Allergy appointment – say what?!

My allergy appt was yesterday afternoon. Much to my chagrin, they wanted to do another skin test – not blood test. The doctor had good reasoning. He said a lot of people may have sensitivities, but not necessarily allergies…so a blood test would not show true results. The skin test shows you immediately what you have the strongest reactions to.

I believe they tested for 40+ allergies. I’m not sure. They did 4 rows on my back, with at least 10 little dabs in each row. Could have been more like 15-20 in each row. It included all the things I was previously tested for (about 3-4 years ago), plus some more. All pretty much common allergies, foods, etc. I don’t remember them doing very many the last time.

At my last allergy test, I felt major burning and tingling. I got big lumps all over my back. This time, I didn’t feel very much going on. My back was burning a little. He came back in, glanced at my back, and said, “You have NO allergies”. Say whaaaatt?! Believe me, I do NOT want allergies, but how could so much have changed since my previous test? I know allergies can change over time, but that much?

I told him I felt my back burning, but he said the spots weren’t large enough to be considered allergies. I went home and looked, and my back was covered with bumps – like mosquito bites. I agree, they definitely weren’t as big as before. There was definitely something going on – in every single spot they dabbed.

I told the doctor I was on immune treatment, but not at the moment. (Can’t take it with my cyst issue.) I had taken steroids and Lovenox less than 2 weeks prior. All they told me was not to take any allergy meds for 3 days prior to the appt. I wonder if these drugs may have affected the test. Crap. Waste of time, I guess. I don’t know. I suppose I should ask Dr. Kwak-Kim. I’m probably not going to be able to get an accurate reading with how often I take these meds.

I really really really want to eat some fresh strawberries now! 😀 I’m scared that I’ll still have a reaction though. 😦 Also, I have missed honey so much! But that one scared me. I even had to go get a shot at the doctor when I had a reaction to it. I don’t want to risk anything. I do have an Epi pen and other allergy meds. Maybe I should try a tiny amount of the things I’m “supposed” to be allergic to?

Anyway, he wants me to come back in 4 weeks to do intradermal needles then. I don’t think I will. At that point, I should be cycling again. I don’t really care that much – I just want to make sure I’m healthy and not exposing myself to potentially harmful things. It’s pretty freaky when you have an allergic reaction. Plus, my stupid GI issues. Maybe the next stop is the GI doctor. I’m tired of doctors and testing though LOL!!!

I also wonder if my reactions and what-not are getting better due to the immune treatment. I haven’t been sick in over a year, and I used to get sick constantly (especially sinus infections). What’s weird is that Dr. KK’s testing showed my immune system is compromised – I’m deficient in IgG and IgA, so I’m more susceptible to getting sick. It also showed that my body is kind of in attack mode, with all the inflammatory markers. I guess it’s balancing itself out? That doesn’t seem good though, at least not for fertility. The body is a strange and amazing thing. I don’t understand it really.

My cyst re-check is Monday!! I’m curious to see what’s going on in there. I think I still feel it there… 😦 I also feel something on the right side. I hope it’s not bad. Oh well, this break has been good. I just don’t want to wait forever, ya know.


14 thoughts on “Allergy appointment – say what?!

  1. Good luck on Monday! I hope the cyst is gone 😀
    That’s weird about the allergies or possible lack of them. Maybe a little experiment is needed. Be careful though!

  2. So crazy about the allergies!! Maybe you should try tiny (really teeny tiny) bits of stuff you were allergic to previously just to see how you react (although the honey allergy sounds scary–maybe you shouldn’t mess with that).

    That is an interesting question about whether the immune meds could have skewed the results–I would wonder the same thing. Getting Dr. K’s input sounds like a good idea.

    Good luck with the cyst check on Monday–I hope its gone!

  3. So I have this friend who was really really allergic to peanut butter. It almost killed her as a child. Her doctor told her that people can be allergic to something then get an immunity to that allergy and never have a reaction again. The doctor cited a study where 100 people with a peanut allergic (anaphalactic shock) were put into a room with a bunch of doctors and epi-pens and given peanuts. Not one had a reaction. My friend hasn’t tried peanuts because she is so scared but I thought this story was an interesting one to share with you. Perhaps you were allergic and you aren’t anymore.

  4. As someone who suffered from allergies her whole life, resulting in adult onset asthma, I can tell you, with no doubt, that steroids absolutely affected your skin test results. How do I know this? Because for years, every spring I had to go on steroids because my allergies and asthma were so terrible that steroids were the only option left for me to get them under control so I could breathe.

    To get an accurate skin test result, you will need to be completely OFF of the steroids, likely for at least several days if not weeks, since they suppress your immune system for a while even when you stop taking them. Basically, your immune system has to be completed restarted again before another skin test will be accurate.

    I’m rooting for you Lisa! I had such terrible allergies and asthma that even getting pregnant would have even potentially dangerous for me (about 30% of asthmatics’ symptoms get even worse during pregnancy) that I had no choice but to wait to start trying until I found SOMETHING that could get them under control. By the time that happened, I was 35. And then I had 3 losses. It is SO heartbreaking to wait and wait for years, and then go through that. So I commend you. The TTC road is harder for some people than for others, and you remain a shining example of how we ALL should act, even when things are at their darkest hour. Good luck, lady.


    • Thank you Sara! That makes a lot of sense. Yikes, I’m glad you are doing better now. Thanks for all your help and continued support xo I really appreciate you.

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