My tests are not photo-worthy this morning. I took my last cheapie (more are coming tomorrow) and an Answer. The cheapie is nearly negative, especially compared to yesterday. I can’t believe how pink and thick that line was yesterday morning. I’ve never seen an evap look like that, and I’ve had several. They never looked that bright. Just my luck though LOL! The Answer this morning looks like it just has an indent. WTF!!! I guess I’m still early (10dpo), so I’ll hang in there for now. I’m so tired of it, but at least I’ll have betas to compare to my stupid tests. Probably going to be negative or close to it though. I’m going to pick up some other tests today, like FRER. I’m curious to see what they all show in comparison to betas. I’ll keep you guys posted if anything changes this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I did take pics this morning, and will post them all when I get a chance – but really they are crap. I’m praying for better news to come, but that never happens. I’m sorry for being so negative and pissy, but I’m so frustrated. I want to be normal. Beta tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Blahhhh

  1. Oh sorry about today’s tests. I haven’t seen them yet, obviously, but maybe they aren’t as bad as you think. I thought your first beta was today?

  2. it might be that you had your initial surge of hcg on implantation and it showed in you urine, now the amount secreted will be a little less concentrated, but hopefully you have a bean in there hanging on! I am still hopeful for you.

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