We long to be parents – “I Believe” IVF contest

Dr. Sher and his staff at SIRM are giving away a free IVF cycle!! We didn’t make it to the finalists last year, but we’re excited about the chance to try again!

There are countless deserving couples who long to be parents. Many of them have similar reasons as my husband and I for trying to have a child. Several of them have been through even more than we have or have tried even longer. No one person deserves it more than any other though.

I feel kind of guilty asking people to vote for us, over others. To me, this contest is not a competition. It’s not about being “up against” others with whom I feel such a connection to and so much compassion & respect for. I hope to share my story. Maybe it will help someone else, even if to let them know they are not alone. That’s what the other contestants have done for me. And it’s made me want to fight even harder – to fight for a child, fight this disease, to fight for infertility awareness, get the politicians to mandate coverage for treatment, and to pray even more for those who are still in the trenches. It affects more couples than people realize, and sadly those couples are left without means to get the treatment they need.

I will say, please vote for Andy and I because we do want and need this. However, I hope you watch the other videos and vote for the one that speaks to you.

Everyone says that I have always possessed a nurturing heart, even in childhood. I took care of my baby dolls as if they were real. I had such an imaginative side. We always had adventures. I do recall it now, but my mom is always telling stories about my “babies” for which I was so protective over. I also had about a million stuffed animals that I would set up for “school” and pretended to be their teacher or Vet. I often brought in strays, birds, insects, rodents, etc to tend to them and make them a part of our family. When I was little, I cried and threw a fit about my parents using minnows to catch fish. We then had several minnows as pets. πŸ™‚ It was quite a zoo growing up, but I was in heaven.

All throughout my childhood and adulthood, I’ve taken care of my animals, my parents, my friends, my husband, older adults through home health care, and adults and children through doctors’ offices and hospitals. I knew I would end up being a doctor or nurse from a young age. My other top career choices were teacher and Veterinarian. Most recently, I’ve been working as a Pediatric nurse for over 3 years – but I’ve worked in the medical field for 12+ years. It brings me so much joy to see the happy faces of the adults and children I’ve taken care of, and to know that I helped them feel (even a little bit) better. I treat them all as if they were my family, and many of them have become just like family. I can’t see myself having it any other way, or doing anything else with my life…except to add motherhood to my resume.

I know parenting is the hardest job in the whole world. We waited for so long to even start trying to have a baby. Our younger selves wanted everything to be “perfect” with our education, careers, etc. I often wish our timeline could be different somehow. That maybe if we’d started earlier, we wouldn’t be faced with the challenges we have now. However, all of those experiences have helped us grow, mature, and become closer as a couple. Right now, we want to move forward with our dreams and have no regrets. We are happy and have a wonderful life together, but that big piece is still missing.

After all of our struggles, fertility treatments, and miscarriages – we can face anything. Dirty diapers, hectic schedules, being up all night with a sick or colicky baby – that all sounds like music to my ears. Maybe we’re crazy, but knowing that we may never experience that – or all the good parts – breaks our hearts more than we can explain. We are already a mom & dad in our dreams and heart, but we need to make it a reality and hold that dream in our arms – once and for all.

Our entry for the contest is a simple video to summarize our journey to have a child. Here is the link for all of the videos people have submitted & the voting page: http://haveababy.com/uncategorized/i-believe-video-contest-entries/Β 

***Voting will not begin until this coming Tuesday, 12/11/12 at 11:00am Pacific time. They have not yet organized the page for voting.

Here is the link for our video, which I was also embed in this post: http://youtu.be/BLpfkNfpAEM (There is music in the video). πŸ™‚ If you could please keep us in mind, we would truly appreciate it. And please do share, if you feel okay doing that. xoxoxo.


12 thoughts on “We long to be parents – “I Believe” IVF contest

  1. Lisa, although I root for you, I am very confused why you would enter this contest. I thought I understood your problem to be immune issues involved in “staying” pregnant. IVF is only useful in getting pregnant, it won’t help you stay pregnant, correct? Please don’t take this harshly, just trying to understand. Sending my love!!

    • IVF is not just for “getting pregnant”. It’s for getting AND staying pregnant. It’s about using the best meds, harvesting the highest quality eggs, creating the best embryos, and ensuring proper implantation.

      IVF is for people who have alllll different infertility diagnoses. Many of the contestants have miscarried several times or had chemical pregnancies. We are still infertile even though we can get pregnant. I’ve seen ladies go on to carry healthy babies full term via IVF.

      We are still hoping and praying my immune treatment helps πŸ™‚ The odds are against us though. We did IVF before my immune diagnoses and Lap surgery. We only got 2 good embryos out of NINE eggs. Doesn’t sound good for catching a good egg on our own. Some docs have said there could be an egg quality issue going on. I still have a couple good ones at least πŸ™‚

      Dr. Kwak -Kim had said only to try 3 months naturally (with my immune meds), then 3 months with fertility drugs + my immune meds. She said not try to longer than 6 months before seeking further intervention. It’s been 7 months now.. We gotta do something soon. It’s also been a long several years waiting already. Plus, I don’t have many eggs left, so we can’t wait for too long.

      It’s okay πŸ™‚ I know many people don’t understand infertility & treatments. That’s why I’m sharing my story. Ask anytime. πŸ™‚

      Maybe I’ll still get pregnant this cycle or the next, and they can give it to someone else! It’s nice to think that but probably won’t happen. I doubt I’ll win though, because there are so many beautiful stories. You don’t have to vote for us if you don’t think we should be in it. I understand if you don’t get it. I’m just happy to share my story πŸ™‚ And hopefully get my take home baby.

      • Of course if there is a chance to improve your odds then take it! I just didn’t realize that it could help you. I thought that you said your best off finding the right combo of meds to help your immune problems, and I just misunderstood. Is the further intervention that Dr. Kwak-Kim suggests going to be IVF? Thinking of you!

      • Yes, I’m a pretty complicated case. We gotta have the right meds + the right treatment. Dr. Kwak-Kim said she hoped we didn’t need IVF, but we still may need it depending on what happens. And that we should do it if things aren’t working. Thank you!! πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful video–you know you have got my vote!! While I hope you win, I also hope you wont need to use it (especially after seeing your pee stick page today!!)

    • I hope we don’t need it either!! πŸ˜€ I thought maybe it would be good to stay in it and see what happens. We would of course give the prize back if we ended up pregnant for real. πŸ™‚

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