Beta day and darker lines.

I’m really surprised that I got ANY lines this morning. I had to pee a lot last night, and my urine was diluted. I woke up at 3:30am, having to go soooo bad. I didn’t want to go because I normally get up at 5:00am for work. My bladder hurt so bad though, that I emptied it about halfway or more. I shouldn’t have tested at 5:00am with pretty much a 1.5 hour hold. I was expecting negative tests, but curiosity always gets the better of me. 😉

I about had a heart-attack. My lines were darker! Still not great looking, but definitely darker. It’s weird – I started getting positives on CD 23. Then on CD 26, they were lighter. Almost negative, especially with FMU. But ever since then (CD 27 & today – CD 28), they started progressing again! I had the thought that maybe the positives on CD 23-25 or 26 were still part of the trigger lingering. Sometimes mine lingers for awhile. Today I’m 19 days post-trigger though, so I doubt there any way it could still be that.

Another strange thing. Last night I prayed. Not for darker lines or a good beta. I told God that I was putting it in His hands, and whatever happened was okay. I felt pretty peaceful then. I was and still am prepared for bad news, if that’s what it is. I’m not expecting anything really at this point, but that’s okay.

Here’s my tests. I hope I’m actually 14dpo, not 17dpo. Anyway, what is to be will be.


Crap. So my blood had to be sent to the main hospital. (I’m working at an off-site location today). I didn’t know they couldn’t do it here. :-/ It’s probably going to be pretty late this afternoon now before results are in, and I’ll have to just wait for my doctor to call me. Oh well, I gotta be patient. 🙂 I just hope they get the results in time before closing tonight!! Otherwise, I’ll go to work super early tomorrow and check it on the computer.


Okay, well the results came back faster than I thought. I just checked the computer. It’s only 5 😦 Gosh darn it. I knew it would be low, but I was hoping still. I guess there’s probably not a chance now. I’m surprised there were lines – darker ones at that, although I’ve picked up on low levels before. It’s okay though. I’m not sure what my doctor will say. Probably say it’ll be a chemical. I’ll talk to both my doctors and see if there’s anything else we can do in the future. I’m still not quite ready to stop my progesterone and everything this cycle, since it is positive.


33 thoughts on “Beta day and darker lines.

  1. I still see a lot of positive things with this, your temp for one, plus you didn’t get a negative beta. Remember this is your body–this is not going to look like a typical pregnancy–BUT WHO CARES. You are pregnant–keep the faith. It hasn’t failed yet!

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