I wonder if I have a “172” yet..

So tomorrow (Friday), I’ll be getting my 3rd beta. I need 172 for perfect doubling. About 137 would keep me in the 72 hours range, which is acceptable. I am starting to love my pee sticks. Each time I see the line pop up, I want to start sobbing. I can’t tell you what’s it like for me to see darker lines and progression!! After so many BFNs, faint lines, evaps, etc – this is unreal! I did have 2 pregnancies that were looking pretty good to start off, but not THIS good. I have to believe there will be positive news tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll be panicking tomorrow morning while I wait for results. Tonight, I feel okay…confident even, dare I say? Please God, protect this little bean.

Some pee stick pics for all the POAS addicts πŸ˜‰ (Including me):

15dpoearlypm 15dpopmandlaterpm 13and15dt 14-15pms


23 thoughts on “I wonder if I have a “172” yet..

  1. Your pee sticks are looking SOOOOO good! OMG I’m not gonna be able to sleep wondering about your beta tomorrow!!!
    I know just how you feel about seeing that beautiful 2nd line show up after so long. It’s unreal but you’re scared to death still too.
    Anyway, will be stalking like crazy and still keeping everything crossed!!

  2. I just signed up so I could leave a comment. They are just so pretty! I know the feeling of just staring at them and admiring them. I still like to look at mine and I’m done! I felt emotion welling up as I looked at yours. Seeing u at last get your bfp after all u have been thru, seeing u go thru so much heartache, and being so happy for others, sincerely haPpy, it is truly beautiful to see it happen to u. U are loved by many people who haven’t even met u in person, and that’s because your kind spirit shines thru. I am thrilled to be seeing it happen for u at long last. I won’t even say don’t worry because no matter how many people said it to me, I still worried. I was pretty much terrified waiting for my beta results. All u can do is wait. And pray. And turn to the many in your life who are here to suPport u no matter what. Keep busy. I know its hard to think of anything else. Hopefully u will have an awesome number tomorrow and will be able to relax about it and start enjoying your pregnancy. You’re pregnant! Its so nice to be able to say that to u and believe that the end result is going to be seeing your baby. I can’t wait to hear your result tomorrow. I’m happy u are an early bird and we won’t have to wait all day! ❀

  3. Omg those lines are AMAZING!!! And I really agree with other ladies that some of your first beta may have been booster. I only did a 5000 unit trigger shot and it took 11 days for it to leave my body. The half life is 33 hours on average according the the studies I read, so it can linger a long time!!! Plus everyone metabolizes differently. I bet your beta tomorrow will be amazing! FX!!! Still sending boatloads of sticky vibes!

  4. I’m so eager to hear your beta results from today Lisa! I think I’ll be checking here constantly until you post it! I’m praying so hard for y’all. Also praying so hard that if the beta has doubled, that God gives your doctor the knowledge of what needs to be done to keep this sweet little baby safe from immune system issues and that he or she will be safe in your womb. Amen.

  5. Oh my goodness! Look at those amazing lines! I know exactly how it feels to get lines fading. It is so heartbreaking. I wish so hard for strong lines like these. This is wonderful! Can’t wait to hear your beta today! Fingers crossed so hard it hurts!

  6. I’m new to your blog… Trying to catch up. But from what I see, you and your husband are expecting! So awesome! Congrats!!!

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