Ovulation, 1 yr post-Lap, and what a week.

I’m 2dpo today! 😀 It was a pretty painful ovulation with all those follicles, but I’m feeling less soreness and bloating today. No pain, no gain! I am still feeling pretty psyched about this cycle! I’m very thankful to have a good chance!

chart ———————————————————————————————————————

I had a terrible stomach flu that started late Monday morning. I began throwing up at work, but I didn’t want to leave and be far from a bathroom! I stayed for a couple hours, but I finally just had to leave because I was getting worse and worse. I had to stop on the side of the road along the way home – and BARELY made it. People were walking by staring at my while I hung my head outside my car door. I did not even care. It seriously sucked though.

I vomited profusely for 8 hours straight! I finally stopped getting sick late Monday evening, but then I started with a terrible fever and body aches! I moaned and cried (seriously cried LOL), and tossed and turned all night. I almost went to the hospital. It was kind of scary. I still managed to go to work the rest of this week though. I pretty much had to. **Oh, and the missing temp you saw on my chart is due to fever.**


I’m feeling better, but my stomach is still SO sensitive. I tried solid food Wednesday night, but my stomach rejected it Thursday morning. 😦 I’m taking it slowly with adding food back, but I’m still mostly eating soup and crackers & drinking tons of fluids.

All in all, it was a yucky week physically! Ovulation with so many follicles – while sick with the stomach flu – is not very fun. We still managed to BD a lot though!! It was so funny on Monday – I basically told Andy to just “do it to me”. LOL! I mean, I was trying to get into it, but I was practically on death’s door. We could NOT waste any chance with this cycle. I hope my sickness didn’t screw anything up. My RE did labs on Tuesday and said everything was “okay”. I almost thought I had OHSS at first, but I didn’t – thankfully.


I cannot believe it has been just over a year since my Lap (11/22/11)! I have to say that it was well worth it. I never imagined they would discover so much and be able to repair it. I can’t really say it has helped with my fertility – but that’s mostly due to my other issues. The Lap definitely helped us find a couple BIG pieces to the puzzle though!

My belly button looks okay. I hope you don’t mind seeing it. 😉 There is a hole at the top where my belly button ring used to be, and then there’s a line going straight down through my belly button. It almost looks like there are 2 lines at the bottom, but that’s just the way my skin wrinkles around my line coming out of the bottom. There’s really only 1 line. There’s also a verrrry faint scar by my pubic bone, but it’s not worth taking a picture of.


My AFs are better now. I never had really bad AFs prior to the Lap anyway. I think I recall having pretty bad ones in my younger years, before I went on the Depo shot for birth control. After the surgery, my AFs were worse for maybe 6 months! I always took that as a sign that things were healing and doing what they were supposed to be doing. AFs can be funky anyway when you’re on fertility treatments, so it’s hard to say what mine would actually be like if I was more of a “normal” person. LOL. But anyway, Lap = great idea, even if to rule things out.

TGIF peeps!! 😀 Have a blessed day & weekend!



34 thoughts on “Ovulation, 1 yr post-Lap, and what a week.

  1. Oh boy, props to you doing the deed with the flu 🙂 Your chart looks really good, though!! I hope you can start to keep some real food down soon.

    Your belly button looks great- our lap’s were only a couple weeks apart and mine looks very similar. I never thought my lower scar would fade as much as it has either! We’re both so pale and mine stuck out for a long time haha! Battle wound, arrrrgh! Crossing everything for you! XO

    • Thank you!! I was afraid of puking on Andy LMAO!
      Yes, we are Lap twins!! I’m glad to hear yours is looking good & pretty much the same as mine. I was curious what it should look like at this point. And oh yeah, my bottom one used to be quite red! Thankfully it’s lighter. Glad yours is, too.

  2. Glad you’re feeling a little better! And hey, you didn’t let a little sickness get in the way of that baby making 😀 You go girl! hehe
    Good luck good luck good luck!!!!!!!!!

  3. The positivity is contagious. Even I’m feeling better after reading your post. I LOVE the someecards pic – made me laugh. We should make one for Two Week Wait Symptoms.. it’ll convince you that you’re pregnant.

  4. Happy Friday!! You definitely had a lot of people worried Monday while you were so sick, including me. 🙂 I threw my back out once and tried to do the whole just “do it to me” but my husband wouldn’t, lol

  5. hey girl, I know this sounds strange, but being sick when you have autoimmune problems is GOOD. Your immune system is busy taking care of “bigger bugs” and will leave your own body tissues alone. I am so hopeful for you. Good news for me too on the job front. FINALLY had an interview. I am glad it is with a federal non-profit organization, if I get this job there is a possibility of loan forgiveness and I STILL get to use my skills in a clinical setting.

    Oh, I have been sick too. Not as much as you, but sick, my chart is crazy because of it, but it looks like I did o and am 3 dpo today? I don’t know what to think since l/o has been breastfeeding like crazy. I am worried about my luteal phase. Last one was only 5 days. i have been taking b12, so maybe it will be longer, but I’m hoping no implantation if I have a too short luteal phase again.

    I am praying for you, please pray for me too. About the job, about my luteal phase and my finances if you will.

    Can’t wait to see your updates.

    • Good thinking! One of the other times I got pregnant and lasted to 5 weeks, 2 days was when I was sick!

      I hope you feel better soon! And I pray the B12 helps with your luteal phase. B6 is supposed to be good, too. What about natural progesterone cream? Or you can’t take that while breast-feeding probably. Keeping my FX tight that your cycles get more regular & you have a nice, long LP!

      YEAH for an interview!! I’m sure they will love you & the job sounds great. Lifting you up in prayer, my friend. Hugs! Keep hanging in there.

      • Oh yay, see I knew the business of the immune system was a good thing.

        guess what I got the job well pending the paperwork and different checks, but I got the offer today. Praise God.

        Well, I’m feeling really blah, wondering if my chart is because of the illness or because of an actual O. It’s pretty wonky. Tomorrow should tell for sure.

  6. HAHA! BDing with the flu!?! I literally LOL at your post a couple times. Perhaps this time it was a bit too much information Miss Lisa! LOL!
    Glad your feeling positive. As always, thinking of you! 🙂

  7. Jeez that sounds like one nasty bug!! Are you sure it was flu and not food poisoning? It sounds a lot like what my friend described the other day (she got tuna salad from Panera and ended up vomiting all night!)

    LOL @ BDing with this bug! You are a trooper!! Your chart looks awesome btw–I am so hopeful for you this cycle!! And I agree with previous poster–I think its great that you got sick b/c your immune system will be dealing with that instead of other tissues.

    Also, your lap scars look great! I have a pretty noticeable scar below my belly button but the one near the pubic bone is all but gone (it was red for a really long time too!).

    Hope you have a great weekend and my fingers are crossed here for you!!

    • Oooh that sucks about your friend!! I almost thought it was food poisoning, but I can’t pinpoint anything I ate that Andy didn’t eat.

      Thank you sooo much for all your awesome support girlie!!

      Aww, sorry your belly button scar is noticeable! I bet mine would pop out more while pregnant. I have kind of a pudgy belly now LOL. 😉

  8. oh my goodness that sounds like a stressful week! I can’t believe you were such a trooper and managed to BD every night too! There is no freakin way I could do it every night. Maybe once in if I had a bucket nearby. But I agree with brownhaired mom that maybe this is good for you. Also, I’m loving the chart. FX you get that sticky BFP soon!

  9. Hey lady! Just found you after you found me. 🙂 Man, after reading your TTC timeline — if ANYONE in this IF community deserves the baby prize, it’s surely you. Really hoping this is your BFP-that-sticks cycle… and you never know, sometimes good things happen even when it feels like your body is completely rebelling against you. Hope all this pukiness has dissipated… barfing on the side of the road is totes cry-worthy. 😦

    • Thanks for stopping by!! Aww, that’s so sweet of you to say! Thank you. I truly hope you get your sticky one, too. haha yes, thankfully I’m finally feeling better 🙂

  10. Your temps are so high! I’m praying for you! Well, how are you feeling? I actually GOT WORSE. I am congested, and I have loose stools and a cough…so it feels like a coughing fit could END IN SOMETHING BADDDDD! Lol. I’m sure you could relate. I am still concerned– if I did ovulate– about my luteal phase. Here’s my crazy chart. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/116ea4. So it is still iffy. I am tired of being sick though. I literally drug myself around the house yesterday. I hope you are doing much much better and a little bean is snuggling into your warm, inviting, good blood flow uterus.

    • I’m doing much better, thank you! 🙂
      Oooh you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon!! I think it looks like you ovulated! FX! That is a nice temp shift – and the temps are pretty steady. I hope your LP is much better this time.

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