Our sex talk + cycle update

If you read my last post, thank you so much for all the advice, understanding, and perspective! I really appreciate it, and it helped a lot when Andy and I sat down to talk. He got back from Michigan yesterday afternoon. We talked a little about his trip, and what we both had done over the past few days. It felt wonderful to be together again – we are pretty much never apart! Then we got into the sex talk.

Andy was so much more understanding this time. He had time to think about it, and he realized that he came across really rude before. He was very apologetic. I told him I’d be willing to spice things up and be more spontaneous. He said he would make sure to respect my feelings – involving infertility and everything else. One thing that I had to point out to him was that sometimes I feel like BD leads to heartache and loss, so it can be emotional and difficult for me. That made sense to him. I explained that many couples with infertility have issues in the bedroom (I’m not sure he realized). He also said he enjoys the bonding time we have during sex, even if it’s not wild or crazy. He stated that he wouldn’t want it to be wild all the time, anyway. Just occasionally. That’s just a short summary, but it went extremely well. We both felt much better afterward. 🙂 Then I gave him a sexy surprise hehe. He was really excited. 😉

As far as this cycle goes, I have no clue what’s going on (as usual, it seems). LOL. I’m going by what fertility friend says my dpo is – so 8dpo today. I’m supposed to start getting betas at 10dpo per Dr. KK, which would fall on this coming Sunday. I suppose I’ll have to start on Monday then. I would go Saturday, but we’re going out of town to see my family & we’ll be leaving early in the morning. My temp dropped majorly this morning – so either my chart is going to be ugly, I didn’t ovulate, it’s an implantation dip, AF is coming super early, or who knows – it might be nothing. Meh, it’s okay. I’ve been more relaxed this cycle than usual. We’ll probably get back on the ball next cycle. Still always hoping and keeping my FX though. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Our sex talk + cycle update

  1. Thinking of you. Gad you got things straightened out with Andy, and that you were both able to sit down together and take a real look at the various issues and be honest about your individual needs.

    FX for you this cycle. I hope the betas bring you a clearer picture of what is going on!

  2. Glad you were able to work things out with your hubs. Communication is so important in a marriage. Just wondering if you had been testing lately? It might help to see what the tests look like at 8DPO and forward, especially when getting betas. So you can compare test to beta. Also, was wondering why you erase temps on your chart? I know you wouldn’t want to miss your O date!! But erasing temps could change things right? I’ve used FF a couple times but not recently. Could you explain how O date is determined? 🙂

    • Thanks! 🙂 I didn’t erase any temps this cycle. My sleep schedule was off on the days I didn’t take it. I knew my temp would not be accurate. I will post some pics 🙂 My test yesterday was BFN for sure @ 8dpo.

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