We have a perfect heartbeat!!!

Oh my goodness, we got to SEE AND HEAR our baby’s heartbeat today! “Spot” looks perfect – everything is measuring great. The heartbeat was 127 bpm!!! That is really strong for 6 weeks, 2 days. My doctor is really pleased. I go back again next Friday! This is all like a dream. Andy and I are completely thrilled and out of our minds with happiness! I don’t have words to even describe it!

I have pictures and a video! We used Andy’s cell phone camera to capture the video. Don’t mind the random crackles. You’ll probably have to turn it up pretty loud to hear everything, but you still might not hear it all. We are so happy to have a video, and we will cherish these moments forever. I was crying, and my face was all red. πŸ™‚ We went and bought our first official baby purchase afterward – a onesie that says “worth the wait”.

Like I keep saying, we are soooo grateful. Thank you God and thank you all for the support!

Oh, and no more betas!! I did get a progesterone level checked today, so waiting to hear about that.

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55 thoughts on “We have a perfect heartbeat!!!

  1. Soo so so happy to see this video!! Lisa you truly are amazing. I will keep you and Andy in my prayers! ~lovebabytime from tww (Rachel)

  2. Very happy for you. Did you tell the first doctor, who suggested the donor eggs? He should feel pretty stupid for giving up so fast.

  3. Hello Mcbeanie!!! So beautiful!!! Lisa I am so happy for you!!! I love the way you cherish everything. Keep enjoying every moment-Prais The Lord for His kindness ! What a blessing! Please pray for a friend’s pregnancy with me too. Keep the pics coming!

  4. Yaaaayyy!! I knew it!!! That video is beautiful–I think I can actually see Spot’s little heart thumping away in there!! What an amazing experience–I love being able to follow along on this journey with you!

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