11dpo update *beta added = 0* –*13 dpo beta = 0*

**13dpo update: Tests are BFN. Beta is zero. I’m having a hard couple of days for some reason. Emotional. Feel like giving up. Don’t really feel like writing much.**

**Afternoon update: BETA is zero. It’s okay though. Good to know. My tests today matched that.**

€I would have gotten a beta at 10dpo yesterday, but I couldn’t find a place to get it done on Sunday. Also, I didn’t erase any temps or mess with anything on my chart. The temps that are missing were days where my sleep schedule was messed up, so the temps would not have been accurate. I wish I had those now, so my chart would be totally clear. I’m about 95% sure my ovulation day is correct though. (Just wanted to clear that up).

My temps have been increasing that past couple days, but my tests are negative now. I posted my pics from the last few days on my pee stick page. I even tweaked them a bit, so you could see there’s not a line popping out like there was at 9dpo. I guess I had bad luck that day with tests. At least this faint line crap only last about 1 day this time. I’m curious to see what the beta says, but I’m sure I already know. I don’t even want to POAS anymore, but I do want to see how this experiment plays out. Too bad I don’t have anymore cheapies, because I’d like to see if they were truly a crappy batch. Getting a new batch this afternoon sometime. Almost every batch is crappy anyway haha. They are just addicting because they’re so sensitive.

I suppose at 11dpo, with a nice looking chart, that there’s still a slight chance for a positive in a couple days. Maybe I was still in implantation mode. I’ll let you guys know with an edit in this post what the beta says, and then I’ll keep you posted if anything changes with my pee sticks. I’ll get another beta on Wednesday. Also, my luteal phase is pretty long, so I’ll probably get one final beta on Friday @ 15dpo…just in time for my 30th birthday. Ugh. Would be awesome if it was positive by then! It’s okay, whatever happens. I was angry yesterday, but I’m feeling better today. Shit happens.

Oh, and I’d love to just go get betas whenever, but my schedule is busy sometimes. Plus, the tests cost $25-ish a piece (or more depending on what lab is most convenient to go to), so I’m already going to be spending at least $75 this cycle for labs. 😦 And then I spend another $50-$75 on pee sticks, too! Whoa. Maybe I won’t pee on anymore sticks in the future. I guess that’s another reason I like the cheapies. Not to mention, my Lovenox is $120 a month — and my other meds add up, too. Even trying “naturally” is pretty darn expensive. TTC sucks! But you all know that. 🙂

Thank you all for the awesome support as always xoxo You all help me more than you know. ❤


20 thoughts on “11dpo update *beta added = 0* –*13 dpo beta = 0*

  1. Yeah, I’m all over the cheapie tests! But we are in different scenarios, I totally get that. BUt maybe you don’t need to POAS this month with the beta tests?

  2. Ugh, well at least you know, right? You seem to be a bit on edge from your post. Hope your spirits are up soon.

    • Yeah, sorry for being on edge. I feel okay, but it just gets tiring and frustrating to keep going on sometimes. I’m usually a lot more cheery and positive. Hopefully it gets better. Thank you.

  3. Well, you aren’t out this cycle yet girl. Hang in there. you still have a couple of days to know if you got pregnant, that latest dip could be implantation.

  4. Oh no. 😦 So sorry Lisa. It’s up to you of course, but I really think it might be time to stop buying those bogus IC’s. I’ve gotten tons of pink false positives on them before. For me they just led to me hopes getting up and then when they came crashing down it was even worse. What happened to me (often) is that I’d get my beta after a “bfp” on an IC, and it would be 5 or less which according to all the doctors I’ve worked with was always bfn because that amount randomly occurred naturally in my, and all women’s, bodies. But the IC picked that up and tricked me into getting my hopes up that it was real. It sucks worse than getting stark white bfn’s!!! On the positive side, I’m so happy that you are getting more betas done because I think it will answer more questions for you and help put this puzzle together! And I agree with brownhairedmom that maybe you’re not out this cycle yet!!

    • Wow, different doctors sure do have different opinions! Every doc I’ve seen says 5 is positive. Some even say 2 or more is positive. I hope they are re-checking you when you get a beta of 5! That’s not common or natural to carry that much hcg around. I’ve seen it with some people, but usually it’s a lot less than that. Like just minimal traces. I hope you get answers and a sticky bean soon! Thanks for your support! ❤

      • Yeah don’t worry, I was always monitored very closely. Any time I had a beta of 5 (which happened a couple times) I was not pregnant. When I was close to getting my period my betas would range anywhere from 2-5, even on cycles when it would have been impossible for me to be pregnant.

    • I was told the same thing that my hcg had to over 5 to be considered pregnant. It’s so confusing! Don’t give up yet Lisa it will happen!! Good Luck next cycle!!

  5. I used to buy from early-pregnancy-tests.com….but the cheap things that I buy now are the ones from walmart the 88c ones. I never had evaps from EPT (but very rarely had indents) or from walmart (LOVED these, validated my BFP this pregnancy, from a very very very faint line). A line meant that there was a baby trying to grow (betas always confirmed). I hated the wondfos when I bought them (even though they were substantially cheaper). Wishing you luck Lisa! Sorry this cycle is a bust… 😦

    • I hope it’s not a bust yet, but it looks like it probably is. Hmm, I might have to try those tests. I’ve never used those before. I’ve seen people get evaps on those walmart ones, but every test seems to be tricky LOL

  6. I know it’s not much consulation, but at least your tests at 11dpo reflect the beta instead of faint lines.
    Hopefully that 2nd line will reappear soon though. There is still time for something to happen. 🙂
    And yes…. those damn IC tests are AWESOME even if they’re crap sometimes 😛 heh

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