things. Seriously they don’t. So Thanks A Lot Troll.

**Also, for any of you who guessed the gender, that is totally fine. I wanted you to guess. It’s all in good fun. You know I love you guys. 🙂 It’s one thing to guess, but it’s another thing to do what this troll has been doing.

3 more comments came – again trying to ruin the surprise and saying other rude things. She even said, “LOL- also, did you know most people thing gender reveal parties are completely obnoxious??” And troll – check your spelling why don’t you. SO REALLY, they are obnoxious?? Well, no one in my family had ever heard of a gender reveal party, so I doubt they have anything to base it on. They are truly excited for my hubby and I, so nothing we do is going to seem obnoxious to them. They are loving every minute of it, as am I. YOU, troll, are the one who is obnoxious. Don’t you have anything better to do than to troll my blog?? Is your life really that sad? I feel sorry for you!

Oh, and another lovely comment (THE 5th ONE NOW) from “laura” with the same IP address just came through a minute ago!! Jeez! When will this stop??

All further comments from EVERYONE are on moderation. When you comment, it won’t show up until I approve it. I don’t like doing that, but I’m so sick of nasty people. All my other commenters are amazing, but the bad apples really piss me off. I know I’m open to anything, having a public blog – but that doesn’t mean I won’t call you on it, if I don’t like it! Just as anyone has a right to comment with their opinion, I have the right to reply in any way I want – or delete something that I don’t think is appropriate! And I don’t need this shit while pregnant!!! So get the hint “glitterunicorn” or “fascinatedbybaby” or “laura” – you are not welcome here! Go find someone else to bother, so you can feel better about yourself! OR BETTER YET – GET A LIFE!



45 thoughts on “I have a troll on my blog…

  1. Oh Lisa–I’m so sorry about this stupid troll. Nobody deserves this type of treatment, especially not you. She clearly has her own issues and feels the need to bring other people down to make herself feel better. She is pitiful. Keep focused on how amazing things are for going for you right now (which coincidentally is also the best revenge! (-: ) Big hugs!!

  2. Lisa I am so happy for you! I’m sorry this troll won’t leave you alone. You deserve all the happiness and I’m glad your not letting this obviously jealous bipolar troll ruin your experience! Xoxo

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