πŸ˜€ I still can’t believe this is real life!! I’ve never had progression like this – or for this long!! Thank you, God! Sorry, I had to make a separate post for this because I continue to be amazed and so grateful. I feel like doing a happy dance! Please see my other post today for the plan for this pregnancy




25 thoughts on “Wowwweee!!

  1. Never apologize for posting on YOUR blog! This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see everything, including the bump pics, and finally your precious baby! You are going to make amazing parents! I hope you have a very boring, uneventful and healthy & happy 9 months!

  2. So happy for you Lisa!! We just celebrated the first birthday today of our miracle baby, who we conceived naturally without even an opk after dismal amh levels indicated low reserve and 3 losses. I was on lovenox until 20 weeks, then found out I had gestational diabetes. Despite everything, my son is happy and thriving.

    I pray that this little baby is YOUR miracle. You so deserve it after so much heartache! Glad they are monitoring you closely. As an added bonus, you will have a ton of ultrasounds throughout, so you will get to see your baby a lot more than most people. Every ultrasound and test gets you one step closer. Just enjoy every moment because although the first weeks can seem to go by agonizingly slow, the last 2 trimesters go by very quickly, and every moment is precious!

    Congrats on great betas! You and your hubby have every reason to be over the moon!

  3. phwoaw, that’s so near broke! now could you just call in sick for the next 37 weeks and just be still? Just incubate that baby! I’m too scared now that there’ll be a pot hole in the road, or you’ll sneeze……. could we get you into a bubble do you think? I’ll cut you a deal- 30 weeks…..

  4. Yay Lisa! I missed so much in just a few days! I think your intuition about becoming pregnant kicked in this cycle. It’s almost like the universe, God or your body told you it was time to happen!

    Your sticks look lovely and I really hope and pray that this is it! Please keep these blogs to remember how much you longed for this little one because one day they will drive you crazy as they run around, write on walls and make huge messes!! but when things like CT happen you get the opportunity to hug them tighter and enjoy the chance to clean up the huge messes!!

    Congrats to you! Hope the sonogram goes well. Hopefully you can see the heartbeat.

    One of your Stalkers LOL πŸ™‚

  5. Congrats Lisa! You deserve this! Even though you don’t know me as I’ve been mostly a lurker on TWW since having my two girls, I feel like I know you and have prayed for a healthy baby for you. I’ve been watching your story for the last couple years and was heartbroken along with you through your losses. I pray that this is an easy pregnancy for you!

  6. It’s Friday the 17th of December 4.18 PM in Australia. Just sayin’.You are, like 19 dpo here! When you get to 18 weeks, I will tell you the baby’s gender, as I am in the future! I’m gunna say now……boy. And I’m almost always wrong, so buy pink.Love to you and Daddy Andy (does’nt THAT have a ring to it)

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