Cycle 46 update, emotional, and day 7 being gluten free

I’m on CD 8. I’m temping and BD, but I feel pretty blah. I want to gather more information to give to Dr. Kwak-Kim to show her that something seems “off”. I had sent an email to one of the nurses LAST Friday (9/7/12). Didn’t hear anything back. I figured they were busy. So I called Thursday and Friday of this week to leave messages. I finally got a call back at the end of the day yesterday, saying they hadn’t received my email! I re-sent it, and now I’ll be waiting for Dr. Kwak-Kim to review it. Frustrating! I’ve never had trouble with them getting back to me before, so I’m not upset or anything. I guess it’s partly my fault for “assuming” and not following up sooner. 😦 We aren’t doing much this cycle, so I guess it’s not a big deal to be slightly delayed.

I asked about my light lines and low betas – if there might be some alternative reason (other than pregnancy) or if there’s something more we can do to increase the odds of successful implantation. I mean, why aren’t the new immune meds working? It is month 4. My labs seemed to reflect the meds started working pretty much right away. I know these things take time, but I can’t keep this up with how it has been going. I also expressed concern about my delayed ovulation. I looked back on all my charts, and it has happened several times. Especially recently, but there were other times where I geared up to ovulate but failed & didn’t actually ovulate until a few days later. Something just doesn’t seem right, with several aspects of my body and cycles. I’ll do whatever she says, even though I hate these meds.

I’m hoping to hear back soon. It was strange — last night I cried after we BD! I was feeling totally fine all day – all this week actually, but all of a sudden I thought — “Why am I doing this??!!” A burst of emotions came spewing forth – out of nowhere. I told Andy none of this matters (BD, injections, meds, side effects, tracking my cycles, etc etc etc) because I can’t stay pregnant. That I’ll never have a baby anyway. I almost felt like we shouldn’t be BD because I don’t want to get pregnant if it won’t last. I didn’t mean to go into mini-meltdown mode, but it must have been something I was repressing and it needed to come out. I cried a little, and Andy reassured me. I felt better after a little bit, although I kind of wanted to curl up in the fetal position and hold on tight to my hubby. This shit is traumatizing! Somehow, we still have some hope left though.

Here’s some good news: It is day 7 of my gluten free diet! I’m doing way better than I thought! I’m not only motivated by possibly increasing fertility, but I’m noticing big changes in my GI system already! It feels good to feel good! I have not taken any Tums at all this whole week. For me, that is amazing. I’ve had NO Reflux! I’ve had virtually no indigestion either. Just a tiny bit. This is TMI – but I have had NO problem going # 2. I’ve even being going more than once a day, which is ideal. I feel lighter, less bloated, and more comfortable. I found a bunch of great gluten free & organic foods at the grocery store (Kroger). Thank you all for the tips, encouragement, and information!
Oh, and even Andy is eating some of my food, too πŸ™‚


27 thoughts on “Cycle 46 update, emotional, and day 7 being gluten free

  1. I know it’s not ideal, but cutting out dairy may help you feel better as well. Personally I like almond and coconut milk better than cow’s milk anyway. I’m sure you’ve looked into the anti-inflammatory diet before, but if not it may be worth checking out… I guess all the diet stuff is a can’t hurt/might help kinda deal especially w a hx of endo. Hugs.

  2. I’m so glad that the GF diet is making such a difference in your digestion! And I really hope it helps your fertility, too!

    That sucks that Dr. K’s office didn’t get your e-mail. I do hope they get back to you soon. Sorry you’re feeling so down about this cycle and the immune meds not working yet. 😦

  3. That’s great about the effects of the gluten-free diet! I think I notice more reflux when I eat “regular” bread, too. I wish I wouldn’t crave it sometimes! Anyway, that sounds great for your body and overall health. I’m sorry your feeling so sad. 😦 I agree that sometimes it’s good to release emotions – this process can be stressful and take it’s toll. So glad your hubby is so supportive. Hope the doc gets back to you asap! Sending care.

  4. I hope she gets back to you soon, at least to put your mind at ease. You are doing the right thing, you are on the right path!
    I was reading a book about infertility that I got from the library where they researched into thousands of nurses and looked at certain things to see if there was a correlation to infertility, and the main thing they found was about dairy.

    They found that women who ate diet/light dairy products had a higher rate of infertility, and the women that only ate full cream dairy products had a lower rate of infertility.
    From that information, they looked into the process which makes light dairy products, and found something really interesting. As we all know, milk contains hormones. They looked at the process that is taken to turn full cream milk into light milk. They found that in the process of removing the fat contents of the milk, hormones were being removed, not all the hormones, only certain hormones. This in turn causes the light milk to be imbalanced in hormones, according to the research in the book. They believe this is the reason why the nurses who consumed light dairy products had an increase of infertility. I can find out the name of the book if you like. After I read it I stopped eating fat free and light dairy products, and started drinking full cream milk and full yoghurt. I havent noticed a change in my weight since switching either.
    Anyway, I thought id give you that information. I cant remember the name of the book, because it was a few months ago I read it. But I can find out if you want. It is quite recently published.
    I hope you dont mind that I’m going to share every bit of info I find with you that I think is relevant from now on, we never know where or what that missing piece of the puzzle may be, and I dont want to have known something that I didnt share that could have helped? Meh, anyway, if its annoying, just let me know. πŸ™‚

  5. Good job Lisa on going Gluten Free! They have so many varieties of tasty GF stuff now it makes it easy to stay GF. I used to have GERD and now I am cured. No more meds and no more heartburn!!!

  6. I agree, switch to whole milk. Buy organic if you can. the gluten free should bring alot of inflammation down. I also recommend the leptin diet which also brings inflammation down in the body especially in your cells. There are a few simple rules. Eat 3 meals WITHOUT stuffing yourself, 5-6 hrs apart, NO SNACKING AT ALL. Lower your carb intake. Allow at least 3 hours after you eat before you go to bed, and try to leave 11-12 hours between dinner and breakfast.
    This diet allows for a hormone reset including insulin and leptin. It allows your liver to not work as hard and gives your body a chance to detox. I got rid of my 24/7 heartburn and my cravings for chocolate disappeared.

  7. WOW, SO glad to hear GF is going well for you!!! That is amazing! After being pg last cycle, maybe, maybe you need this rest cycle? I’m so proud of you for going GF!!!

  8. *HUGS* I really hope Dr. KK gets back to you soon and gives you a lot of great info and hope.

    YAY for the GF diet πŸ™‚ So glad to hear that you’re doing well on it. Don’t forget to look in to Primal eating either! πŸ˜‰

  9. Awh hun you are totally entitled to meltdowns. Sometimes you just need to let it all out. I’m not a crier (more of the don’t get sad, get mad type), but I definitely like screaming into my pillow! My poor pillow though… And I’m SO happy to hear that the gluten free diet is going to well so fast! I’m really excited for you!

    This is a bit extreme, but I have a friend who learned she has a small mass on her cervix (noncancerous just a bit disconcerting). They did a bunch of testing to determine a cause, and they found that her hormone levels were out of whack (super high estrogen) and her immune system was behaving oddly even though she wasn’t sick. In their testing, they learned that she’s actually allergic to a TON of stuff (apples, meat, gluten, plus more)! And she had never had any noticeable allergic reactions or symptoms ever. But cutting out those foods helped stablize her hormone levels and her immunity issues. I’m sure her case is super rare and extreme, but it really amazed me that diet really can have such a HUGE impact without even knowing it. I’m really excited to see the result of your changes! FX!

    PS: I’m not sure if I told you this, but I love acidophilus pearls. I used to have digestive issues and yeast infections, but since I started taking 1 a day I haven’t had a single yeast infection (even though I expected one due to the antibiotics during IVF) and I have a lot less digestive issues!

    PPS: I’ve seen that you’re kind of a geek like me. So if you haven’t watched the youtube video gangnam style by PSY you should. It’s completely ridiculous and catchy. 1:56 is my favorite part and I laugh at his face every time. πŸ˜€

  10. Yay to gluten free making you feel good– it is great that you are having an easy enough time finding gluten free items too! I hate that you got sad after BDing though–I still have all the hope in the world here for you and I hope Dr. K comes back with some useful information soon. Big hugs!

  11. Awww big hug!! I think we’ve all been there with the post-sexies “Why am I even doing this?”.. well at least I have. I have totally crashed my gluten free diet but I’m slowly putting other things back in. Share some good recipes πŸ˜€

  12. Thinking of you. It’s ok for you to have meltdowns. You stay positive all the time and honestly as humans we can only take so much pain. It’s good to let it out. I’m pulling for you with my every being. I hope and pray that you get your take home baby very soon.

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