Spot is still doing well! Not too happy with OB’s office though..

Yesterday I went for my weekly ultrasound, labs, and first visit with the nurse practitioner. I was 10 weeks, 5 days. I got my ultrasound right at the beginning of the appointment – yay! Spot is still doing very well! He/She is measuring a day ahead (10w6d) and has a nice strong heartbeat of 170bpm! They had a student doing the ultrasound, so I couldn’t see much. She didn’t really know what she was doing, but that’s okay. The regular ultrasound tech hopped on for about 60 seconds, got measurements, looked at the heartbeat, and printed a picture for us. I would have liked to see spot for a little bit longer, but that’s alright. As long as he/she is still doing well, that’s all that matters!

Aww, I love my little bambino xoxo You can see the face and mouth pretty well. So neat.



The ultrasound tech then said I didn’t need weekly ultrasounds. That we would just listen for the heartbeat via doppler at my next visit and not have another scan until the anatomy scan at 20 weeks. I tried to explain about my other doctor (Dr. Kwak-Kim) and that she would like weekly ultrasounds. The tech was asking why – she said “What, just because you’re on Lovenox??” And I said, “Well, yes – that, and my history”. She just gave me a strange look and seemed annoyed or something. Sigh.

Then I met the nurse practitioner. She did a pap (ugh, but okay). She quickly ran through some do’s and don’ts of pregnancy and gave me a packet of information about pregnancy and the hospital I would be delivering at. This pissed me off – she was looking through my chart and said, “Wow, 11 pregnancies? There must have been twins in there somewhere, right!” She laughed. Sigh again. “No, I’ve never had a baby.” 😦 There’s recurrent pregnancy loss all over my chart! Sheesh! She then gave me the same speech about not doing weekly ultrasounds. I tried to explain to her what was going on, as well. (Shouldn’t this be in my chart already, or something? I just saw the doctor on Thursday). She seemed baffled as to why I needed so much monitoring, but she said we can check with my OB and try to do what my OB and other doctor want done. We talked about scheduling my NT scan between 11-14 weeks but didn’t set it up yet. I hope we will at my next appointment.

Finally, I got my labs done (labs from Dr. Kwak-Kim and some are not typical). The lab tech was throwing a fit about some of my labs because she didn’t know what tubes to use. I’m sorry I’m so complicated people! I’m not trying to be! I’m just trying to do what Dr. Kwak-Kim says. When I went to leave and schedule my next appointment, the front desk lady was giving me a hard time, as well. So, I felt kind of like an inconvenience to everyone there the whole appointment. I understand where they are coming from, but I’m doing my best to make this easy on everyone and still get done with what I need to do. I’ve got Dr. Kwak-Kim’s nurse emailing me every week asking for stuff and asking why they aren’t getting the reports they need. It’s kind of stressing me out. I just emailed Dr. Kwak-Kim’s nurse this morning and asked them to please write an explanation as to why I need to have these things done and fax it to my OB’s office.

I’m hoping things will smooth out soon. I’m so thankful, don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful for my doctors, the ability to be monitored, the treatment options, and of course my sweet miracle, spot. I still consider it a good appointment because my baby is doing so wonderfully!! I still can’t believe this is happening some days!

I wanted to share a couple of pictures from this past weekend. I was 10 weeks, 3 days and wearing maternity clothes for the first time EVER. 🙂 My regular clothes still fit, but OMG the maternity pants are SO comfy! These clothes seem to make me look more pregnant than I am, but I love that. I never thought I would see the day where I looked pregnant!




45 thoughts on “Spot is still doing well! Not too happy with OB’s office though..

  1. This is ridic, you should have told them, i want it because i am paying for it, just do it or i will find another doctor that will, my doctor did an ultrasound every week till i delivered and never nagged about it, neither should they and lisa dont be afraid to get alittle stern with them about your requests, tell them i want, what u want cause i am paying for it and i worried for the health of my child and because i lost 11 babies and i want baby number 12 to make it into this world!! God bless lisa praying for you!!

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