Dr. Kwak-Kim update and other things

Things have been busier than usual at work. Our department at Children’s Hospital started using electronic medical records Monday. I’m totally cool with it. I’ve used it in other departments, and it’s actually really user-friendly and pretty easy once you go through it a couple of times. We are one of the last groups to do it LOL. I feel kinda bad for people who aren’t computer savvy. The doctors and administrators are freaking out about this whole thing, which in turn is stressing me out. Plus, there’s always glitches and issues. I hope it gets better for everyone.

I got an email back from Dr. Kwak-Kim on Monday afternoon! At first I was disappointed because she didn’t really answer my questions or offer changes or anything. She can’t say for sure what’s going on yet. She wants to study me, basically. The plan is to start getting betas at 10dpo & every 2 days until the end of my cycle. This is whether I’m doing a natural cycle, medicated, or even while using the hcg trigger. I think this is a good start. She can get a better idea of what’s going on during my crazy TWWs. I hope this clears some things up. I guess it’s better than changing my protocol too soon. She thinks this combination of medications is a winner. I hope she’s right. I do greatly appreciate all her help though. There’s no charge for phone calls or emails, which is super nice.

And uuuggghhh, I don’t know what’s going on…. I felt great alllll last week (Week # 1) when I went gluten-free. However, I’ve been having stomach cramps and diarrhea everyday since Saturday evening (Week # 2). I’ve had a couple of bouts of heartburn, but not bad like I was having previously. I don’t get it because I’ve been doing quite well with my diet. One thing I thought was that I might be allergic to corn. Most of the gluten-foods are corn-based. Or could my body be ridding itself of toxins that were there before? Could it get worse before it gets truly better? This sucks. I want to keep it up a little longer, but I better go get tested for food allergies to figure this out. It doesn’t make sense to me that I felt so great the first week. Darn.

If you check out my chart (over on the right hand side), it kind of looks like I ovulated. I wasn’t paying attention at all to CM or other fertile signs. It could be another “fake-out” ovulation, where I’m still not actually going to ovulate for a few days. I’ll hold off on my progesterone and steroids for now. I don’t think this cycle is going to be “the one” anyway. Not to be negative, but I have no feelings either way about it right now. Just going through the motions. I want to get straightened out first. You never know what might happen though.

One strange thing… I did have a dream last night that I was blogging about how surreal it was to be released from my RE to an OBGYN – because I was EIGHT weeks pregnant and doing so well! That was a wonderful dream. I tend to have dreams like that during the cycles we conceive, but it might not mean anything.

28 thoughts on “Dr. Kwak-Kim update and other things

  1. Sorry your GI issues are back. You are still on metformin, right? Could it be a side effect from that? I know when I was on it, my side effects weren’t consistent.

    I’m glad you heard back from Dr. Kwak-Kim with a plan, even if it’s not exactly what you wanted. I wish someone had done betas like that for me. I asked for it, but it wasn’t until my last couple of cycles that it got done, and then it was through my acupuncturist, which ment it was all OOP. I we ever get back to TTC, I’m going to have to look into consulting with Dr. KK, she sounds really great!

    • Thanks! That’s true – I thought it might be Metformin because I still have bad days every now and then with it. Maybe it’s an adjustment between Metformin and a new diet. Yes, you definitely should talk to Dr. KK 🙂 She is so helpful and easy to work with. I’ve wanted betas like this too before, but my doctors would never listen. It could definitely shed some light on what’s going on with you and me, since we seem to have similar issues. I will keep sharing my case, and maybe it could help you, too 🙂

  2. I like that Dr KK is taking your early betas seriously and wants lab results! That is good stuff. Weird about not feeling good – too much corn for sure isn’t a good thing. Corn is almost always GMO, and it isn’t that nutritional. Can you get tested for allergies? Also, broth made from meat bones is supposed to help heal your guts – maybe you need some nice homemade soups?

  3. Ugh. GI issues are the worst! Glad to hear the doctor is going to monitor a full cycle from beginning to end….maybe they will find an explanation! And your chart does look promising for O 🙂 Will continue to pray for you! 🙂

  4. God instructs us in our night visions. I would hold onto the dream. If your temps confirm O, then I would start your medications as if you did O. Hang in there hun and keep up the faith, don’t let anyone or ANYTHING take that from you.

  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of food allergies. Depending on what’s going on in my life, I either eat the typical American diet (bad bad MM) of I am insanely strict because I am sensitive to soy, corn, wheat, dairy and nuts. That pretty much rules out ALL food. When I started eating right I dropped a ton of weight and felt amazing. I just ate veggies, meat, unsweetened iced tea (artificial stuff is made from corn and sugar caused GI issues) and rice. At first I was really bitter about it but I was able to come up with stuff that didn’t cause problems and some stuff that I could have occasionally and I stuck with it for 2 years and kept the weight off. Then I got PG with my first loss with my DH and everything went haywire. Next month we start a juice fast and then we’ll be transitioning back into the meat/veggie/rice thing. It’s actually EASIER to eat this way because there are so few things to buy and prepare but you can’t just grab a burger or order something. I would switch to rice pasta (oddly enough, we’ve had the best luck finding it at WalMart) and be aware that corn is hiding in almost all foods, so you might just have an overload of it. GL!

  6. I’m gonna say that the funky stomach stuff is a GREAT sign. If you were quitting anything that you had been ingesting for a long period of time, your body would kind of have ‘withdrawl’ and then freak out a little bit about it. It probably means you’re getting to the good part. gluten is your drug. 😉

  7. It’s very possible that the GI issues are related to just having a major change in your diet. I get sick like that when I travel and have a major shift in what I’m eating on a daily basis.
    I’m glad to hear things are working out well with Dr. K-K, though I’m sorry she didn’t answer a lot of your questions. I think sometimes doctors don’t realize that they haven’t actually covered certain things, or they assume you already know what they are talking about.

    • That makes sense, too! Thanks! And yes, it sucks when doctors don’t take the time to answer everything 😦 But I’m hoping she’ll have more info for me once she “studies” me for a bit 🙂 Hope you are well xoxo

  8. Interesting! I can’t wait ’til you have your betas because I think it will be a puzzle piece to figuring this all out. Too bad she won’t let you get random betas midcyle or even earlier like 6dpo, just to know progression.
    As always, following you and wishing for the best!

    • Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! I thought it would be a good idea, too – to get betas allll throughout my cycle at different times, just to see. At this point they don’t think it’s necessary, but maybe in the near future. That’s a great idea! I’m definitely willing to do whatever I have to do to figure this out. 🙂

  9. I agree with Pregger Please Please. I hope that this can all be figured out!! And I’m sorry about all the tummy issues you are going through- that sucks!! I sure hope you can catch a break soon sweetie!
    Oh, I also noticed this thread today on tww: http://www.twoweekwait.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=194573 I already knew blue dyes were bad news, but this just confirms that they are evil!!
    As always, you are on my list of ladies who are always kept in my prayers!

    • Thank you for your support! Sending positive vibes your way, too. Yes, many tests are so unreliable these days. It sucks! Even FRER and Answer are giving bad evaps. I’m glad to be getting blood tests regularly now, since it’s the only accurate test.

    • OMG! I read that entire thing and it just makes me so sad for that poor woman! I won’t EVER use a blue dye test again! I knew blue dyes gave evaps, but WOW I can’t believe how positive that looked. I guess the lesson is that if it doesn’t show up in the 5 minutes, you have to squint to see it, or if it doesn’t progress, it’s negative. 😦
      Maybe there should be a class action lawsuit or something from the emotional distress that these tests give us!

  10. Ugh I’m sorry to hear about the gi issues this week! I personally think its your body adjusting/ridding itself of toxins. Dr. K’s plan sounds great–it will definitely help put some more pieces of the puzzle together! Hopefully she will have some good, constructive info for you after this monitoring!

    I still have my fingers crossed for you this cycle, that dream may mean good things!

  11. I remembered sampling a some GF goodies at a specialty GF only facility and got bad heartburn. It was the tart cherry pie! The acidic made me feel bad all day….

    Btw some powdered sugar have cornstarch in them….

  12. Not sure about when you o’d this cycle, but I think the dip looks good. Remember don’t stop your progesterone until you are sure you are not pregnant. Maybe your dream will come true. I’m praying for ya.

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