Cycle 48 – halfway point

I’m 7dpo and 9 days post-trigger today. Halfway through the TWW – woot! I’m still feeling positive, but ask me again in a few days – that’s when I usually start doubting that it’s going to work. Oh, the lovely TWW rollercoaster.

I had to take an hcg booster shot on Monday. I wasn’t thrilled about that, because I hate waiting to see if it’s real or not. BUT – I want to do everything I canย & pull out all the stops, so it will pay off if it works. I just need to be more patient [yeah right!]. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

The boosterย was only 2,500 units, so hopefully all the “fake” hcg will be gone soon. I’ve started my “Pee Sticks” page again. Nothing exciting yet, but I am testing out the trigger & booster if you are curious. The test line is pretty dark today, but I’m only 2 days post-booster.

I don’t have any “symptoms”, other than weird dreams. I tend to have a lot of those due to the drugs/hormones. I took a nap after work yesterday and had a pretty amazing dream:

I encountered a young lady that I’d never seen before. She began speaking to me about my angel babies. Then she stated that I have 1 child waiting for me through adoption and one that I would give birth to! I felt skeptical. I had to leave, but she handed me a little book that said “Baby’s First Photo Album” on it. She said I’d be needing it soon because I was pregnant right now! I started crying at that point in my dream, because I thought I was pregnant but hadn’t told anyone. It was around Christmas time and seemed like present day. It was snowing.

That left me feeling very comforted! I don’t know if it truly means anything, but I kind of like to think it does. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m wondering what’s up with my lower temps the past few days…Maybe implantation? One can hope.ย .



23 thoughts on “Cycle 48 – halfway point

  1. Everything crossed for you! That’s an amazing dream…I do believe that sometimes dreams tell us things, even as basic as our body communicating with our unconscious.

  2. Thoughts & PRAYERS that this works. As for you temps coming down mine did at 7 dpo went from 98.4 to 98.2 even after I got a positive blood test.

  3. I’m crossing my fingers for you, Lisa! Those follicles were looking so good! I hope this is it. Tell me about the crazy dreams during TWW… Or in my case, all the time really. LOL

    I had a look at those pee sticks. I didn’t know that trigger shot you had before O also caused positive HPTs. How does that work?

    I hope that line stays there and that HCG booster is just replaced by your HCG! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Thanks Jelleke! Good to see you!
      Yeah unfortunately the trigger shot is hcg, so it can really mess with a person when trying to test ๐Ÿ™‚ It should be leaving my system before too long though. Something in the hcg forces ovulation to happen – makes all the follicles (usually) release an egg.
      Keeping my FX for you! I’ll be stalking you ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Ugh TWW sucks, but what an amazing dream!! I hope that it is a foreshadowing of good things to come!! I’m not sure what the lower temps could mean, but maybe that is a little implantation dip at 5 dpo??

  5. Kind of ridiculous how much I love the pee stick page… ๐Ÿ™‚ I personally never use them myself because I hate the letdown of a negative, but LOVE looking at other people’s. Probably I should see a therapist about this!

  6. Love the dream! I like how your temps are recovering. My temps are coming down because I’m not running fevers anymore, but I made it to 9 dpo and no spotting or any signs of AF wonder if my LP defect is fixed now?

    Thanks for your prayers! Can’t wait to see those dark pee sticks I know are coming!

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