7 weeks, 2 days! U/S update and first upcoming OB appt!

We had ultrasound #3 today! I was feeling nervous and paranoid (as well as excited) before hand, but I had nothing to worry about! Our little spot is still growing perfectly! YAY! We even saw tiny arms and legs starting to sprout! I can’t believe how fast they grow. There’s a tiny human in my uterus!!! We got to see and hear the heartbeat again! It is now 146, which is perfect for 7 weeks, 2 days! Not even 2 months ago, I wondered if we were going to have to give up and move on. Now we are watching an amazing miracle grow in my belly! We are so thrilled, and we feel so lucky. I can’t stop smiling. πŸ˜€ It feels more real now for us both!

I’m feeling quite good, physically. I only had one episode of throwing up at 6 weeks, 1 day. I’ve had some nausea this week, but it’s nothing bad. I get kinda shaky/dizzy in the mornings, but I’m trying to eat more frequently to keep my blood sugar stable. I’m very picky with what I can or can’t eat. I feel like I’ve found a good amount of food that I can eat though. It just has to be spicy and extra flavorful. LOL. I haven’t gained any weight yet, but I’m not worried. I have some extra padding. I’m sure the weight will come on once I get my appetite back. I’ve noticed an increased sensitivityΒ with smell this week, even though I’m still congested from my sinus infection from last week. I went grocery shopping yesterday, and the smells in the cleaning supply/air freshener area made me almost puke! I also walked past the wine and alcohol section, and I could smell alcohol so strong as if I were drinking it! It was grooossss. LOL. Other than that, I’m just very fatigued and have sore boobies. I love symptoms!!! Seriously, I do! I’ve waited so long to know what it feels like.

MY FIRST OB APPT is 1/24/13!!! I still have at least one more ultrasound with my RE next Friday. I will be 8 weeks, 2 days, so they might just release me that day. There would be 2 weeks in between that ultrasound and my first OB appt. My RE might do another ultrasound for me during that time, but I’m not sure yet. It feels good to know that my doctors are so pleased and confident! I’ll still be working with Dr. Kwak-Kim (long distance)Β on my immune issues. At this point, it’s mainly some labs and just medication refills with her.

Spot today πŸ™‚ I don’t have access to a scanner right now, so this is from my cell phone.


My belly pic from 2 days ago at 7 weeks even (there is something growing, even if it’s just bloat – I like it)!



36 thoughts on “7 weeks, 2 days! U/S update and first upcoming OB appt!

  1. Yay!! Grow spot grow!!
    I’m so happy for you and Andy. Such a beautiful little baby. What a wonderful amazing blessing.

    Btw, Just gonna go ahead and say that I think baby spot is a boy πŸ™‚


  2. YAY! I have been waiting all week for your appt, LOL I know you have too! WOOHOO! So happy for you. I agree with Lory that spot is a boy! Based on the placement in your uterus but I could be wrong! Exciting!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome πŸ˜€ I actually delayed going out this morning as long as possible so I wouldn’t miss your update lol.
    So glad to hear that Spot is growing just fine πŸ˜€
    SO happy for you!

  4. I’m new to your blog and just wanted to say a quick hello and congratulations! I’m so glad that your little spot is doing well and I’m looking forward to following you through your pregnancy.

  5. I am soooo thrilled for you!!! I am sorry that I haven’t commented recently, but I have been following along!! I have been saying a prayer for you and I am so glad your little miracle is doing so well ❀

  6. Amazing, girl!!! You look awesome (whether it’s bloating or baby, who cares), and those are all great numbers. Embrace those symptoms, too… I love that you’re loving every single moment of this — so deserved.

  7. Aaahh Spot is getting bigger!! I love seeing your little one thrive and your belly expanding (even if it is just bloat, who cares, its baby bloat!) Your symptoms sound perfect too! So exciting to be graduating to the OB/GYN–do you have one in mind already or are you going to try a few out? I’m not even going to try to guess if Spot is a boy or a girl, my intuition is usually pretty bad on these things. It isn’t too long before you find out though (I found out mine at 12 weeks–you are not too far off from there!) Wishing you and Spot and Andy continued health and happiness for the New Year! This is going to be a great one!

    • Aww thank you Gina! It is so neat to see so much growth in a short period of time! Amazing. I hope you guys have a wonderful new year, too πŸ˜€

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