14dpo update

Thanks so much everyone for your well wishes! I really appreciate all the positivity! I’m not going to get into the tweaking argument or that blue dyes are good or bad. Andy was upset last night and said I shouldn’t post anymore sticks online. He sees my comments. I told him that people mean well, they are trying to be helpful, and it’s not stressing me out. He’s just concerned that I’ll get upset, and it won’t be good for me. There’s always been debates in the past about my pee sticks, which is why I don’t post them on TWW anymore. It doesn’t really matter what people think though. This is my blog, and I will keep peeing and posting. πŸ™‚ Plus, Andy and I can see the tests in real life – so we know what we’re looking at. I only tweak them to hopefully show other people what I’m seeing.

Anyway, let’s talk symptoms. I’ve had some, but most of them could be chalked up to the progesterone suppositories I use. I’ve been peeing like a maniac, especially at night and in the morning! Last night, I got up twice to pee. I’ve probably peed 5 times since I got up, too. I’ve had this before and not been pregnant though. I’m having crazy hot flashes. Even in the mornings when it’s cool. It feels like my face is going to burn off. I’m very tired – had to take a nap yesterday evening and still slept 8 hours overnight. I felt like I was coming down with something Thursday night into Friday, but today I feel okay. I just feel worn out and out of it. I think I might have been *just* implanting on Thursday (12dpo) because I had weird pinches and light cramps. My temp stayed the same (a little lower at 12dpo & 13dpo – maybe a late implantation dip), but it has gone up a lot today. My sinuses are jacked up, and my BBs just started getting a little tender as of yesterday. I love it all though, if it means there’s actually a little bean in there!!!

I thought it was funny because I bought pads Thursday evening right before I came home and POAS. And bam, there was a faint positive. Plus, I had been making plans to make a special trip to the store in a couple of days to get a bunch of gluten-free stuff to start a new diet for my new cycle. I never thought that the dream I had earlier this week – of getting a BFP on a blue dye – would actually come true! haha! I guess that’s why I decided to test with one of those though. And every test since Thursday evening (12dpo) has been positive. I’m still having trouble with the FRERs. Now they all just need to get darker – please God! It’s been less then 48 hours, so I’m hoping so much they will start progressing now. I can’t even imagine this really being real. I am feeling doubtful about everything – because of all my past experiences, but I’m *trying* to think positive thoughts. It’s so hard though because I had lines exactly like this before with a beta of 6….so that is worrying me. I’ll get a beta on Tuesday if they are still positive. I am already taking 2 injections (instead of 1) of Lovenox, by Dr. KK’s recommendation. *See my pee stick page for all my sticks*


35 thoughts on “14dpo update

  1. Oh no is this in response to what I posted??? Honestly y’all I never in a million years thought that what I posted would be upsetting to anyone! I’m a new follower of yours since a friend told me I should check out your blog. Am I not supposed to ask for untweaked pics?? Is that a no-no here??? I’m confused.

  2. That’s exactly how I was with M peeing loads and hot aswell as cramps some of them made me stop in my tracks and every other pregnancy I’ve had peeing is always my major sign gl hun xxx

  3. With my pregnancies I always had dreams about getting my BFP days before I ever got a line on the test. It would be the reason I would even POAS. I am praying that you dreams cone true as mine have. God bless you, your husband, and your sticky bean.

  4. Hey girl, you know I’m rooting for you with fingers firmly crossed! I’ll admit, I’m one of those who isn’t a fan of blue dyes or tweaked photos – at least not without an un-tweaked pic to compare it to. BUT – I also know that faint lines that you see IRL don’t always translate through the camera and computer screen (I had it happen to me a couple of times), so I get why you like to tweak your pics. I do see faint lines on the tests you’re posting and hope with all of my heart that they continue getting darker for you! GL!

  5. I have everything crossed for you! I’m one of those skeptical of tweaks (even though I am the guiltiest of them) and blue dyes – but I SEE it on that FRER! I seeeeee it, damnit! I’m gonna root for your ute like I always do. πŸ˜‰

  6. Long time lurker, first time commenter:
    Lisa!?! Where are your tests from today?? I am having POAS withdrawl! πŸ˜‰
    You must have awesome progression, 14dpo? those lines must be a blazing!
    As always sending lots of magic baby pixie dust. πŸ™‚

  7. Impatiently waiting for pics of today’s tests!! I keep checking back. I noticed you marked bfp on your chart and I’m just so anxious to see your tests. It sounds like it’s really it this time!! I’ve been trying for 8 years and if this can happen for you I know it can happen for me too!

    • Oh, sorry about that πŸ™‚ I did post them on my pee stick page. I haven’t put today’s up yet. They are totally BFP, but they are positive. I think I’ve taken 10 or more tests in the last couple days (Omg LOL) and all are positive, at least slightly so.
      I really hope it happens for you! Don’t give up ❀

  8. I may be crazy but I think I see progression. I can see the lines more clearly on today’s tests than on the ones from yesterday. The last time I checked, that’s how this is suposta work! Now, spend another $100 on tests and post some tomorrow! πŸ˜‰

  9. As far as posting the stix online you should do what will help you the most. Still praying for you and your bean πŸ™‚ Hope all is well and can’t wait to see posts about the beta#s keeping on the rise !!!

  10. I’m happy with both tweaked and untweaked pics! I have taken pictures of my tests with faint lines and they just dont look on the computer the way they do in real life without a little bit of tweaking! I keep checking your pee stick page for more updates! I am so hoping this is your sticky bean!

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