The Plan..and other updates.

First, I want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the tragedy yesterday in Connecticut!

Next, I would like to thank you all for the love and support! It means so much to me to share this moment with you all.

Reactions: I am still in shock and awe from my beta yesterday! I am so elated and excited!!! I was totally loopy and in a daze yesterday, as if I was drugged or something. I must have said, “Oh my goodness” about a hundred times. I even got lightheaded and about passed out at one point. I couldn’t calm down until many hours later. Andy is over the moon. He was being SO adorable last night. He was talking about “our kid”, baby names, and saying how he wished he could tell everyone right now. We both know that plenty of things could still go wrong, but we are enjoying this time right now. It feels damn good to get such wonderful news for once! Talk about being PSYCHED and hopeful!

Symptoms: This morning, I woke up with sore BBs – yay! I’ve had very few symptoms so far, but it’s really early. My BIG one is constipation. I’ve had it alllll week, along with painful, horrible gas, bloating, and cramps. I’ve been drinking prune juice everyday since Monday, and it’s helping a lot – thank goodness! I was getting nervous about the pain, but I haven’t felt anymore unbearable pain since Wednesday, I think. It was hard to distinguish between intestinal cramps and ute cramps, because they were all down low in my abdomen/pelvic area. I think it was a combination of both, at times. The ute cramps feel more like stretching and pulling, not like AF. That’s about it! The only other thing, is I’ve been having trouble sleeping and waking up super early (today – 3:00am). That might be nerves. I LOVE SYMPTOMS, and I hope to experience more – even the unpleasant ones!

Medications: I am to continue Metformin 1,000mg daily, Prescription strength Folate/B Vitamins daily (It’s 1,200mcg of Folate – sometimes I take more with my B Complex vitamins), baby aspirin, Prenatals & my other supplements, Progesterone suppositories 400mg every night, Lovenox 40 units – now it is 2 shots instead of one, Prednisone 10mg – now it is 2 tablets instead of one.

Doctors, Labs, Appts:Β This will be a very closely monitored pregnancy. I have 2 specialists. One is my local Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. James. The other is my out-of-state Reproductive Immunologist, Dr. Kwak-Kim. It will be mostly Dr. Kwak-Kim in charge of everything, with my local RE carrying out the orders. I’ve been getting my labs at the hospital where I work, which is nice because I can get my results ASAP myself.

I have to do betas every 2 days for about 6 weeks (until a heartbeat is seen via u/s), Progesterone/Estrogen every week for 16 weeks, CBC/Metabolic panel/clotting time/Thyroid every month for as long as I’m pregnant, and a whole new immune panelΒ  just one more time, I believe. My lab is apparently soooo slow with Progesterone/Estrogen, so I still don’t know what my results were. Dr. Kwak-Kim’s office said we could do an ASAP order this coming week. My betas are great, and my CBC/Metabolic panel/clotting time/Thyroid/etc all came back normal yesterday!

MY VERY FIRST U/S is scheduled for Friday, December 21st!!! I can’t wait! I will only be 5 weeks, 2 days, so we might not see anything. It seems to be different for each person. I hope we can see a little spot or sac. Both doctors want to check early because 1) my history with TTC and loss, 2) on Lovenox, you can get SCH, and 3) just to make sure it’s not in the tubes and that everything looks “normal”. They don’t suspect anything wrong, they’d just rather have me come in earlier rather than later. Plus, the holidays are coming up, so there will be office closures.

Hmm, I may be forgetting some other details, but it’s difficult to think right now. πŸ™‚

I can’t believe this – right in time for CHRISTMAS! It’s totally amazing and surreal. I cannot say enough how grateful I am! I pray everything keeps progressing. Just gotta stay positive and hopeful!


22 thoughts on “The Plan..and other updates.

  1. HOW MUCH LOVE CAN I SEND!!! OMG I am so happy to pop on here and see this!!! CONGRATS to you guys! This totally made my day, as I keep ya in my thoughts– I will continue to pray and send posotove thoughts your way lady! AWESOME news!

  2. I am just so happy for you. You should be enjoying this time don’t worry about all the bad things that can happen you have been through the mall it’s time to just relax and enjoy your great news. I know that is so much easier said than done but you don’t want to look back on this pregnancy and know that you worried it away. I feel like I did that with mine and wish I had just enjoyed it more.

  3. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for you! Most of the time when I hear pregnancy announcements (sometimes even from infertiles) I still feel a sense of pain and jealousy. But I can honestly say that for you I feel none of that. You have been through so much loss and heartache and you deserve this more than anyone I know. I’m also excited to follow your journey with immune stuff since that is exactly what we are doing as well. Congratulations mama!

  4. Woooooo just so happy for you!!!
    And how exciting that you’re gonna get an ultrasound so soon!
    I hope sac.. or two πŸ˜‰ are spotted nice and cozy in there. Man, I can not wait to read about everything you post as you go through all of this. Praying and still keeping everything crossed for you guys.

  5. Everything sounds great lisa! I’m glad they are watching u so closely. These early days are fragile days and it can be nervewracking at times. Especially when u have had losses before. When I was pg with lily, it took me weeks and weeks before I could totally relax. But back to u, everything looks great! And woo hoo for sxs! Its funny, I was taking things u are, but I took them on my own from learning about them on tww. The extra folate, the aspirin, and the dr prescribed progesterone which I took till 11 weeks. The progesterone and the femara made me insanely tired. I just couldn’t be happier for u honey! I still can’t find the right words to express how I feel about seeing u finally get your dream. It makes it more special because I’ve seen your struggles and what u have gone thru and now it has finally happened! Its so awesome. Will u be posting all your betas? Will u be taking belly shots? At what point will u be telling everyone? Inquiring minds want to know. πŸ˜‰ I love being subscribed to your blog. Its nice to wake up to your news in my email. I hope u have an awesome day! ❀

  6. I would love to tell you not to worry, but it’s impossible not too. After trying for 5 years, I was afraid to use the bathroom in fear of seeing red. So just know those worries are normal. Don’t freak out over cramping either. As long as you don’t bleed, its totally normal. And mostly, sit back, relax, and enjoy being pregnant! The one piece of advice my doctor offered early on was to stay happy!! You and Andy need to go on a date night to celebrate! I wish I could reach in through cyberspace and hug you both! Congratulations momma!

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  8. Oh! I already commented on you ‘wowee’ post. that’s some nice planning you’ve got- I like mine better! or ideally, a combination of the two-you live in the bubble, AND be monitored and ultrasounded closely and constantly! there’s no point in my telling YOU not to worrry when this perfect stranger on the other side of the planet is a nervous wreck. Get in a bubble! Don’t be uneasonable! Wishing you all the best, can’t wait to hea great news from your next beta, and I’m pinning my hopes on a heartbeat on that ultrasound! (besides yours, of course, naturally, it would be optimal if your heart is also beating next week!)

  9. Yay! Congrats again! Make sure to post your progesterone progression, I am very interested! Why so much folate? You will totally be able to see the yolk sac at the least! Hooray! My first ultrasound was also early, around 5 weeks – but because the nurse was doopey about how calenders work! πŸ˜‰
    We could see a teeny heartbeat then, but that is early, so is it ok if you don’t.
    HUGS! YAY!

  10. I’m so excited for you Lisa!!!! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to hear more about your journey as you continue to experience symptoms, etc. I think it would be really cool if you did Youtube Vlogs of your pregnancy. You have enough people that follow your story, that it would be really cool to get updates like that! πŸ™‚

  11. Yay for plans and for symptoms!! I am glad they will follow your pregnancy closely–that means more ultrasounds and more chances to see your little bean!! Can’t wait for friday!!

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