Treatment and my daily life while pregnant

Sorry if this is a novel. I wanted to talk a little bit about what I do (and what my doctors do) to keep spot and I healthy, as well as my daily life while pregnant. Sometimes it seems like a lot of stuff to do, but I’ll gladly do whatever it takes! Some people have so much more to worry about, so I really don’t mind it at all. I’m thankful for my doctors (especially Dr. Kwak-Kim) and all the options available for treatment and monitoring!

Most of you know, I had to get Betas every 2 days starting at 12dpo until week 6 – I had 8 Betas total. We were able to stop doing betas after the heartbeat was seen. I also have to get weekly Progesterone and Estradiol levels until week 16 – I’ve had about 6 of those, a monthly CBC/Metabolic Panel/clotting time/thyroid testing until I deliver – I’ve had 2 of those so far, and a couple other things.

I did my immune panel last Tuesday, so I’m waiting for the results on that. It could be 2 weeks before I get those back. As far as I know, that will be my only immune panel while pregnant (unless something doesn’t look right). They want to compare it to my immune labs in April 2012. I’m hoping my medications have leveled everything out (I’ve been on them for almost 9 months). We can make adjustments to my meds, if not. I’m slightly worried about it, but I’m not stressing. Fingers crossed.

When I go to my first OB appointment next Thursday, they will also do a bunch of labs, I’m sure. I’m racking up a huge lab bill, but I don’t care. I knew I would, but there’s no way around it. We will figure that out later. We have insurance, but some of these tests are pretty darn expensive. I’m just glad they are checking everything and covering all my bases!! We are cutting back on our spending – we did away with cable TV and just use streaming Netflix & Hulu Plus now. We’ve made several other changes, too. Trying to save money!

I’ve also had weekly ultrasounds starting at 5 weeks, 2 days – I had 4 of those. I think Dr. Kwak-Kim would prefer to continue doing them, but my local doctors don’t want to do that many. That’s actually fine with me. I have to admit though, I really missed having an ultrasound this past Friday. It has made me worry a little bit more these past couple days.

I think you can tell from my last blog post though, that I am feeling more secure & believing this is really happening. It’s scary to believe it’s real, but it’s also so wonderful to think that we might really have a baby in August! πŸ™‚ I’m feeling a stronger connection with this baby, and I can finally imagine that the baby I love actually is growing inside of me. After dreaming of this for so long (and only ever having bad news along the way), it was difficult to accept my new reality. But it’s amazing!! I am in love.

(If you click on these 2 images, you can see larger pics.)

USPhotos_zpseb889151 Bellypics_zpsec4ba2e2

Medications I take: Metformin 1,000mg daily, Prednisone 20mg daily (it was 10mg while TTC), Lovenox injections 40 units – 2 shots daily (it was 1 shot while TTC), Progesterone 200mg – 2 by mouth and 2 vaginally for a total of 800mg daily, Prenatals (including 800mcg Folate), B-Complex Vitamin (including 400mcg Folate + other essential B Vitamins), an extra Folate tablet 400mcg, Vitamin D 2,000mg daily, baby aspirin, and Fish Oil 1,200mg twice daily. My medication total monthly: about $550-600, I believe (Lovenox and Progesterone are the biggest ones). Holy crap! BUT IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!

All of these are ordered by my doctor for my specific issues like PCOS, blood clotting disorders, and autoimmune disorder. Except for Fish Oil – I choose to take it because it’s good for me & spot. I have to take so much Folate because my body doesn’t absorb it normally due to MTHFR. My progesterone level is better than perfect, but Dr. Kwak-Kim said immune patients need a lot more than the average person. I also take a couple of anxiety/mood medications (not pictured below), but they are approved by all of my doctors. I’ve had anxiety issues all my life, so it’s highly beneficial for me to be taking these meds – rather than having panic attacks all the time (not good for me or baby). I do use alternative methods to deal with anxiety, but it’s not enough for my high level.


Don’t freak out when you see this, but I wanted to show you my bruised belly. Sometimes I hit some “bad spots” no matter what I do, when I do my Lovenox injections. The reason this is so bad right now, is that I already had couple good sized bruises from hitting those bad spots – and then I wore a pair of pajama pants with kind of a tight waste band. I woke up the next morning to find the WHOLE area bruised, even up into my belly button. I’ve told my doctors, and they aren’t concerned. My clotting time is perfect, but I am more susceptible to bruising and bleeding. I’m wearing much looser pants now that don’t feel restrictive. These bruises take a LONG time to heal! It actually looked worse than this a week or so ago. *It doesn’t hurt! It just looks horrible!


I spend a lot of time communicating via phone or email with Dr. Kwak-Kim, going over results and what-not. I should have my pharmacies (mail order and local) on speed dial, because there’s a lot to keep track of, LOL. I belong to a “due date club” on (yes, I went back LOL). If there’s any drama, I will leave or take a break. It’s great though. There are women who already have kids, so it is a wealth of information. We have fun, too. There are also first-timers like me, who have similar questions and concerns. It’s helpful to have people in the same boat. On my TTC/Pregnancy Facebook page, I have a lot of great ladies who are very supportive, too. And my bloggy buddies here!! πŸ™‚ I’m so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life!

Other than that, I still do quite a bit of walking (just slow/easy pace), drink a ton of water, eat as much as I can (healthy stuff, too since I got my appetite back), get lots of rest, and try to think happy, positive thoughts. πŸ™‚ Whenever I start to worry, I talk to Andy or a friend. Then I try to re-focus on all the good things that have happened and that WILL happen. I read a lot, watch movies, and have been spending more time with friends and family. That way I can have some fun and keep my mind off things. Some days, all I have time to do is work, sleep, eat, take meds. LOL! But that’s life, hey! Never enough hours in the day! πŸ™‚

** If you have requested me as a friend on Facebook, but I didn’t accept your request – I’m so sorry! I was getting a bunch of requests, and I didn’t know who people were. I also didn’t notice that there’s another hidden folder for messages from non-friends! Oops! Feel free to send another request & message to let me know who you are. I will post my page link for a little bit, but I’ll take it down soon. I don’t want any freaky people finding it. πŸ˜‰ My page:


23 thoughts on “Treatment and my daily life while pregnant

  1. So happy that it’s going well and I love your spot too! Here’s to spot staying healthy and happy. You’re doing an amazing job at staying sane with all those meds but like you said it’s totally worth it. Stay happy and positive. Much love x me x

  2. i just sent you a friend request! i am soooooo excited for you. the bruise looks horrible but know its worth every one just for that special baby. i can not wait to see the little one that will be here in 9 short months. the meds are crazy expnsive to 😦 yuck! so glad this is working out for yall.

  3. We dont have cable either. When ever we go to MILs house they always have the most stupidest reality shows on, and I am reminded why I dont miss cable one bit lol! I just cant believe this is really happening Lisa!! Everytime I visit your blog and read your updates I am reminded that miracles do happen, and it gives me hope for myself. ❀ Question, how long have you been taking metformin? Do you think it helped?

  4. I’m so happy for you and Andy!!! That is a lot of meds and such but just seeing how dedicated you are to all of that just shows how great of a mom you will be! You are already sacrificing things for this baby for their well being and it just makes me so damn happy! You two are going to be awesome parents!

  5. I sent you a friend request! My blog is at but it’s set to private for now. I’ll send you a PM on FB with my email address, and you can send me YOUR email address, so I can add you to my readers list, so you can read it even though it’s private. πŸ™‚

  6. Glad to see you keeping up with your blog. I was wondering about how things were going. So exciting to see that everything is progressing. πŸ™‚

  7. Wow, those bruises look really brutal! Glad that the doctor says they’re not too much to worrry about. Thanks for sharing your med list – it’s helpful to hear. I’m taking Metformin now – to mediate the effects of DHEA. Have you had any issues with it?

  8. I was also on lovenox during pregnancy until about 22 weeks and had terrible bruises. I found what helped the most was icing before and then pinching the skin tightly when doing the injection. Also, you might not know it, but there is a generic of lovenox available. I was on it and the price difference was unreal, so if you’re not on the generic, ask your doctor about it! :-). So happy that spot is doing well and you’re feeling upbeat-staying positive will help get you through every day between now and when spot makes his or her appearance!

    • Those are good tips! Thank you! They do have me on the generic, but unfortunately my insurance doesn’t like that med 😦 Hopefully I won’t be on progesterone for too much long though, so that will help with the cost πŸ™‚

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