U/S # 4 and graduation from RE!

8 weeks, 2 days today!

Today’s appointment was amazing! I can’t believe my little spot looks more like a baby now! We saw and heard a beautiful heartbeat of 171bpm. Our baby is still growing and measuring right on track. We could see the arms and legs better (they still look like little buds). We also saw the umbilical cord! My cervix is measuring nice and long. Everything looked absolutely perfect! I am so amazed and still in shock.

I graduated from my RE today!!! I got cards for both the staff and my doctor. It is actually my RE’s last day today! (NOT Dr. Kwak-Kim – my local RE.) She’s moving out of state. It was bittersweet saying goodbye. I never thought I’d see the day that I would be DONE with infertility appointments! And even though this doctor said I needed donor eggs when I first met her, I am very grateful for her help in making our dream come true. I think she’s shocked that it happened for us!

The nurses cried as we were leaving. They gave us a tiny silver baby spoon as a parting gift. I thought that was so sweet. I shed a few tears, as well. How am I really here, and how is this really happening! I don’t know, but I thank God everyday.

Symptom-wise, I feel pretty great! I was actually feeling worried this past week. Week 7 was such a breeze. I barely felt any symptoms. That’s what worried me though. I should be thankful that I feel good, but it makes me paranoid! I’m a couple days into week 8, and I still feel good. I LOVE being pregnant! I expected pregnancy to be a lot worse – especially in the beginning and at the end. It’s different for everyone though – I know that now! And there’s still a chance I could get hit with some major symptoms in the coming weeks. It’s hard to say! I feel very relieved now, after my ultrasound. This proves you don’t have to have a lot of symptoms to have a healthy baby. I need to drill that in my head, lol.

We are taking the plunge and announcing our news on Facebook today!! EEK! I’m nervous, but I think it will be good. Andy really wants to tell everyone. 🙂

Picture time! 🙂

Belly is growing!!! Yay!









26 thoughts on “U/S # 4 and graduation from RE!

  1. Congrats! I left a comment a while ago about a friend of mine who had tried for 10 years to have another baby, and finally had one after several miscarriages. I wanted to encourage you to keep trying to give a baby the chance to grow inside you…I am now pregnant myself! 30 weeks and 4 days 8) Our babies will be the same school year.

  2. So happy to hear Spot is doing great! Amazing how fast they grow in a week!

    Don’t worry too much about symptoms. Every woman is different. I went through several weeks without throwing up or feeling much and then nausea kicked in at 9 weeks and I got sick once at 7pm every night till 15 weeks like clockwork. Many women don’t have any nausea! Eat and enjoy feeling good while you can! 🙂

  3. Hooray!! 🙂
    I am loving all this good news!! 171bpm – wow! High! Prediction: you’re totally going to have a girl! 🙂
    And don’t worry about symptoms – they will come. It is ok. 🙂 I am totally the same as you, I didn’t have early symptoms. But they came. But it is all ok! 🙂

  4. Lisa! I am so so happy for you! You deserve this blissful time like no other. You have been in my thoughts often over the years and in my prayers daily. Congratulations!

  5. Lisa, I follow this blog and haven’t checked in for awhile. I remember your journey well from when I was TTC my first. I am beyond happy for you and can’t wait to read all about your experience as a Mommy. You are sure to be one of the best ever. 3> 3>

  6. hi lisa firstly massive congrats…can you add me on facebook? i dont really go on the two week wait anymore but wud be great to follow you on facebook….becky aitken

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